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Sunshine Bakery & Cafe is OPEN in Washington Township! Beautifully Redesigned! Supports ARC Programs. Read On For Hours

Sunshine Bakery & Cafe is OPEN in Washington Township!  Beautifully Redesigned!  Supports ARC Programs.  Read On For Hours
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The Sunshine Bakery & Cafe opened this week on Tuckahoe Rd in Washington Twp, just past the Walmart Shopping Center.  Sunshine Cafe is a beautifully remodeled store.. with AMAZING and delicious things for sale.  Yes,  cakes, donuts and other baked goods, but also offering house made Soup, Anthony’s Coffee, Boba Tea and more!

And.. they are part of the The ARC Gloucester, so all funds support programs for Individuals with Intellectual or Development disabilities, and many Individuals will work in the Cafe!

The are open Mon-Friday… but only Tues-Thurs can you “Just walk in”.  7am-2pm.   On Monday and Friday you can call in orders for pick-up.

So I am posting this on a Thursday.. get there Today!

I (Mark) noticed the cafe last weekend when doing a drive around the area, checking on stories I am tracking…. and as I left the Edge Fitness parking lot and headed towards the pike I saw the “Coming Soon” banner on Tuckahoe Rd.  And was that a new sign on the roadside?

I popped in to catch manager Dawn working in the bakery, getting things ready for the opening this week.   But of course the weather had their own plans this week!

Dawn is an amazing person…  I quickly realized she was a very gifted baker after seeing the products she already had on display.. but the more I spoke with her, the more I realized how awesome it was that she found a way to utilize her talents to also work with people who simply need a little extra help!

Dawn explained that the bakery is part of the The ARC of Gloucester County, and they had just completed a massive remodel… the first since 1988!

The interior is bright, cheerful and inviting… and also very classy!

ARC Program individuals will benefit from all bakery profits, but also.. the ARC Individuals with disabilities will be working in the Bakery Cafe to learn skills and earn money!

Baked Goods

I was there ahead of the opening, but Dawn was already loading the shelves and bakery displays with amazing looking baked goods.

Cupcakes, Cake Pops, breads and and amazing cakes were already on display.   And she was working to fill out the displays!

Dawn tells me the bakery was famous for their Apple Jewish Cakes!    42Freeway may stop back to day to pick one up!

The chocolate cake she showed me…  wow, its as much artwork as it is a cake.  The multi-layer chocolate “sculpture” on top made it look like something we’d see on the Food Network!

The Sunshine Bakery can even make Wedding Cakes!  They are beautiful and delicious.. and what a great story to tell at your wedding, that your cake helped Individuals with disabilities!

And for the quick treat, their website shows you can buy individual cake slices, cookies, granola bars, macarons, chocolates and more!


Sunshine is also a Cafe!  You can stop in as you start your day and get a hot cup of delicious Anthony’s Coffee!

I forgot to ask details on “Anthony’s Coffee” but a quick google shows there is the famous Anthony’s on 9th St in South Philadelphia!

Delicious South Philadelphia coffee… in Washington Township?  Delicious!!

Soup Too!  Dawn also tells me they will have fresh house made soups every day, and they will be offering other lunch items!   

Oh and Boba Tea!  I think also known as Bubble-tea…  if you aren’t familiar its an Asian based drink, more of a slushy or milkshake than a tea, and refreshingly delicious!



Be aware of the hours before heading over!

If you want to “just walk in”…  Tues-Thursday are your days.   7am -2pm

On Monday and Friday you can call ahead for pick-up.

They are not open on Weekends.    But all these hours are possible to change, as Sunshine develops a following

Phone:  609-381-8908

  • Monday – Online Ordering Only
  • Tuesday – 7 am – 2 pm
  • Wednesday – 7 am – 2 pm
  • Thursday – 7 am – 2 pm
  • Friday – Online Ordering Only

Contact – Location

Sunshine Bakery & Cafe
704 Tuckahoe Rd
Sewell NJ 08080

Facebook  LIKE THEIR PAGE!  Dawn will be posting pics of the delicious items!   Only 6 likes right now

Website (really nice site!  Gives a lot of info!)