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Glassboro Burger King Remodel Underway. Drive-Thru Expansion and More

Glassboro Burger King Remodel Underway.  Drive-Thru Expansion and More
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The Glassboro Burger King on Delsea Drive is temporarily closed and surrounded by construction fencing, as work starts on a remodeling effort to improve the drive-thru experience, as well as modernize the restaurant.

The Glassboro Zoning Board approved this remodeling effort back in August of 2022.

Fencing just went up within the last week or so, which cause multiple people to reach out to 42Freeway to see if there was something new coming to the location… but it will be remaining a Burger King after a multiple month remodeling effort.

it appears a key driver for this construction effort is to improve the drive-thru experience for customers, expanding to two drive through lanes… as well as ADA parking and crosswalk improvements.

The Zoning application also calls out the development of a 30 square foot cash booth, which I believe is simply just the second window where you first pay for your food, and then there is a second window where you receive your food.

The Glassboro Burger King is temporarily closed, ahead of a remodel which targets a better drive-thru experience.

The Glassboro Burger King is so classically original it still only has the one window in the drive-thru lane where you pay and receive your food. This tends to slow down the lane, and separating the two transactions should speedup the process.

While I could not pinpoint when this location first opened, I found an advertisement in a 1978 Courier-Post promoting when the Burger King himself was visiting the restaurant!

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to reach out to the Glassboro Planning Board team to inquire about seeing the exhibits which were presented at the meeting… which based on the meeting minutes appear to have the full renderings of the remodeled restaurant.

The Glassboro Burger King is closed for a multiple month remodel. A key facet is to add a dual drive-thru configuration as well as another “window” for payment. This building is so old it still has just the one window! (Image: Google Street Maps)

It was stated that the changes are consistent with those at other recently remodeled Burger Kings, as well as newly developed locations.

Based on job listings for the Glassboro location, it appears they franchisee is the same as the all new Blackwood/Clementon location as well as the Washington Township location which is under construction. Based on how nice the Blackwood new store is, I have high hopes for Glassboro!

With half a dozen people reaching out to me today about what’s going on with this Burger King I just decided to let folks know the basics.

Pandemic Changes Quick Service Diners’ Patterns

It’s interesting though how the pandemic has significantly changed the buying patterns of fast food diners. While it’s clear that during the pandemic (with restaurant interior dining closed) that drive-thru and delivery options would rise, it seems consumers have become accustomed to not going into the restaurant!

We could see “drive-thru only” restaurants become a trend… beyond the Checker’s brand. A new Starbucks under development in Wildwood was designed as drive-thru only!

Burger King – Glassboro
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