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The Round 1 Entertainment facility in the Deptford Mall (NJ) opened today Oct 24, 2020 for their “soft” opening!   We were there at the 10am opening (got a free T-shirt!), and grabbed video of the entire facility!  Round 1 is a mix of state-of-the-art arcade and prize games, billiards, bowling, karaoke, crane games and a full BAR!   Yes… the Deptford Mall now has BOWLING!  Full Video Walkthrough and Photo’s in the article!

My apologies on my videography… didn’t realize I was moving too fast at times!

We’ve been following from the beginning and were the first to bring this news out to readers, and we are the first to bring the experience to you.

They are calling this a soft opening because a very small amount of fun activities are not available yet, mainly the crane games and the ticket/prize system.  I am not clear if that is because of Covid or just that they are still getting some things ready.   But yes, 95% of the offerings are full functioning!  You can play dozens of games, you can bowl, you can shoot pool… and I’ll be back later today to see if the bar is open and have a beer!

This is New Jersey’s first Round 1 facility, but they recently opened a location in Philadelphia at the Fashion District Mall (the old Gallery), and another location has been open in the Exton Mall for a few years.

Video Tour and Photos Below!

Gallery Below: Click any image for wider screen view!

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    1. I had been the Philadelphia Fashion District Round 1 a number of times before the pandemic. I really really liked the place. In that location, there was a line of 4 or 5 pinball machines by the bowling section. Each of these games were included in the “Pay X amount of money and play unlimited for an hour” deal that most Round 1’s have. If memory serves me right it was 8 bucks for the hour or however many low amount of credits for one play.

  1. Feels like a bit of a miss not having the back wall of the bowling area be large-screen TVs of some sort like you see at other lounge type bowling alleys.

  2. I won’t be surprised if after what happened tonight, this also turns out to be New Jersey’s last Round 1 facility in the state. I drove by around 9:15 PM and there were more than a dozen police vehicles, including several prisoner vans, surrounding the lower level entrances at that end of the mall.

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