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Nemours duPont Pediatric Deptford Design Plans

Nemours duPont Pediatric Deptford Design Plans
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In the land of retail stores and national chain eateries, Deptford last year announced that a new large pediatric health care facility is coming to a property on Almonesson Rd.  The medical organization moving in is the Wilmington based Nemours duPont Children’s Health System which is one of the nation’s largest integrated pediatric facilities in the U.S. with locations in the Delaware Valley and Florida.  The new Deptford world class 63,500 sq ft medical facility will become very well known in the metro area, bringing the town’s reputation full circle; from pig farms, to retail center, and now a world class pediatric health facility.

Dupont SignJust this week an announcement sign appeared on the property.  Oh, and let’s clear that up very quickly as it seems some residents are getting confused.  The new medical facility will be on Almonesson Road across from the Heritage Retirement Village.  It is NOT going in across from Deptford Honda (that property is still slated to be a movie theater, from what I understand.  But I digress). obtained access to the construction plans and bidding process.   The most recent bid package from February of this year, lists March as the due date for construction firms to submit their bids, construction is to start in April 2015, with an expected completion date of April 2016.   Nemours had stated they were looking to open the facility in the summer of 2016.

The detailed construction plans identify every aspect of the project, but we are highlighting just a few of them here.  Obviously the front rendering is of interest to people, as is the the overall site layout on Almonesson Rd.

Construction documents describe the building as: The building will include medical office space with an open 2-story reception/waiting area lobby, a therapy gym and therapy pool, imaging rooms including x-ray and MRI, and a surgery suite with two operating rooms and associated prep/recovery and support space.

IDupontSitePlann the large 30 acre property, the building will sit closer to Almonesson Rd with the main entrance positioned to the side.  Parking will also be on the side, and wrap around to the back.

In a December article on the town project approvals, the South Jersey Times gives a great description of the building’s layout and medical capabilities, and also mentions that 100 professionals are expected to be employed there.  This is very significant, as medical staff wages are typically higher than the thousands of retail jobs that Deptford is known for, and its hoped that many of these professionals will like what the see in Deptford and choose to make it their home.

One other positive “speculation” for the future is that typically where a facility like this is developed, other medical offices start appearing around.  We can only hope that this really does become a third and lasting identity for Deptford Township.