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Sprouts Farmers Market Haddon Township Opening Set for September 8th

Sprouts Farmers Market Haddon Township Opening Set for September 8th
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Healthy grocer Sprouts Farmers Market has set the opening date for their new Haddon Township NJ store as Friday September 8th.

“Sprouts” is a unique grocery experience offering an open layout with fresh produce as a core aspect of the store.

They carry the true healthy eating theme throughout all aspects of their full grocery offerings, which include; a meat counter, full deli, seafood counter and a large focus on organic, plant based and gluten free products.

Sprouts Farmer’s Market for Haddon Township (Westmont) is set to open Sept 8th, 2023. Core construction appears complete with interior fixture install under way.

Sprouts also promotes healthy eating through vitamins and natural supplements, and takes it so seriously they have dedicated staff just to work those areas!

And speaking of staffing… they are currently hiring from most positions within the store.  My check today of the job openings online for the Haddon Township store show positions in TEN different roles:

  • Head Cashier, Cashier, Vitamin / HBA Clerk, Assistant Vitamin/ HBA Manager, Grocery Clerk, Assistant Meat / Seafood Manager, Dairy Clerk, Assistant Produce Manager, Utility Clerk, Dairy Manager
Marlton Sprouts Farmer’s Market. Sprouts opens a new location in Haddon Township on Sept 8, 2023

In my visit to the Haddon Township store last week it appears that all major construction is completed, and crews are working on the interior fixture installation and then inventory.

I walked up to the front doors just to get a peek in and was surprised when the glass powered sliders swooshed open, hitting me with a blast of cool air.. which I really needed on that hot day!

I didn’t walk into the store, but from that entrance vantage point I could see the fresh meat and seafood sections are positioned immediately to the left after entering.

Also visible were self-checkout registers and product shelving.

A new Sprouts Farmers Market grocery opens September 8th 2023 in Haddon Twp, NJ. Core construction appears complete, with interior fixture installations being completed.

Sprouts Farmers Market – Burlington, Camden and Gloucester Counties

The new Sprouts location is opening on Cuthbert Blvd. and MacArthur Blvd., In the shopping center which also houses a small format target store.

This should prove to be a good location for the store as they are in very close proximity to Haddonfield, Haddon Township, Collingswood, Audubon, Cherry Hill and others.

in South Jersey, Sprouts has had a location for several years in Marlton on Route 73.

Image of the Marlton Sprouts gives an indication of what Haddon Township should expect when their new Sprouts Farmers Market opens on Sept 8, 2023

Sprouts Farmers Market also has a location in the works for Washington Township in Gloucester County. 

That project has not come to the Planning Board yet but I’ve been told by Township representatives that they have been working the last few months with town and county engineers to refine the building and site plan layout, ahead of appearing for official town approval at a Board meeting.

When opened, those South Jersey locations would position a Sprouts store in each of the three largest South Jersey counties which are direct suburbs of Philadelphia.

Sprouts Farmers Market Coming To Washington Township NJ (Gloucester County)
Sprouts Farmers Market Coming To Washington Township NJ (Gloucester County), on Egg Harbor Road.

Westmont Plaza – Everything Old is New Again

For the Westmont Plaza Shopping Center where Sprouts will be located, the upcoming mix of Sprouts and Target is the perfect culmination of the history of this Westmont Plaza space… as over the decades it moved between retailers and grocery stores.

According to the Haddon Township Historical Society Facebook Page...

Grants was the first large store at the shopping center, which opened in 1972.  In 1997 Clover took over the space.

Next up was a turn as supermarkets, with Super Fresh taking over in 1982. Later on in 2013, the Crystal Lake Thriftway moved in.

Sprouts Farmer’s Market for Haddon Township (Westmont) is set to open Sept 8th, 2023. This space that over the years was Grants, Clover, Superfresh and Thriftway!

Soon after in 2018, the space was split and Target retailer took over a large portion of the space with a new format smaller store.

So with Sprouts and Target both operating in Westmont, they fully represent the variety of retailers who have operated in the center!

Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts is a large and rapidly growing premium Natural/Organic healthy grocery chain with over 380 locations in the United States.

While there are other healthy grocery options in the United states, Sprouts differentiates itself by also putting an emphasis on “fresh”.  They make and prepare many grocery category items in the store, when their competition uses significantly more prepackaged product.

Their in-store deli for example went viral on social media recently for their fresh, made-to-order $5 packed deli sandwich deal. Multiple customer video clips reached over a million views each! It actually increased customer visits and revenue! (

Sprouts Farmers Market offers a full grocery shopping experience but with a fresh and healthy focus. (Marlton NJ store)

And beyond the deli they strive to offer a full shopping experience where everything is under the umbrella of “healthy”

  • Fresh Deli: Sandwiches, convenience meals and more, made in store.
  • Full butcher shop, with butchers experienced in answering questions and preparing meat to customer requests.
  • Bakery in each store, offering the freshest breads, cookies, cakes, pies and more.
  • Fresh Seafood section: Similar to a supermarket experience, not just packaged offsite.
  • Organic products: Sprouts is known to have a larger selection of organic products.
  • Personal Care: Sprouts offers a wider range of products including vitamins, toiletries and body care.

Honestly I had not been in a Sprouts store until a few months ago when I drove up to see the Marlton location.

My intent at the time was to write about this Westmont store coming but literally days after my visit I found out that the Washington Township location was coming.. And since no one knew of that story, I used those photos from the Marlton store in my Washington Township story. If that makes sense ha!

So in my visit to the Marlton store I found out to be bright, colorful inviting, and it absolutely was an open space which had less of a claustrophobic feeling that you get from a full size supermarket with its rows and rows of tall shelves

A more open space shopping experience awaits at Sprouts. Marlton NJ store gives an idea of what Haddon Township shoppers can expect when their new store opens Sept 8, 2023.

I mean there absolutely are product aisles, but in my quick visit it was clear that they were featuring the fresh produce, prepared goods and that lower height shelving

On one hand it feels a little bit like an ALDI, but Sprouts really puts a lot more effort into making it more pleasing to the eye with nice interior graphics, better store design, and just a broader variety of fresh produce… Which brings in mother natures own color palette

Links and Locations

Sprouts – Haddon Township (Opening Sept 8, 2023)
640 W Cuthbert Blvd.
Haddon Township, NJ 08108

Website (Haddon Twp Page)

From the Sprouts Website – Haddon Township Opens Sept 8, 2023