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Sugar Factory Cherry Hill is OPEN! First Inside Photos!

Sugar Factory Cherry Hill is OPEN!  First Inside Photos!
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The long awaited Sugar Factory restaurant, bar and candy store has opened in Cherry Hill… at the Garden State Park complex. (Wegmans)!

Last night they quietly opened the doors for a few folks including some who just happened to be walking by. Today is their first official full day open. They open at 11am today, and I stopped in this morning.

This is expected to be a wildly popular “must try it” restaurant for many weeks, so if you can get there today… run! Or they book reservations through OpenTable. Just do it now. Ha!

42Freeway was the very very first to break the story of the Sugar Factory coming, way back in Nov of 2020!

Main dining area at the brand new Sugar Factory in Cherry Hill NJ! Beautiful dining area!

Sugar Factory!

“Hey you’re the 42Freeway guy! I get ALL MY NEWS FROM YOU!”

That’s probably the best thing you want to hear when you meet for the first time the General Manager of one of the most anticipated South Jersey restaurants.

That was on Monday. I’ve been to Sugar Factory four times this week alone, trying to get the 42Freeway readers the inside look. Have I ever mentioned I get zero press releases and do this by “pounding the pavement”? Anyway..

So it turns out that GM Gale is from Clayton New Jersey and she is a 42Freeway Fan! I am very appreciative of her having me in this morning for the first look photos!

Other outlets had reported an opening for this past Wednesday. When I got the see the place on Monday, I had an idea it was going to be a few more day so I just kept coming back looking for that magical opening day. Ha!

The large main room is home to the main dining area, and the bar. Sugar Factory in Cherry Hill NJ

If you aren’t familiar, Sugar Factory is a restaurant, bar, and candy/gelato store. Which means there were a ton of things to put up. Bar to be stocked. Candy up on shelves. It just took a couple extra days to get it all ready

So this isn’t a full planned photo shoot but the place looks amazing, and so do the photos!

Yes the iconic Sugar Factory signs are in place. Let’s celebrate the opening of Sugar Factory in Cherry Hill NJ

Now for those wondering what it’s all about…

Sugar Factory is much more than a just a restaurant, bar and confectionary shop.

They are known for their over the top colorful desserts and goblet drinks… and sure they have a delicious restaurant menu with all of your favorites but they even mix things up there… how about rainbow slider burgers!?!

They’ve also aligned themselves as a place for celebrities to be and be seen.

Every Grand Opening includes celebrities.. well plus celebrities can just pop in whenever! Pitbull, Fifty-Cent, Mario Lopez, The Kardashians. That’s about as deep as my celebrity pool goes. Ha!

Sugar Factory Cherry Hill Signage is up, Opening Mid-October
Sugar Factory Cherry Hill is open. This dessert… or is it pancakes? Well this is an example of their instagrammable food, desserts and drinks (This Image: Sugar Factory)

But the combination of crazy beautiful and colorful milkshakes, drinks, food and celebrities… makes Sugar Factory one of the most “Instagrammable” restaurants in the world.

Even if you are an old guy with a flip-phone, if you find yourself at Sugar Factor I guarantee you that phone is coming out to take a photo of something.. even if its just to send to your grandkids.

The space is divided into multiple areas. Candy store, main dining, bar and the pink room..

The Candy Store area of the the new Sugar Factory in Cherry Hill NJ. Gelato, candy and fun things!

The Candy Store can be seen from outside through the windows and sits at the entrance.

It’s candy and gumballs… plus a gelato stand! You can just pop in for gelato or candy and head on your way shopping.

They even have some gift items, such as a pink Birthday Girl sash for celebrating the big event and wanting to add something extra to the photos!

Just a sampling of what’s in stock at the candy store in the new Sugar Factory in Cherry Hill NJ

The dining area is behind that the candy store, and opens up to a high ceiling.

The design leans towards a classy and fun women’s décor.

Part of the design takes me back to a Disney World Main Street store.. that late 1800s style store with brass and marble décor, but with a big splash Paris Hilton in the mix.

White walls with pink accents. Marquee style light bulbs highlight different features like the massive TV wall.

Brass and chrome abound, and the bar takes on a bit of a “Steampunk” style with its ornate overhead brass work.

And that’s a good thing for their target audience. When you have very distinctive and delicious food and dessert items, you need a restaurant interior to match. Intagrammable!

They even have signature sayings captured in lights on the walls; Fell in Love Today, Celebrate! Hello Gorgeous!

Even i got into the selfie game!

Instagrammable moments about at Sugar Factory in Cherry Hill NJ. Even the 42Freeway guy looks gorgeous with this signage behind him!

There is plenty of room at Sugar Factory Cherry Hill but it’s not an overly large restaurant. If you’ve been to their Atlantic City location I’d say this is comparable in size (seating).

Honestly i think the décor in Cherry Hill is more true the brand.

At Cherry Hill I am going to guess the main dining area seating capacity is probably about 100 people? I did forget to ask and when I clarify I’ll update this.

They also have the Pink Room which is the round corner space at the front of the restaurant, with a lot of windows. I didn’t get a full photo of that space as a few employees were doing some pre-opening paperwork.

Brass, chrome, white and pink. It’s part Main Street Disney, part Paris Hilton. Sugar Factory in Cherry Hill NJ

And probably the most prominent feature in the space is the bar.

The bar shares the big open room as the main dining area. I would say it seats about 30 people

There are televisions overhead and of course the large TV in the main dining area is viewable from most of the bar seats.

On the back of the bar area is what looks like another candy store. But it’s not.

Many containers of different candies that are used in their drinks and desserts!

This candy? Its not for the candy store! This sweet inventory is for bar drinks and desserts! Sugar Factory in Cherry Hill NJ

I visited Sugar Factory this morning about an hour before their opening.

I was tempted to hang around for an early lunch but really wanted to get this online for readers.

I cover food items in prior posts, and you can view the full menu online.

But I’ll be back soon. Maybe Tik-Tok video to come!

And I haven’t shown everything about the new Sugar Factory in Cherry Hill!

The pink room and it’s matching pink telephone booth saying “Call Me”

And I forgot to check on the outdoor space.. I know they will be utilizing it but since we are heading into winter I imagine that would wait.

Large full wall screen in the dining are at the new Sugar Factory in Cherry Hill NJ
Sugar Factory in Cherry Hill NJ is now open!

More to come!
Links and Locations

Sugar Factory Cherry Hill – Now Open!
Garden State Park Town Center
923 Haddonfield Rd, Suite A
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002