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Pandora Diner Williamstown is OPEN!

Pandora Diner Williamstown is OPEN!
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Pandora Diner opened yesterday on the Black Horse Pike in Williamstown NJ. They’ve completely refreshed the building, and the menu is… monstrously delicious!!

The location was previously Peter’s Diner which was sold in February of this year to the Pandora Diner family.

As we reported on February 27th Peter’s diner abruptly closed as part of the Pandora sale.

The building remained closed for 8 months as the Pandora team worked to upgrade the diner. Every aspect was considered. They even replaced the front steps!

But let’s put that “other” diner behind us and focus on the new Pandora Diner experience!

Pandora Diner has opened in Williamstown NJ

Pandora Diner Williamstown – Beautiful Remodel

Pandora Diner Williamstown is located at 1741 S Black Horse Pike in Williamstown NJ.

They sit at the intersection of Malaga Road, with Pandora catty-corner from the Williamstown Walmart.

Word is already out in town as in my weekday afternoon visit the diner was already mostly full!

Which makes this a good time to mention.. they are actively hiring to fill out most roles. I saw online that they are really looking for evening servers. Hiring information is here

I haven’t been in the building for years so I can’t compare what has changed.

What I will say.. Pandora Diner Williamstown today is exactly what you want a Jersey diner to be. The classic stainless steel style inside and out, but in a very modern setting.

Beautifully upgraded interior where every surface is unique. Even the ceilings are something special!

The entrance lobby itself can only be described as Grand. Large, with a high ceiling and ornate details throughout the entire space.

There are two main dining areas, left and right.

The left side is mostly booth seating.

The right side is the larger area of the two, offering a large open table seating area with booths around the perimeter.

Yes the new Pandora Diner in Willamstown has the “old man’s” counter! And yes that is my hoodie dangling off the chair. Why didn’t I take 30 seconds to remove it?!

Brick décor wall coverings inside add some texture contrast to the smooth stainless steel and granite countertops.

Even the ceilings in the dining areas are special… with interesting recessed cutouts accented with a variety of lights.

This is not your basic painted drywall diner. Every surface has… character!

Pandora Diner Williamstown – Experienced Family

This is not their first diner endeavor, as the family operates two other Pandora Diner locations in Springfield Twp, NJ and Cinnaminson. The son Saban is in charge at Pandora.

The family also owns the Town & Country diner in Bordentown, which according to a 2020 article at the Burlington County Times, the daughters Senay and Nuray run that diner.

Pandora Diner has developed a great reputation at its first two locations of offering delicious food, great services and a wonderful caring family operating the locations.

Now that is a diner entrance! Plenty of room if you find yourself waiting for a table.

The menu is both amazingly large and also inventive. Just in the full dinner entrees there are over 100 choices, and that doesn’t include the sandwiches, paninis and more.

How about 24 varieties of burgers!?

When I stopped in today and browsed the menu. they have entire pages dedicated to just one category, such as Broiled Seafood. I mean… almost 30 different choices of broiled seafood that takes an entire large menu page to list out!

Desserts at Pandora diner are worthy of raving about! All made in house, fresh and delicious!

And yes they have amazing desserts also!’s renowned food writer Peter Genovese wrote in 2015 about the Springfield location of Pandora:

What I liked best: the chocolate fudge cake. Best chocolate cake so far (on his NJ diner tour)

Peter Genovese 2015

The dessert displays are prominently located just as you enter the main area, and I am told the staff are busy baking more and more to fill up the plentiful display cases!

In my prior article I went in deep on the menu, calling out their large choices of paninis, french fries, wraps and more! Give it a read… or better yet, just stop in at Pandora!

This is the left side dining area at Pandora Diner Williamstown… where the focus in this section is on both seating.

There really is something for everyone.. and more. If you have a picky eater in the family and take them to Pandora… and they can’t find something to eat? Well it’s not the diner’s fault!

My one big mistake is… well I didn’t know this morning that I was going to end up at Pandora Diner so I had already eaten a big breakfast. At Pandora I had to go with only a bowl of cream of potato soup. It was delicious and I will be back very soon for a full meal.

Well maybe in a few weeks. They were very busy and it was middle of the day in the week… once the 42Freeway post gets out there, things should be even more busy for a few weeks!

It looks like a resort restaurant… amazing desserts, beautiful décor and colors. Get out to Pandora Diner Williamstown to see and experience it for yourself!

Links and Location

The Pandora Diner Williamstown (Now Open!)
1741 S Black Horse Pike
Williamstown, NJ

(856) 388-2055



Pandora Diner is open in Williamstown NJ!

Close this out with a bathroom photo? Sure, why not?! They are beautiful at the Pandora Diner in Williamstown NJ