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Spilt Milk Washington Twp Offers a Retro Ice Cream Shop Experience With A Creative Menu

Spilt Milk Washington Twp Offers a Retro Ice Cream Shop Experience With A Creative Menu
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Yesterday July 5th was the opening day of Spilt Milk, a brand new ice cream shop on Fries Mill Road In Washington Township, in the same shopping center as Angelo’s Pizza.

I stopped in on opening day and met the Gloucester County owners Brian and Francesca, who gave me the story behind the ice cream shop which has been in the works since 2020!

The ice cream shop interior has a cool retro mid-century design to it, but everything about the menu is modern and forward thinking!

Spilt Milk Ice Cream Shop is open on Fries Mill Road, in Washington Township. Convenient to Williamstown and Glassboro also! They have a retro-look inside!

The couple and crew come up with their own unique ice cream creations such as a Waffle Tree, Cereal Infused Sundaes, and over the top Freak Shakes!

They also offer a large variety of toppings so that you can create your own custom ice cream deliciousness.

The team at the new Spilt Milk in Washington Twp NJ hopes everyone had a fun and safe July 4th Holiday!

Spilt Milk serves Richman’s ice cream, which has been an iconic Philadelphia-made ice cream for over 100 years! They also offer the Philadelphia brand water ice.

And are you familiar with the famous Dole Whip? It is the frozen treat made famous in Disney World. Well you can get it at Spilt Milk!

Or how about vegan soft serve? YES!   Honestly that’s something I’ve never heard of!

And a very unique twist to Spilt Milk which will be fully utilized starting in the fall, is that the owners invested in a full kitchen in the back room, where they plan on creating their own baked sweets and pastries, such as cream puffs and other goodies. But those details will wait for the fall as the team is focused on serving delicious frozen treats!

Spilt Milk in Washington Township is a full family effort.. the Gloucester County couple’s daughter is part of the smiling staff!

If you’re unfamiliar with the location it’s in the Fries Mill Shopping Center at the corner of Fries Mill Road and Hurfville- ross Keys Rd. Spilt Milk directly next to Sushi Maki, is two units from Angelo’s Pizza… and at the far end sits the long-awaited Factory Donuts building (which I hear is still planning on opening!)

Directly across the intersection at the opposite corner is the very popular Verchio’s Produce stand and deli.

Spilt Milk opens at noon every day, and weekends they close at 10 PM. During the week they close between 9 and 10, depending how busy they are. If there is a crowd of customers still in the store they will stay open later.

Keep scrolling and reading for more details!

Located in the Fries Mill Shopping Plaza, Spilt Milk is two units from Angelo’s Pizza, and next to Sushi Maki

Spilt Milk : Mid-Century Modern

Spilt Milk is a place to bring the whole family for a delicious treat… but I really think Grandma and Grandpa will truly get-a-kick out of the brand new shop’s interior!

Brian and Francesca really wanted to take people back to a time before smartphones and social media, and create an interior experience to when fun experiences meant… being with family.

I love the 1950s look of the new Spilt Milk in Washington Twp! When you bring the family over for a delicious frozen treat, don’t forget to bring Grandma along!

The overall them of the design is “mid-century modern” which describes the design styles of the mid-40s to the mid-60s. In this case the couple used pink and mint green as key accent colors in the space.

The hexagon tiled floor evokes an older style tile, predominantly an off-white but with pink accent tiles.

The pink carries into the tulip style chairs and agate table tops, which feel like they were transported from back from 70 years ago via a time traveling portal!

A large mural of dripping ice cream covers the long wall, also carrying through those mid-century colors.

The floor tile and color palette make the new Spilt Milk a retro ice cream experience! Washington Twp NJ

The counter area is a mint green with pink trim.

You’ll see the photos here in the article to understand the design, but you really have to stop in and check it out because you feel like going through the doorway you’ve been transported through time!

They’ve even set up a small counter area with high top chairs… another element which is truly from an era long gone… the soda jerk ice cream stands of the 50s!

Even the name and logo has been well thought out.  Spilt Milk just seems to be a perfect name for an ice cream shop.

And inside the store is a logoed sign perfect for your Instagram moment, to show off your delicious ice cream masterpiece!

Part of the opening day team at Spilt Milk!

Spilt Milk – The Ice Cream Experience

The menu at Spilt Milk is varied… offering all of the classic frozen treat options, while alsoextending into some unique varieties.

And as I mentioned, Brian and Francesca have plans to really extend things even further after the core summer ice cream season winds down with all new delicious products that will be made right in the store!

For the classics they feature soft serve and hand dipped ice cream, with a large variety of toppings available… Including cereals.

Spilt Milk serves Richman’s Ice Cream, and the crew are very inventive with their unique ice cream combinations.

As mentioned they have Philadelphia brand water ice, Dole Whip and vegan soft serve.

They can make you a delicious gelati which is soft serve flavored with water ice! And don’t forget tasty ice cream sundaes or the classic banana split!

And absolutely they can make a Spilt Milkshake but how about infusing it with your favorite cereal!

Freak shakes or something really interesting.  They are served in a 16 oz mason jar with a variety of interesting flavors which extend beyond the serving jar.

A variety of “Freak Shakes” are offered at Spilt Milk in Washington Twp. This is the Cookie Explosion!

Cookie Explosion features vanilla ice cream, Oreos, cookie crumbs, whole cookies, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup…  With chocolate jimmies surrounding the top of the glass!

Another Spilt Milk specially are their Waffle Tree ice cream desserts

Have I mentioned they make the waffles fresh in the store?

For the Waffle Trees they take the fresh store-made waffles that are shaped like trees, and lay them on a plate as a bed… to create a delicious ice cream treat above it.

The Banana Nutella Waffle Tree features vanilla ice cream, Nutella, sliced bananas and chocolate drizzle! It looks amazing, and tastes even better!

The Waffle Tree at Spilt Milk us a delicious ice cream treat built on top of fresh store-made waffle shaped like trees!

Or how about a delicious Soft Serve Cereal Sundae, such as the Pebbles and Bam Bam… which features Fruity Pebbles cereal, gummy bears, and strawberry sauce.

And I didn’t even mention the list of other specialty sundaes or the Spilt Swirls!

Well I guess you’ll have to stop in and see for yourself!

Many more surprises to come from Spilt Milk Ice Cream Shop.. they’ve outfitted a kitchen area to create store-made deliciousness such as crème puffs. Check back in the fall!

Links and Location

Spilt Milk Ice Cream Shop and more
245 Fries Mill Rd Unit 3
Washington Twp, New Jersey

Spilt Milk opens at noon every day, and weekends they close at 10 PM.

During the week they close between 9 and 10, depending how busy they are. If there is a crowd of customers still in the store they will stay open later.