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Big Swerve’s BBQ is Opening a Takeout Restaurant  in Westville’s Downtown

Big Swerve’s BBQ is Opening a Takeout Restaurant  in Westville’s Downtown
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Big Swerve’s BBQ has announced that they are opening a permanent takeout location in Westville NJ, to be located in the rear of the building which is also home to the Westville Brewery.

Big Swerve’s has operated as a mobile BBQ and catering business, offering a varied menu which includes Ribs, Brisket, BBQ Chicken, Pulled Pork, Jerk Chicken Sliders, Pulled Pork Tacos and more.

Fans have also been running to his pop-up locations to to get more of his delicious sides such as Mac and Cheese, Mean Beans, Collard Greens, String Beans, Potato Salad and Cole slaw. And their famous honey cornbread is 100% a requirement with every meal!

Big Swerve’s BBQ is opening at Take-out restaurant in Westville NJ! (Image: Big Swerve’s)

So up to this point the business model was focused around attending large events, and partnerships with other businesses… say to set up in their parking lot. So it’s very impressive that Big Swerve’s has been able to connect with passing-through customers and turn them into loyal fans… and create a social media following of over 4,500 people on Instagram and 2,000 on Facebook

I can’t imagine how high those numbers go once Big Swerve’s has their feet firmly planted in a permanent location in Westville, and loyal customers will know they can consistently get amazing barbecue and sides!

And an ice cold crafted beer from close by Westville Brewery.

The Westville Square building in Westville NJ is getting a new tenant… Big Swerve’s BBQ! They are taking over the far rear portion of the building,

Big Swerves BBQ – Westville

The upcoming Westville location for Big Swerve’s BBQ is on Broadway, in a building called Westville Square.

Originally the front of the building was home to the Westville Fire Department, with a fire engine garage bay in front.

Big Swerve’s is setting up shop in the far rear of the building, in the first floor open space which today feels more like the open cafeteria of a grade school!

Which makes it a perfect location for Big Swerve’s and Stella’s Banquet Hall and Café.

This large open space in the Westville Square building (Westville) will soon become home to Big Swerve’s BBQ and Stella’s Banquet Hall and Cafe! (Image: Big Swerve’s)

Yes, there are really two announcements to be made here, as the banner hanging on the building tells us Stella’s is also coming.

My guess is that the two businesses will share a common kitchen, and have that larger space for events under Stella’s… such as smaller weddings, meetings, bridal showers and more.

The large two-story brick building is actually owned by the town, according to the South Jersey Observer.

Last year, Westville purchased the building as the town’s leaders saw it as a centerpiece in the revitalization of Westville’s Downtown area, and wanted to be more in the driver’s seat of those efforts.

Big Swerve’s BBQ is coming to Westville NJ! If you’ve visited Schileens Pub before, you’ve likely seen this building where the Big Swerve’s is moving into, as it’s adjacent to the Pub’s back parking lot

There are many bright spots in the downtown district such as Schileens Pub, Speranza Restaurant (now with a Liquor License), Grabbe’s, Lorenzo’s Cabana, and the recently opened Koala Cups.

And of course Westville Brewery, which sits in the front of the Westville Square building.

The space that Westville Brewery occupies at one time was the garage bay for the town’s fire engine!

Mark from 42Freeway at the taps in Westville Brewery. Yes I am beertender certified! And I can’t wait to dual-major in BBQ eating also, when Big Swerve’s BBQ opens up close by.

The large garage bay door still exists and is functional, and on beautiful summer days the brewery can open up the space to the outside.

To get to Big Swerve’s new location though, you’ll need to drive/walk around to the far back of the building.

There is a second banner in the back announcing the BBQ business, and you can already see some indications in the rear that construction has started.

This back area of the building has several dozen parking spaces to support all of the businesses in the Westville Square building, and will serve as the entrance to the BBQ restaurant.

The rear of the building also offers a second entrance to Westville Brewery,

Big Swerve’s BBQ Chicken! They are opening a take-out restaurant in Westville NJ (Image: Big Swerve’s)

While there are no connections between the Westville Brewery and upcoming Big Swerve’s location, the two businesses should prove to be an excellent combination for each other, as barbecue and beer have been a perfect American combination likely for as long as there’s been an America!

Many will stop at Big Swerve’s for an amazing rack of ribs or barbecue chicken, and then walk 50 ft to the Westville Brewery to find a comfortable chair and a delicious cold beer to accompany their amazing bbq.

Heck, chances are if you visit the brewery today you’ll see someone enjoying the famed Lorenzo’s Cabana food… so Big Swerve’s brings more dining options to the businesses and communities in and around Westville!

And of course it all means more positive growth for a small town downtown area that has seen some positive growth, and still has a lot more protentional.

For additional coverage, also check out South Jersey Food Scene!

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