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Mochinut? Mochi Donuts and More!  Opened in Voorhees Last Month

Mochinut? Mochi Donuts and More!  Opened in Voorhees Last Month
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Mochinut opened a new location in Voorhees just a few weeks ago offering mochi donuts, Korean rice flour hot dogs, bubble tea drinks, and soft serve ice cream!

I’ll explain more about what a mochi donut is in this article, but the short summary is it’s a unique ring shaped doughnut made with rice flour, which gives it a light crispy outer coating and a soft chewy inside.

Different flavored icings and toppings are added to offer a wide variety of tastes.

Mochinut opened last week in Voorhees. Offering mochi donuts, rice flour hotdogs, bubble tea and soft serve! A location is open in Cherry Hill also.

The new Voorhees location is on Route 73 in the general area of Virtua Hospital. More specifically across the street in the same shopping center as the popular Dooney’s Pub, in a smaller building closer to Route 73.

Mochinut also has an area location in Cherry Hill which opened last fall, but I didn’t have a chance to get over there and check it out.

They were just started 2 or 3 years ago and already have over 100 locations!

Just looking at a mochi donut and then tasting… well every part of the experience seems very familiar, but at the same time they are deliciously unique across the board!

Read on for more!

A welcoming and bright interior awaits you at Mochinut, which opened last week in Voorhees. Offering mochi donuts, rice flour hotdogs, bubble tea and soft serve!

Mochinut – Mochi Donuts

As mentioned the signature item at Mochinut is the mochi donut.

The Mochinut website states the donut originated from Hawaii, where locals combined an American style donut with Japanese mochi.

And if you aren’t familiar with Japanese mochi, it’s a small bun-like cake that is made of soft and chewy rice flour. Together the donut and mochi recipes make for a very unique and delicious product.

The Mochinut version takes it a step further by adding in a unique shape and texture.

Without question you recognize it as some type of donut… but there are absolutely big differences!

A mochi donut from Mochinut features a rice flour recipe offering a soft and chewy inside, and a lightly crispy exterior. Now open in Voorhees and Cherry Hill.

For example, while they carry a familiar circular donut shape, a mochi doughnut is made from 8 round spheres that are connected to make the ring.

It makes it really easy to share a doughnut or just nibble, as each of the spheres are easily separated to make smaller pieces.

Then when you bite into it, you realize… yes I am eating a donut but this experience is just completely different!

The 3-pack packaging from Mochinut. Now open in Voorhees and Cherry Hill.

The big game-changer for mochi donuts is the flour… a rice flour.

The rice flour gives the inside of the mochi donut an airy, stretchy, maybe sometimes a little bit chewy texture… while at the same time the exterior of the donut has a light crispiness to it.

To me it had some similarities to a thicker funnel cake, with the bigger airy pockets inside the donut.

I picked up a 3 pack which was priced at $10.

They had a variety of flavors to choose from which were displayed behind glass right at the counter area, which makes it easy to get up close to the donuts and really see what each option offers.

Mochinut original, chocolate and fruity pebbles. Now open in Voorhees and Cherry Hill.

I went very traditional within their original Mochinut flavor, chocolate, and fruity pebbles.

My wife and I found the donuts to he delicious with that interesting texture… and not overly sweet.

There were about a dozen or more flavors available which included mango, ube (purple yam!), blueberry, cookies & cream and more… but the flavors change regularly.

Mochinut opened last week in Voorhees. Offering mochi dunuts, rice flour hotdogs, bubble tea and soft serve! A location is open in Cherry Hill also.

The Mochinut menu also features Korean rice flour hot dogs (which I also tried) , bubble tea drinks and soft serve ice cream.

The rice flour dog does to the classic American corn dog, what mochi donuts do to the classic American donut!

The advantage of the rice flour covered hot dog is it gives a similar crispy outer shell… which was more crispy than the donuts.

They offer about a dozen varieties of the rice flour hot dogs, including an all mozzarella version, potato or ramen coated, and even a Hot Cheetos variety!

A rice flour hot dog is like an American corn dog, but with rice flour! My bad on the photo… didnt realize the camera focused on the restaurant!

While I did not try the soft serve, I see on their Facebook page that they will make a “Delight” ice cream cone with the mochi donut as a ring base and the ice cream swirled inside. It may be worth a trip for me to go back and try that!

They offer 6 different bubble tea drinks including milk tea, brown sugar, matcha and more.

I did not try the tea drinks but it looks like they are served in a can.

Links and Location


Mochinut – Voorhees
152 NJ-73 Unit E
Voorhees, NJ, New Jersey

Facebook Mochinut Voorhees

Mochinut – Cherry Hill
871 Cooper Landing Rd
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Dooney’s Pub is seen from the window of the new Mochinut in Voorhees