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Digital Monument Status For Pennsauken and Washington Townships? Yes, Will Be Running Soon!

Digital Monument Status For Pennsauken and Washington Townships?  Yes, Will Be Running Soon!
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The Digital Monument Signs in Washington Township and Pennsauken are again under construction to complete the projects, with a goal to have them fully functioning in the next 6 weeks or so!

The sign construction and full utilization has probably been delayed about a year.

These signs are being developed by a private company, Catalyst Experiential. To get an update we heard directly from a member of the executive team there who explained the remaining steps and timelines for the three mostly completed signs.

And let’s be clear upfront. None of the delays are being attributed to any of the Townships’ Government or Departments.

The Rt 38 Digital Monument sign in 2021 when it was operational (Screen image was distorted by my camera). Signage is from Catalyst Experiential

Three Signs in Play Here. Another for Washington Township is to Come

There are 2 signs in Pennsauken (Rts 38 and 70) and one in Washington Township on the Black Horse Pike.

A second sign is also planned for Washington Township further South on the Black Horse Pike. That property currently still has a closed gas station which needs to be demolished. We will have an update on this site at a later date.

There are also projects in various states of completion for Marlton and Mt Laurel. The Marlton sign has been covered by A View From Evesham (2021 article).

Yes, we have multiple projects that are moving full steam ahead (and one just completed in N. Jersey)

Catalyst Experiential – Executive Team member to
Rt 70 Digital Monument as seen on August 4th. Catalyst Experiential says they are working to complete the project after delays and is targeting an August/September 2022 completion.

So the first thing people will ask is… why the delay?

From earlier conversations we know that pandemic impacts on construction projects in general as well as material supply chain issues played a big part in the halt of the projects.

There’s probably more to the story. The sign on Rt 38 was actually functioning for a bit before being turned off and the Washington Township digital screen was removed recently for additional work. But honestly I didn’t press for details on that.

I am much more interested in moving forward with the current status and expectations of signs being turned on.

We covered the Washington Township digital signs back in March 2021, and in that post also had some details on the two Pennsauken signs.

Catalyst Experiential – Digital Monument Signs

Feel free to scroll a bit for the updated status on the 3 signs, but I thought we’d take a minute explain what these signs are.

At it’s core Catalyst Experiential is in the advertising business… the billboard category.

Catalyst Experiential builds attractive “monument” signs for towns and government entities which both brings interesting information and advertisements to public, but also improves the look of a local commercial area. They develop the signage in an attractive frame and setting which can feature stonework, water features, plants and even small ponds!

Digital signage has taken billboards to the next level.

Smaller businesses looking to advertise can purchase much smaller time frames and customizable “images per hour” rates making this type of billboard accessible to many more businesses!

So not only can the new digital monuments an attractive addition to more local roadways and commercial districts, they also give businesses… smaller businesses… more options to reach their customers.

Washington Twp Vertical Sign – September Completion!

As mentioned back in March 2021 we reported here about the vertical sign going up on the Black Horse Pike in Washington Township, next to the Whitman Dr jug handle.

I was a little slow on that article, and by the time I posted and shared the story of the Black Horse Pike signs, the core steel framework was in place and the black digital screen was installed.

We reported that as part of the development agreement, Washington Township will have time slots allocated for it’s use to promote town events and other information.

Work continued for several months to install the stonework frame on the signage and other interior features.

And then worked stopped.

And readers started asking questions… to which I didn’t have answers to!

Washington Township Vertical Digital Sign mockup from planning meeting. Sign is mostly in place at Whitman Jug Handle. Catalyst Experiential says they are working to complete the project after delays and are targeting a September 2022 completion.

The Black Digital Screen is Gone!

Over the last weekend several readers noticed the large black digital screens were dismantled… REMOVED!

And this raised questions on the future of the signs.

Simply we are told.

… along with some of the work completing the site structures, we are taking the opportunity to install some new electric components.

Catalyst Experiential – Executive Team member to

In our email conversation the following additional details were also discussed specific to Washington Township Vertical sign.

For the Washington Township Vertical project we are currently working on the water feature – we just installed the water tank into the structure, and in about three weeks will be installing the major sections of the main structure. The entire structure will be completed in September.

Catalyst Experiential – Executive Team member to
Washington Township Vertical Digital Sign. Visible from this direct is the Whitman Jug Handle behind it. The Oreck Vacuums sign will be removed. Catalyst Experiential says they are working to complete the project after delays and are targeting a September 2022 completion.

So while we’ve all been focusing on the now missing large black screens… we weren’t aware that othe construction elements have been worked on also.

And it seems in about 3-4 weeks there should be much more visible additions to the project.

But the Oreck Vacuums Sign Is in the Way!

When traveling South past the new digital monument sign there is a previously installed smaller sign for the rear shopping center, listing Oreck Vacuums as the most prominently at the top.

From the perspective of cars at the traffic signal it does block a small portion of the new sign at the bottom.

When asked if they were removing that “Oreck Vacuums” sign…

Yes! We designed a new sign for a different location that will reflect the same design and building materials as the Monument.

Catalyst Experiential – Executive Team member to

There will be an additional town meeting and approval for the new smaller sign (for the shopping center)

Washington Township – BHP at Tuckahoe Rd

For clarity I thought I’d mention here the 2nd sign for Washington Township.

It will be a lower vertical sign in the location of the closed gas station across from the House of Brews restaurant.

This sign has not started development and in fact, construction signage has been in place since last year. The fencing has been in place for Ricco Demolition to get the ok to start bringing down the gas station.

Washington Township Horizontal Digital Sign mockup from planning meeting. This has not started and will be located at the “point” across from House of Brews. We do not have an updated timeline on this sign

Pennsauken Signs – Rt 38 and Rt 70

That leaves us with the two signs in Pennsauken, which many probably think at least one was in Cherry Hill.

The two Pennsauken signs seem to have a little more real estate space available to them so they were designed with more elaborate water features, including ponds.

The pond on Rt 38 is actually quite large! In 2021 it did have a Grand Opening event and was displaying images. In my visit earlier this month, while the screen was dark, the water fountain features were operational.

Both Pennsauken projects will be live this month—there might be a little site work left on Pennsauken 70 to complete the fountain and refresh the living wall.

Catalyst Experiential – Executive Team member to


Rt 36 Digital Monument as seen on August 4th. Catalyst Experiential says they are working to complete the project after delays and is targeting to have this operational again in August 2022.

I recently stopped at the Route 70 sign. As of August 4th it too was missing the digital black screen. It also had construction fencing in place around the smaller pond which at the time was dry. This fits into the status update from Catalyst Experiential that some additional water feature work was being completed.

Links and Locations

Catalyst Experiential


Washington Township – Whitman Jug Handle
5581 Rt 42
Washington Township NJ

Next to the new Modwash Car Wash which is next to Chick-Fil-A

Washington Township – Tuckahoe Rd and BHP
Not Developed!
3441 Rt 42
Sicklerville NJ

Corner Gas Station property across from House of Brews.

Pennsauken Rt 38
5324 Rt 38
Pennsauken NJ

Just past the back of Harbor Freight & Restaurant Equippers

Pennsauken Rt 70
5407 Marlton Pike W
Pennsauken NJ

At Mansion Blvd, next to American Red Cross. Directly across from Bishop Eustace Fields