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New Construction Burger King is Open on Blackwood Clementon Rd. Indoor Playground!

New Construction Burger King is Open on Blackwood Clementon Rd.  Indoor Playground!
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An all brand new construction Burger King has opened on Blackwood-Clementon Road in Gloucester Township… and this one features an indoor play gym!

The new building sits between Filomena Cucina and the Rite-Aid, taking over an empty lot which years ago house an East Side Mario’s restaurant.

And yes there was already a Burger King about a 1/4 mile away to the West.. that older Burger King building is now empty, as this new state-of-the-art restaurant replaces it. At this time we don’t believe there are plans for that prior location.

The former building was looking a little old and deserving of some attention, but the franchisee chose to move to a new location.

The FORMER and now empty Burger King, just a 1/4 mile away.

While the old location had a rear access road to Little Gloucester Road on the side, the new building has the Plaza Drive access road running behind it

Via that rear Plaza Drive access road, it basically connects all of the businesses on the South side of Blackwood-Clementon Rd… and also the old K-mart Cherrywood Plaza which will become the new home to Shop-Rite. Not to mention the housing developments further behind it.

42Freeway first brought this story to readers back in May 2019. Obviously covid’s impacts on construction and approvals added significant delay to the process.

Interior dining area of the new Burger King on Blackwood-Clementon Rd Gloucester Twp.

Burger King with Modern Day Features

We don’t have a press-release on all of the cool features of the new Burger King, but 42Freeway stopped in on Sunday for our own take.

The building itself is a somewhat traditional size and configuration. Rectangular shaped with entry doors on the side, counter and kitchen on one end, and dining area seating surrounded by glass windows on the other end.

And as mentioned, there is an indoor TALL playground. More on that in a minute.

The building’s exterior style is a modern rectangular style, with the core exterior walls a darker grey concrete finish, with stone and brick accents.

Dual Drive Thru Lanes with an over head roof at the new Gloucester Township Burger King

Dual Lane Drive-thru

There is a dual-lane drive through configuration with digital menu boards.

The dual lane setup has become even more popular in the Covid era, as customers have become more reliant on drive-thru pickups and delivery services.

An interesting new idea is each of the two ordering windows have a roof overhang and what appears to be is a large light… making it easier to order and stay dry if the weather is bad when you roll down your window.

Inside the ordering counter is very traditional.

Sure digital menu screens so that they can easily change from breakfast to lunch, or highlight the latest featured product…

But no fancy twists on ordering at the inside counter of the restaurant… which is 100% perfect with me.

Bright and modern ordering counter at the new Blackwood-Clementon Burger King

Interior – Bright but Urban Rustic

The interior of the completely new building is very bright with plenty of windows, a light colored floor, upper walls, and seating.

But there are significant amounts of darker accents… woodgrain wainscot around the lower walls and booths, and a second-tier wooden ceiling element.

Stylized seating options at Burger King in Gloucester Township

On one side of the dining area is high-top table with it’s own distinctive ceiling configuration and unique marine style hang lights.

The opposite end of the room has a distinctive brick wall featuring a raised slogan that we are all well aware of!

Home of the Whopper – Make your Instagram Moment! Burger King Gloucester Township

The self-serve soda fountain is definitely on the modern tech side!

The entire front of it is a large digital screen.

Sure we’ve seen this in other restaurants and convenience stores, but with this one everything is on the screen… even the “push to pour” button. Well the ice is still a mechanical push bar.

Fully digital soda dispenser at Burger King Clementon

Indoor Playground!

Honestly this was a nice surprise as I thought fast-food restaurants were moving away from them.. but the new Blackwood Burger King has an indoor playground!

The playground area has a separate interior door to keep the sounds away from the dining area, and the ceiling shoots up about 16 feet.

An indoor playground at the new Blackwood-Clementon Burger King!

The playground unit is one large interconnected climbing gym, with steps, a lookout point, and a slide!

They do not offer a ball pit, which is probably a good thing.

Overall it looks like a lot of fun but don’t be fooled.. this is not meant to compete with the paid indoor playgrounds so it is of a smaller scale. Perfect for taking the kids to lunch and letting them play a short bit before heading off.

Burger King – Blackwood Clementon Rd Gloucester Township

Links and Location

Note: We spoke with an representative who tells us they are the same franchisee looking to build in Washington Township at 5-points, so maybe that store when developed will be very similar to this one.

Burger King Clementon- Now Open!
1370 Blackwood Clementon Rd
Clementon NJ, 08021

Burger King Store Page (Website)

We tried the new Whopper Melt! Very tasty. Lots of beef and cheese, but the naming isn’t 100% on point…
its a double cheeseburger!