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Jersey Mike’s Opening 2nd Washington Twp Location. Egg Harbor Road.

Jersey Mike’s Opening 2nd Washington Twp Location.  Egg Harbor Road.
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The Jersey Mike’s sandwich shop is opening a second location in Washington Township! The new location is coming to Washington Center Shoppes on Egg Harbor Road.

Locals may know the shopping center as “The Acme Center”! Jersey Mike’s will be situated somewhat in the middle of the strip-mall segment, between Tuxedos by Rudi, and H&R Block.

The staff hard at work at Jersey Mike’s in the Turnersville section of Washington Township. They are opening a second location in the same town on Egg Harbor Rd, and customers can expect a similar bright and modern store style for the 2nd location!

The first Jersey Mike’s “Township” location opened 2 years ago on the Black Horse Pike, in a brand new three store building sitting between House of Brews and the Auto Complex.

I stopped in today at the Black Horse Pike location and caught up with Washington Twp. High School graduate Jon Smith who is a part of the management and ownership team! I was then introduced to Jim and Tom who are also a part of the core team.

Sign on the window announcing that Jersey Mike’s is coming soon to Egg Harbor Road in Washington Township.

Tom is going to be the General Manager for the new Egg Harbor location and he tells me the permits are already submitted to the Township. They have a goal of having the new Egg Harbor Road location opened before the end of the year!

So this is another awesome signing for the Washington Center Shoppes, which also says very positive things about the area and town.

This one center recently added Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, Chipotle and First Watch. For other food options the center also offers; Chef Gun, Philly Grill & Pizza, Yama Japanese, Bistro Di Marino… as well as Starbucks and Cold Stone Creamery.

Also, a Hat-tip to…

I knew Jersey Mike’s was opening up a second location but needed some extra confirmation. On Oct 1st they published a Jersey Mike’s Press Release listing 14 new locations including the Egg Harbor Road one. A loyal 42Freeway reader pointed out the article to me.

Keep reading and scrolling for more on Jersey Mike’s and their new location.

Jersey Mike’s : National Success With a Jersey Brand

Jersey Mike’s is a cheesesteak and sub shop…. or hoagies as we call them in our area!

They offer all of our local favorites, from cold subs to piping hot cheesesteak sandwiches. The meats are all top quality and sliced in front of you, per order.

The sandwich roll is a New Jersey recipe that is baked fresh in the store every day!

It’s a Jersey Bread recipe because Jersey Mike’s was started in our State back in 1956!

Founded in Point Pleasant New Jersey, they strive (and succeed) to create a true New Jersey style sandwich in all of their 2,000-plus locations!

What started as a submarine shop in Point Pleasant New Jersey, has grown into a large franchise restaurant company, with over 2,000 locations open and under development.

Sure there are other nationally known sandwich chains, but Jersey Mike’s really makes a sandwich that feels, tastes, like it is locally made. And that’s because it IS locally made!

Jersey Mike’s Cold Subs

All of the ingredients at Jersey Mike’s are sourced locally whenever they can. The vegetables are prepped the same day.

The cold subs are made “Northeast-style” where everything is sliced fresh right in front of you.

They are then prepared Mike’s-way which means onions, lettuce, tomato, vinegar, oil and spices.

But let’s be honest… isn’t that the only way!?

Their online menu shows 14 different cold subs!

A clean and modern interior dining area is on the way for the new Jersey Mike’s coming to Sewell, Washington Township New Jersey.

Sure they have the classics including Original Italian, Turkey & Cheese and Tuna Fish.

But how about the Club Supreme which features roast beef, turkey, swiss and bacon.

Or the Stickball Special, which is provolone, ham and salami.

And there is even a sandwich named after the founder… the Cancro Special which is oven roasted top rounds and provolone with a layer of pepperoni!

Jersey Mike’s Cheesesteaks

Cheesesteaks in our area are a religion. Everyone has their favorite, and very strong opinions on what is good or not.

Jersey Mike’s is a really good and authentic cheesesteak, no matter where you are.

Many have already learned that if you are traveling out of the area and craving a cheesesteak, that Jersey Mike’s is almost always your best option.

Well if you haven’t tried in in a South Jersey shop… they are also a contender for their well packed sandwich, high quality ingredients and a fresh roll.

Sure they have all the classics but Jersey Mike’s tries to mix things up a little with their cheesesteaks and subs

Another win for Jersey Mike’s is they are getting a bit creative with the cheesesteak menu.

For me it’s usually Cheesesteak, Chicken Cheesesteak, Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak. End

At Jersey Mike’s they are showing 12 different varieties, building up that number with some creative recipes.

The Big Kahuna Chicken Cheesesteak from Jersey Mike’s! Tasty chicken, delicious cheese and a jalapeño heat!

I recently tied a Big Kahuna chicken cheesesteak at the Black Horse Pike location and it really was delicious.

It’s a chicken cheesesteak with onions, peppers, mushrooms and extra cheese (American).. which is already interesting. But then they toss on some jalapeños. Straight up homerun!

Chipotle cheesesteak is another unique option, and it features a chipotle mayo.

Or how about a portabella cheesesteak!? The still offer the steak or chicken but add in a healthy portion of portabella mushrooms.

Links and Locations

Jersey Mike’s – Sewell (Egg Harbor Rd) : Coming Soon!
415 Egg Harbor Road