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Inspira Woodbury and Deptford Projects Take On Final Form

Inspira Woodbury and Deptford Projects Take On Final Form
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Two big “08096” Inspira Health projects in Woodbury and Deptford have reached the stage where we start getting a good understanding of the core buildings’ exteriors.

We’ve presented architect renderings of both buildings but it’s a significant milestone when things have progressed to where you can see the actual core design elements get developed.

New Inspira Medical facility being developed in Deptford NJ has it’s front facade being developed, giving a clear understanding of it’s final “look”

Our prior update was in February of this year and since that time significant progress has been made at both properties.

The $30 million Deptford project will create a multi-use medical facility on Almonesson Road, built from the former Dick’s Sporting Goods free-standing building.

A new Inspira building in Woodbury NJ has a signature glass paneled atrium in place, and the core building structure gives a solid understanding of the building design on the property

The Woodbury project consists of two all-new buildings. The larger building will be the new home to the satellite Emergency Room (with 19 beds) on the first floor, and the Behavioral Health facility on the second floor (20 beds).

A second smaller building for Woodbury will be the new home to an Emergency Services station.

Inspira Deptford – Almonesson Road

The Deptford project is a $30 million medical facility offering 10 different medical uses in a 50,000 square foot building… which is being built by repurposing the former Dick’s Sporting Goods building which was on Almonesson Road.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is still successfully operating in Deptford, they simply moved across the street to the Deptford Mall.

The location for the new medical facility was a smart choice to redevelop an existing property in an area which is highly connected to major roads, and also offers significant retail and restaurant business in the immediate area.

Formerly Dick’s Sporting Goods (and Best Products before that), the under-development Inspira Deptford Medical facility is starting to show off its final new redesign “look”

Deptford’s Almonesson Road is also home to a Nemours duPont Pediatric facility. Together the two properties provided needed diversity to Deptford’s retail focused business and job market.

At the new Inspira facility, for many months the front facade of the former sporting goods retail store had been removed and exposed, but recently contractors have built out the front exterior… including the glass windows and front overhang entrance.

Inspira Deptford Rendering.

If you visit Longhorn Steakhouse which is in the connected parking lot, you can clearly see the progress and get an understanding of what the building will look like (in advance of it’s 2024 opening)!

At the time of the Planning Board meeting, Inspira stated the first floor of the building would be targeted for full completion first, and then it may be up to two years later before they utilize the 2nd floor.

This will be a multi-faceted medical building which at the time of the planning board meeting was to house; Urology practice, Orthopedics, Imaging center, Rehab care, Inspira Cardio Diagnostics, Inspira Medical Group, Cooper Care Alliance, Medical Timeshare offices; Dietician, podiatrist, etc and others

Inspira Deptford Under-Development

There will be no patient beds or emergency room in Deptford building

Old-timers like myself will remember when the building was originally developed as a Best Products retail store showroom.

Woodbury ER and Behavioral Health

The other “08096” project is in Woodbury and consists of two all new buildings.

Currently the classic Woodbury “Underwood ” hospital building is still home to an Emergency Room and a Behavioral Health Facility.

The plan for the new Woodbury construction (across the side street from the hospital), is to develop a new home for those two units… which will further free up the Inspira Underwood building to be redeveloped at a later date.

Inspira Woodbury new ER and Behavioral Health Building is under construction.

The new two-story building offers a 24,900 square foot first floor which will be home to a 19-bed Satellite Emergency Room on the first floor, and a 20-bed behavioral health facility on the second floor.

Back in February this main two-story building was just a steel frame, and that stage of development was mostly complete.

In my visit today the building has progressed significantly with exterior walls in place, the brick facade being constructed along the back, and most notably is the two-story glass entrance atrium… which now has its glass in place.

Patient rooms for the upcoming new ER and Behavioral Health building, from Oak Street.

Additionally the front entrance canopy was mostly in place, and while the windows and exterior walls weren’t fully installed in the rest of the building… you clearly get an understanding of the buildings overall design.

The second building for the property (which is positioned at the back of the lot) is to be an Emergency Services building. This building is just getting started in the construction process and sits as a steel frame.

Brick work is being installed at the upcoming Inspira Woodbury ER and Behavioral Health building. Image is from W Packer Street.

These two new Woodbury buildings (as well as the recent consolidation of services on the campus into a newly remodeled medical office building and family medicine center) has a total price tag of $71 million.

The expected opening date for the new two-story building is also the first quarter of 2024.

At the rear of the lot (near Tatum), the new Inspira Emergency Services building has just started construction.

Inspira Woodbury “Underwood” Hospital Property

Still to come for Woodbury is likely the largest project of them all for the Inspira properties… the redevelopment of the core “Underwood” Hospital .

Inspira had an earlier effort to brainstorm options for the Underwood hospital property which presented several options.. more so to stir ideas of what is possible.

Last fall though Inspira hired a design form to further look into options for the former hospital space in Woodbury, seemingly to bring the plans closer to a single core direction.

42Freeway is aware that Inspira and their designers have been sharing initial ideas with Woodbury, and we are working on getting details.

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