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Gulf Gas Station Washington Twp Demoed Ahead of Second Digital Sign Construction

Gulf Gas Station Washington Twp Demoed Ahead of Second Digital Sign Construction
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A long closed Gulf gas station on the Black Horse Pike in Washington Township (near Walmart) was demolished last week to make way for the construction of a second digital ad display monument for the Township.

42Freeway first wrote about this project back in March of 2021 (as well as several updates) which is being developed by Catalyst Experiential, who are based out of Pennsylvania. 

This is a private company effort and no taxpayer funds are being used to develop the two digital signs. They will sell advertising on the signs. More details on that in the article below.

UPDATE from developer:

(New Tuckahoe Rd sign) I have to check the construction schedule for exact date when they shift from demolition and site prep, to construction. This one does have quite a bit of work up-front.

To answer your question on the other display (Whitman Square), the structure is almost complete, but we need to move the on premise sign first (Oreck), which obstructs one side. We are working with the Township on approval of the plans to move and improve this. We are targeting March for advertising to begin.

Catalyst Experiential Management

Keep scrolling and reading for more details and images!

This Gulf Gas Station in Washington Township was demolished last week ahead of the construction of a new Digital Monument Sign by Catalyst Experiential.

The first sign of the two has already been constructed in the Whitman Square section of town, also along the Black Horse Pike.  That sign is more vertical and taller than the one being constructed at the Tuckahoe Rd. intersection.

Check my August update for additional details on that Whitman Square sign.

The company is in final testing of the Whitman signage, and will be removing the old “Oreck” sign which partially blocks the bottom of the new digital monument. They are working with the Township to finalize the plans of the relocated smaller shopping center sign.

Washington Township will have two Digital Monument Signs This first one is in the Whitman Square area and is in final testing.

In our area Catalyst Experiential has two similar Digital Monument signs in Pennsauken NJ, and in Mount Laurel they are building a new EMS Station for the township, which will include digital advertising displays.

Digital Sign at Tuckahoe Road Intersection

Rendering of the SECOND Digital Monument Sign for Washington Township, to be located where Tuckahoe Rd splits off of Route 42.

The signs in Washington Township are being developed by Catalyst Experiential. This is a private business project, not sponsored by Washington Township, and no taxpayer dollars are used to develop it.

It did require approval from the Washington Township Planning Board.

Catalyst Experiential will sell advertising space on the digital signs, and the revenue from those ads will then pay for the cost of the development of the monument signs (and hopefully a profit for the company).

As part of the agreement with the Township, the town will be allocated 8 seconds of every two minutes display time to show Washington Township information and event updates.

The new Digital Monument Sign in Washington Township will be located in the empty lot where the fencing is. Cars waiting at the Southbound traffic light will have a “drive-in theater” like view of the sign!

To give a little more specifics on the location of the second sign, the Gulf station sat at the sharp point where Tuckahoe Rd. veers off of the southbound side of Route 42 (Black Horse Pike).

When looking at this from the southbound side of Route 42, the Walmart shopping center would be to the right (along with the House of Brews restaurant), and the large Turnersville Auto <all would be over to the left.

Southbound traffic waiting at that traffic light will have a “drive-in movie” like view of the new digital monument sign, once constructed.

Also sharing that triangular shaped property is the recently developed building which is home to Panda Express, Jersey Mike’s, and Thrive Pet Care.

Directly behind the new Digital Monument Sign is a new building that is home to Panda Express, Jersey Mike’s and Thrive Pet Care.

Based on the renderings provided to the Planning Board, the second sign will feature similar styling to the Whitman Square sign but, with a horizontal aspect ratio.  This will allow for more traditionally oriented video and photo advertisements.

It appears that the sign will be two sided and slightly wedged (front and back), oriented so it focuses its display towards travelers in both directions of the Black Horse Pike / Route 42.

The design renderings also show additional landscape elements including a somewhat larger floral bed on both sides of the monument sign.

Ricco Demolition handled the demo work of the Gulf station. If you have any demolition needs or dumpster rental, check out their website!

Washington Township Digital Signage Completion?

As mentioned at the start of this article, we have reached out to Catalyst Experiential to get an update on the status of the construction completion and operational dates, for both signs.

In the past the company hase been responsive to my inquiries, but this latest request was sent just this morning.

If I get an update from the company, I will update this post and the 42Freeway Facebook page.

I’ll add that it’s getting tougher and tougher for companies to commit to dates, as it seems much of the construction and supply chain industries are still in a bit of disarray and it’s tough for anyone to meet expected completion dates.

Basically every new business construction or build-out is not making the early provided estimates.

Specific to the Whitman Square sign, we reported that they were expecting to have it fully functional early last fall. While digital images are displayed on the signage, it is not fully running advertisements at this point.

If I get more information from the company, I will update this article

This Gulf Gas Station in Washington Township was demolished last week ahead of the construction of a new Digital Monument Sign by Catalyst Experiential.

Links and Location

Washington Township Digital Monument Sign – Tuckahoe Rd
3441 Rt 42
Sicklerville NJ

Washington Township – Whitman Jug Handle
5581 Rt 42
Washington Township NJ