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Evil Ink: Haunted Deptford Tattoo Shop Featured on Travel Channel’s Ghost Nation Season Premiere. Zone 13 Tattoo!

Evil Ink: Haunted Deptford Tattoo Shop Featured on Travel Channel’s Ghost Nation Season Premiere.  Zone 13 Tattoo!
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A 42Freeway area Halloween story… on a global scale!   Travel Channel’s Ghost Nation starts it’s new season this week featuring the Zone 13 Tattoo shop in Deptford NJ, which sits in the heart of our retail mecca behind the BJ’s Warehouse!   And yes… the Zone 13 Tattoo Shop is HAUNTED!

The entire hour long show is about the Zone 13 shop… which is filled with voices and sounds from unknown ghostly sources.

Owners Dale and Sophia say that the haunting experiences are very strong and frequent, and even include physical touching and scratches to Dale’s body.  So prevalent are the experiences, it is impacting their ability to keep customers and employees!

The show highlights distinctive aspects of the house.. such as their unique collection of items, some of which are connected to the paranormal.

“The haunting of Zone 13 Tattoo might be one of our most puzzling cases”

The ghost hunters pull out all of their instruments and high-tech equipment to identify what is in the building! 

They even reach out to the Gloucester County Historical Society, and Stacey from GCHS comes on camera to share her research on the property and the people who DIED THERE!

It is very interesting that on the TV show,  with the cameras and high-tech audio recording devices running, they call out to the ghosts and…   well maybe you should just watch the show!

Zone 13 Tattoo is literally located behind the BJ’s Warehouse building, wedged in between the retail complex and Route 42.  You probably never noticed the road they are on… it has an entrance off of Rt 41, but you can get to it also by driving through the back of the Friendly’s restaurant and Blinds-To-Go!  I told you this was a haunted retail story!

The Zone 13 building is actually two segments that were put together, and the core house segment has been on the location since the 50s, back to when the shopping center was the home of the Deptford Baseball fields.

This is the premier episode of the new Ghost Nation season, which makes me think the producers felt VERY strong about the experience and what they found.   You want to start off the new season with a big bang to keep viewers coming back.    “Ghost Nation” Returns With All-New Investigations This Ghostober

I assume that since it is the premiere episode it is not available yet on the web, but we are a streaming household and I watched it via our YouTubeTV subscription.

The Zone 13 episode is called Evil Ink, and this the episode page list air times… including THIS Saturday (Oct 24) at 8pm!   Some simple googling lead me to finding the full episode elsewhere online, but not sure how long that will be there.

“Such a Beautiful Shop”

“It’s almost more a gallery than a tattoo shop” 

The shop really is nicely designed…  warm, open and inviting.

And Dale and Sophia if you ever entertain the idea of letting people spend the night in your shop…  send me a message, I’m in!


Zone 13 Tattoo and Piercing
10 Superior Way
Deptford NJ, 08096


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