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Vicki’s Tacos and More Opened in Glassboro Next to Rowan Boulevard. I Stopped For Lunch

Vicki’s Tacos and More Opened in Glassboro Next to Rowan Boulevard. I Stopped For Lunch
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Vicki’s Tacos and More recently opened on West High St in Glassboro, directly across the street from the popular Rowan Boulevard complex, closest to the end that has Axe and Arrow brewery.

Vicki’s moved into a corner location of the brick building which previously was home to a chicken wing restaurant.

They do have inside dining but it’s not an overly large space…probably seating about 20 people.

Vicki’s Tacos and More is now open in Glassboro NJ!

But it’s location at the core of the Rowan University complex, as well as the significant housing nearby, likely means they will see significant business for takeout orders!

Plus with the Axe and Arrow Brewery just a one minute walk away, I expect folks to regularly pickup something to go from Vicki’s Tacos, and then head over to to the brewery for a delicious cold craft beer while they eat their tacos, quesadillas or burritos!

Also coming soon to the opposite corner of the same building is High Grounds Coffee Roasters!

High Grounds Coffee Roasters is also coming to the same building, opposite corner!

Vicki’s Tacos and More – Glassboro

I had seen the coming soon signs posted earlier in the year but waited for them to complete interior remodeling and opening up, before putting something online.

Last week I stopped in for a quick lunch.

During my visit I met owners Florian and Petra who live in the nearby South Jersey area.  They tell me the restaurant is named after their daughter Vicki!

You went to the restaurant from the corner tour and directly ahead on the opposite side of the space is the counter. 

Vicki’s Tacos and More is now open in Glassboro NJ!

The counter area is painted a bright Aqua blue-green whereas the front walls around the windows or a darker wood tones decor

The seating is arranged in the l-shaped space position so that every table sits in front of the large windows looking out onto glassboro ‘s High Street.

While tacos is in the name they offer a much broader menu.

For their namesake tacos, they can be prepared in two styles; cilantro and onion, or lettuce and tomato.

For the main protein of the Taco they offer 13 different options including chicken, pulled pork, ground beef and even chicken finger, shrimp or vegetables

Freshly made tacos and more at… Vicki’s Tacos and More in Glassboro NJ!

Burritos are a full meal in themselves also offering over 10 different varieties.

Of course they would also carry loaded nachos, enchiladas, quesadillas and more

Something that grabbed my attention that I’m gonna go back and try are the hurraches which can be prepared in grilled cactus leaves!   Looking at images on the Internet it seems like a Mexican style pizza

For my lunch I was not overly hungry so i went with two tacos, spicy chicken and pork

I stepped away from but I think is a more traditional lettuce and tomato and chose the cilantro and onion instead.

Delicious pork taco at Vicki’s Tacos and More, now open in Glassboro NJ!

The tacos were served on doubled soft shell tortillas

As you can see from the photos I was given a well filled Taco.  They’re really just all meat with a splash of the onion and cilantro.

Also included were two sauces and some cucumber and radish slices

Each of these tacos we’re priced at $4.50.

I thought the tacos were very tasty and fresh!

so after I ate I did tell them that I was going to write about them for 42 freeway but before ordering I never mentioned I was a food writer…. So what you see in the photos is likely what you should expect if you visit.

Vicki’s Tacos and More is now open in Glassboro NJ!

Links and Locations

Vicki’s Tacos and More
114 High St W
Glassboro, NJ 08028