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Burger King Construction Starts at Five Points Washington Township. Adjacent Wawa Foundation Goes In

Burger King Construction Starts at Five Points Washington Township. Adjacent Wawa Foundation Goes In
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After anxiously waiting for real progress at two development projects for Five Points in Washington Twp, construction of a brand new Burger King has started, and the new Wawa Convenience store building foundation is in ahead of the core building development starting.

The property sits at the Five-Points intersection of Washington and Deptford Townships, with the bulk of the property facing Egg Harbor Road and Blackwood-Barnsboro Road.

Construction for an all-new Burger King at Five-Points Washington Twp joins the “Super” Wawa project that is going up on the same extended lot.

This development property was made significantly larger a few years ago when the Blackwood-Barnsboro Road was adjusted to be further away from the core busy intersection, creating a larger parcel of land that will support both a Super Wawa (with gas station) and a new Burger King.

The new Burger King will sit at the traffic light corner of Egg Harbor Rd. and Blackwood-Barnsboro Rd. Wawa will be directly next to it, and closer to the main Five-Points intersection.

As is the case with many of these larger projects there are a series of developers and owners in the mix through the entire timeline.  We can see now that as part of the initial broader site preparation work, a full common sidewalk was created around the property on the two main bordering roadways, as well as the driveways in and out of the two individual projects are developed.

From there the development was turned over to the two individual developers for the Wawa and the Burger King properties.

Construction for an all-new Burger King at Five-Points Washington Twp joins the “Super” Wawa project that is going up on the same extended lot.

Burger King at Five Points Wawa

42Freeway first wrote about the plans for the Burger King two years ago, but not much news has come from it since.

But in just the last few days a banner appeared on the construction fencing announcing the new Burger King is coming. My drone images show that construction trucks are on the Burger King portion of the site, seemingly working on site prep and water management basins.

The corner of Egg Harbor Road and Blackwood-Barnsboro will be the location of a new Burger King restaurant. Crews are on scene starting the site foundation work!

I never did track down the site plan for this new Burger King but I know it’s the same franchise ownership group as the new location on Blackwood-Clementon Road in Gloucester Township.

That new Blackwood Burger King is literally the best location in South Jersey. Obviously it’s all new, so that is a big plus right from the start…  But it also appears to be well managed; the restaurant is always open for is published hours, seemingly well staffed, clean, and in my few visits I get freshly prepared food.

Banners are in place on the construction fence at Egg Harbor Rd Washington Township announcing a new Burger King is coming! Trucks are on site, and moving dirt!

Not that I eat at BK a lot but I do enjoy a simple double-cheeseburger from them, and had made up my mind I would only dine in the Blackwood store. Ha!

But this upcoming Burger King is actually much closer to my home, and I’m oddly excited that it’s the same management group as the ones that operate in Blackwood. The Ampler Group has over 450 restaurants including Burger King, Church’s, Little Caesar’s and Taco Bells!

A new Burger King has opened on Blackwood-Clementon Road Gloucester Township NJ
This new Burger King on Blackwood-Clementon Rd in Gloucester Township NJ opened recently, and is the same franchise operator as the one building in Washington Township.

Others are going to note at the 42Freeway Facebook page that there previously was a Burger King in that area, which is correct.   The bank that sits across from the Seven Star Diner was originally a Burger King location, and if you look closely you can actually still make out the telltale frame of the dining room area from the original styled Burger King!

This Bank of Princeton is located very close to the new Wawa and Burger King coming to Washington Township. The bank building was originally a Burger King, and if you look at this area of the building.. you see it? The BK Dining Room area!

Wawa at Five Points Washington Township

Likely one of my most covered new Wawa projects in the 42Freeway article repository, the upcoming Washington Township Five-Points location is really moving “full-bore: on the project now!

I bet we will be seeing a building and gas pump canopy standing on that property sometime in August.

Going further out-on-a-limb, based on my observations of other Wawa development projects in the area… I would expect this new Wawa to be opened before the end of the year.

As well as the upcoming locations in Gloucester Township on Blackwood-Clementon Road and in Erial.

The gas tanks are in the ground at the upcoming Washington Township “super” Wawa.

For the Washington Township Five-Points Wawa the gas tanks have been installed, and backfilled with dirt.

And further back I could see the concrete outline of the convenience store building has been poured. Also the interior utility pipes that dart throughout the facility can be seen popping out of the ground.

The configuration of this Wawa is very traditional with the gas pumps situated out front of the store, and the store sitting back further off the road.

The foundation of the convenience store portion of a new Wawa for Five-Points in Washington Twp can bee seen in this aerial image.

My home is closer to the “classic” Wawa in Deptford at County House, which I believe is expected to close when this new location opens. I’m happy to have a new Wawa gas station option close by (and with Milkshakes!) but damn I will miss the close convenience of my little neighborhood Wawa!

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