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Tea-Tank Bubble Tea Shop is Open In Washington Twp Kohl’s Center

Tea-Tank Bubble Tea Shop is Open In Washington Twp Kohl’s Center
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Tea-Tank bubble tea shop opened this week in the Plaza 42 shopping center on the Black Horse Pike in Washington Twp, which is where Kohl’s is located.

Tea-Tank offers hand made bubble teas including an innovative and delicious Cheesy Fruit Tea topped drink. Starting sometime in November they will offer fruit filled crepes!

Tea-Tank has been running a Grand Opening special all week and Today (Friday 10/21/2022) is the last day for their Buy One, Get One Free deal. I wish I had made it in earlier in the week!

Hours are easy to remember, listed as: Open every day 11am to 9pm.

Keep scrolling and reading! Have you tried a Cheesy Fruit Tea? I have.. and tell you what it’s all about!

Tea-Tank Bubble Tea Shop is Open In Washington Twp Kohl’s Center.. close to PetSmart

I stopped in yesterday and hung out a bit with owners Ray and Max.

Another one of those awesome meet-ups with a new business owner. Ray recognized me as I walked to the counter and lit up with a big smile. Why wouldn’t I want this website as a fulltime job?!

And the smiles and delicious drinks kept coming for the next hour. As soon as I stopped in a wave of customers showed up, a few ordering multiple drinks… 6 or 8 at a time!

And most customers were saying “we’ll see you tomorrow”! Tea-Tank is already gaining loyal followers.

Keep in mind when you visit that each drink is hand made. Multiple steps, multiple layers of delicious tasting experience; It’s not that it takes long but they may get busy today and this weekend as everyone wants to try out the new place… just be patient!

Ray and the team and Bubble Tea mixologists! Each drink is hand crafted. Tea-Tank Bubble Tea Shop Washington Twp NJ

They are located very close to PetSmart and as I was driving out of the lot I noticed a sign out front of Tea-Tank saying “Free Pup Cups”. Now that is a genius marketing idea. Folks can get their pup out of the house.

Fruity Tea Drinks at Tea-Tank. I Try The Cheesy Mango Fruit Tea!

The Tea-Tank menu offers a variety of teas and fruit drinks which should satisfy everyone’s thirst and dessert drink cravings!

Oh did I mention everything is fresh made by hand in the store? Each drink is custom crafted for the customer, and you ask for customizations.. swapping out the toppings as an example.

Ray says Spaceman theme of the new shop comes from swirling look of their drinks… like a swirling galaxy of stars!

So first they offer classic Bubble Milk/Fruit Teas in flavors such as; Green Tea, Peach, Coconut, Brown Sugar, Blueberry, Rose and more! 11 varieties in total.

This is the original boba tea featuring tea, milk or fruit, and edible tapioca “pearls”. The tapioca pears have an interesting bubble texture.

The fruit teas taste as delicious as they look. The space theme of the shop is because their drinks swirl like a galaxy of stars!

Fruity Yakult is also on the menu and completely new to me! It’s a sweet and fruity yogurt based drink, poured over ice. The menu features some citrusy base drinks with Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon.

Then there are the Cheesy Fruit Teas.. .which I had never heard of, so I gave it a try.

It offers multiple drink experiences in one.

The base of the drink is a delicious and fresh fruit flavor… almost like a dessert thin milkshake. Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach, Grapefruit… 12 varieties total.

I went with Mango… bursting with Mango flavor!

Cheesy Mango Fruit Tea! Mango swirl tea drink, tapioca pearls at the bottom.. and a cheesy foam on top! Tea-Tank Bubble Tea Shop Washington Twp NJ

Then at the bottom of course are the bubble tapioca pearls. Another flavor, and another texture.

And then on top is the cheesy foam! Another texture and another delicious flavor. Its a mild cheese taste… maybe like a mild cottage cheese, with some sweetness to it.

You really have to give it a try!

As mentioned the other big feature of Tea-tank is they will be offering fruit crepes. Ray tells me they won’t be available until sometime in November.

Cheesy Foamy Goodness!! Tea-Tank Bubble Tea Shop Washington Twp NJ

Getting to Tea-Tank

42Freeway first brought news of Tea-Tank coming to Washington Twp back in April. Back then they had planned to open under a different name.

As mentioned they are located in the “Kohl’s Shopping Center”, in the side strip of stores. PetSmart is the closest big store.. with Tea-Tank directly next to Mariner Finance.

The shopping center has easy access from southbound Black Horse Pike, and from the northbound side there is a jughandle turn to Greentree Rd… which connects to the center.

Let’s make Tea-Tank an “instagrammable” spot! Take your pic in front of the spaceman mural and share! Tea-Tank Bubble Tea Shop Washington Twp NJ

Links and Location

Tea-Tank (Now Open!)
5851 Route 42 / Black Horse Pike Unit #17
Blackwood, NJ

The “Kohl’s Shopping Center”

Hours are listed as an easy to remember: Open Every Day, 11am to 9pm

Facebook Page (Go like them! Only 123 likes right now!)