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Devon Self Storage Facility Coming to Delsea Dr Glassboro at Former Liscio’s Property

Devon Self Storage Facility Coming to Delsea Dr Glassboro at Former Liscio’s Property
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A new Devon Self Storage facility is being developed on Delsea Drive at the site of the former Liscio’s Bakery facilities.

The plans for the self storage facility at 124-128 Delsea Drive includes a new two-story drive-thru self storage building that will connect to the existing older warehouse structure (which will also be used for self-storage).

Recently the former free-standing retail store building on the site (closer to the Delsea Drive roadway) was demolished.

Devon Self Storage is being developed at Delsea Drive in Glassboro, at the site of the former Liscio’s Bakery facilities. They are utilizing the former warehouse building, and building a new 2-story structure

Currently workers are focused on the larger warehouse style building at the rear of the property, removing all exterior walls and roofing… likely to have new walls and roof installed.

And of course Liscio’s is still a very successful Gloucester County Bakery, experiencing unprecedented growth in the last 20 years which has caused them to move to large facilties.

Liscio’s previously relocated core bakery production to a much a larger facility on Ellis Street.

Additionally, earlier this year Liscio’s was granted approval for plans to develop a replacement retail store in Glassboro, at the site of the former Save-A-Lot grocery. That location will also have some bakery capacity, as well as product storage.

Liscio’s Bakery will be opening a new retail store in Glassboro, at the site of the former Save-A-Lot grocery.

Devon Self Storage – Glassboro

Devon Self Storage appeared before the Glassboro Zoning Board twice, in 2021 and 2022.

It appears this was a two-step approval as originally the front bakery building and the warehouse building were two different tax properties, which first needed to be combined into one to support the new self storage facility development.

From township documents, the warehouse facility which is seeing partial demolition right now will have the majority of that building remain, and it will be incorporated into a new self storage building which will be constructed on the other portions of the property.

Devon Self Storage is being developed at Delsea Drive in Glassboro

The new building will be a two-story facility and will offer an interior drive-thru, as well as elevators.

As mentioned this new structure will be connected to the existing warehouse.

Unfortunately I do not have a site plan for this project at this time!

123-128 Delsea Drive – Farm and Country Store

A little bit of Glassboro history on the two Delsea Drive properties… with some Liscio’s in the mix!

Before it was owned by Liscio’s, the larger 30,000 sq ft warehouse building at 128 S Delsea Drive was a Farm and Country store!

I honestly don’t remember the store, but it was similar to today’s Tractor Supply stores… a large full retail store for feed and other farm products.

Around 2002 the parent company of Farm and Country filed for bankruptcy protection and soon all of the stores closed, including the one on Delsea Drive in Glassboro.

Liscio’s Bakery complex on Delsea Drive when warehouse and retail store were fully utilized. Image is Google Maps 3D rendering (Image: Google Maps)

Glassboro’s Liscio’s Bakery was founded in 1994, and in the early 2000s had locations on High Street in Glassboro, and on the Black Horse Pike in Washington Township.

In April 2004 they made the big move opened a large bakery production facility at the former Farm and Country building!

According to a 2003 Courier-Post article, Liscio’s installed a new 60 foot long automated bakery oven, which was built in Germany.

At the time, the size of the former retail store building was perfect to accommodate that massive automated oven!

The 2003 article goes on to quote co-owner Chad Viloti “all our breads and rolls will be made at the new Delsea Dr. location, and shipped raw to our other locations to be baked off there”

Google Street Maps shows us what the former Glassboro Liscio’s Retail Store looked like when it opened (bottom), and in its prior life as a scaffolding business. (Image: Google Maps)

All of their sweets and pastries were also made at that large Delsea Drive production facility and transported daily to their stores where they were decorated.

Thinking ahead… Viloti also told the Courier-Post back in 2003 that they would also like to open a retail store at the Delsea Dr. location, although I imagine he was thinking it would be attached to the larger production bakery property.

At that time a property next door housed a smaller building up closer to Delsea Drive, which as far as I can see was home to Spring-lock Scaffolding.

Around 2009/2010, Liscio’s took over that freestanding building and rebuilt it into their bakery retail store.

Liscio’s continued to grow rapidly, and in 2016 they developed an all new constructions state-of-the-art bakery production facility on Ellis Street.

Liscio’s Bakery newer production facility on Ellis Street in Glassboro.

This new facility allowed them to start reducing their needs for that 30,000 square foot Delsea Drive facility, but the retail store was still very popular for local customers.

In February of 2022 Liscio’s made a surprising announcement that they had to close their Glassboro retail store, as the full property was sold earlier than expected.

Today we know that they are going to reopen the bakery store in Glassboro at the site of the former save-a-lot grocery store.. which is also on Delsea Drive, and offers the benefit of being in a more retail/commercial centric district.

Devon Self Storage Glassboro (Under Development)
124-128 Delsea Drive
Glassboro NJ