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Jersey Mike’s Subs Opens Second Washington Twp Location. Egg Harbor Road.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Opens Second Washington Twp Location.  Egg Harbor Road.
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Jersey Mike’s Subs has opened their second Washington Township location, the newest one on Egg Harbor Rd in the Sewell section of town.

Specifically they are located in the Washington Center Shoppes complex (Acme) on Egg Harbor Rd. 

Within the Egg Harbor shopping center, Jersey Mike’s is located near the center between Rudi’s Formal Wear and H&R block.

Their first location in town is on the Black Horse Pike, where Tuckahoe Rd splits off (near Walmart and House of Brews)

Jersey Mike’s Subs has opened a second Washington Township NJ location, this one in the Sewell section. “Acme” center

Jersey Mike’s Fresh and Delicious Subs and Cheesesteaks

If you were unfamiliar with the sub shop, they offer fresh hoagies, cheese steaks and more on fresh rolls that are baked within the store.

While many associate them with their delicious hoagies, online cheesesteak aficionados regularly give high marks to the Jersey Mike’s cheesesteaks, which many would not expect from a multi-unit chain!

The offer all the classic Philly style hoagies and cheesesteaks but also feature unique variations such as the Chipotle Cheesesteak featuring a chipotle mayo, or the Big Kahuna which adds onions, peppers, mushrooms and jalapenos to the classic cheesesteak.

There Regular and Mini sandwiches are priced under $10 and they also offer a Giant size at additional cost.

Delicious and fresh hoagies and cheesesteaks on store baked rolls at Jersey Mike’s newest location in Sewell NJ

42Freeway first brought the news of this then planned location to readers back in October. This new location is owned by the same family who own the Black Horse Pike location, and last fall I stopped in on the Pike to talk to them about their plans.

They are open seven days a week 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM and they do accept online/mobile orders.

Jersey Mike’s Sewell Washington Township

I visited the new Sewell location this Wednesday, which was their opening day.

They had plenty of staff on hand who were getting their final “real-world” training session.

I also had a chance to meet and chat with some of the management and ownership of the Washington Township locations, who were all on hand for the store’s first days.

The two “Township” locations are both owned by the DiOrio family, and in my visit I met Jimmy Jr and his father. Well really, the entire family is part of the Jersey Mike’s Washington Township business.

Jimmy Jr works in the stores, and has Washington Township High graduate Jon Smith as part of his management team. Tom is the General Manager at the Egg Harbor location.

It was opening day at Jersey Mike’s in Sewell NJ so they had most of their staff on hand for some final “real world” training.

The new store is bright and modern and carries a beach theme, which really showcases the roots of the first location which was in the beach town of Point Pleasant in North Jersey.

The restaurant franchise has come a long way since those days in 1968, as they now have over 2400 locations in the United states. new

The Egg Harbor Rd walls features a nice mural proudly showing its roots in Point Pleasant, and a variety of beach wall photo hangings presented as if they were beach chairs.  Simply it gives a nice “beachy” theme.

Comfortable tables are available in both regular seating height and high top. The floor is a light wood grain which adds to the brighter and friendly atmosphere.

The ordering counter and sandwich prep area is to the right, offering an open kitchen where you can give guidance on how you want your sandwich topped, such as lettuce, tomato, onions, and more.

Jersey Mike’s Subs has opened a second Washington Township NJ location. They started in Point Pleasant NJ and now have over 2400 locations in the USA

I ordered an Italian sub with the very traditional lettuce, tomato, onion oil, and vinegar, and also added the spicy hoagie spread which Jon tells me is an original Jersey Mike’s recipe.

As mentioned they bake their own rolls in the store, and coupled with the fresh deli lunch meat and vegetable toppings, this was as freshly hoagie experience that you could expect.

And I really do love the spicy hoagie spread. It’s enough to make me choose Jersey Mike’s over other hoagie shops that don’t offer something similar!

Fresh roll, sliced to order meats, crispy fresh vegetables and their own recipe spicy hoagie spread… Jersey Mikes in Sewell NJ

In my prior visits to other locations I’ve tried their cheese steaks, and I agree they are also a very good sandwich.

While some may comment “why does the town need two Jersey Mike’s?”… I would counter that the locations are very different, and in fact I know that I will be visiting the Egg Harbor location significantly more then Black Horse Pike just because of the proximity to my home.

Jersey Mike's Opening in Washington Twp Egg Harbor Road
The Big Kahuna cheesesteak from my earlier visit to the Black Horse Pike location of Jersey Mikes.

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