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Bath & Body Works Washington Township Opens in MARCH! Hiring Has Started!

Bath & Body Works Washington Township Opens in MARCH!  Hiring Has Started!
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The eagerly awaited Bath & Body Works store coming to Cross Keys Commons Turnersville is set to open in March.  Like.. NEXT MONTH!  They’ve also started the hiring process!

This is the Walmart Turnersville Shopping Center.. well across from Walmart, and the new Bath & Body Works will be located directly next to ULTA.  Smart location move.

So I had March 2021 in my radar but the final confirmation came when a reader messaged us “Hey the construction signage is up for Bath & Body Works. Clearly says March 2021!”

So I thanked them, and ran over to get an updated pic this morning.  (I was just there last week and this signage wasn’t up then!).   

Funny side note… with snow storm looming I catch WPVI 6 forecast this morning (8:20 am?) and they say “Change of forecast.  It stayed warmer.  Rain till Noon. Lower totals”.  So I decide to get dressed and shoot over to Township for an updated photo with the opening announcement signage, before the snow starts.

Head out the door 20 mins later, and its a full blown snow storm!   Well there goes “rain till noon”.  Ha.     The show must go on so I drove over on the quiet streets.  Now as I write this and look out the window, its a really beautiful heavy snowfall!   Although for me, snow is only beautiful when I don’t have to drive in it, and when the snow blower is working (which it is).  But I am really off track now..   

I was going to post on this last week, and glad it worked out that I didnt get to it (so I could get the better photo).

A few weeks back I had noticed on a Construction site that they listed March 2021 as the opening.

I reached out to the fine folks at Brixmor (property owners) who were kind enough to also confirm that the expected opening date was March 2021, but they defer to the tenant (Bath & Body Works).

So I was gonna roll with the post with that information… but yea, having the updated photo makes it better!

Bath & Body Works

Do I really need to explain what this store is?  I mean, I think 99% of the female readers of 42Freeway already know.  And guys.. a great place for gifts, so if you aren’t aware, maybe this is for you!  And actually… there is a men’s collection too!

For over 20 years, we’ve created the scents that make you smile.

They sell a variety of products for the body and bath.. and at the core of it are the scents.  

Women love the variety of scents.  And Bath & Body Works has their own Signature scents.

And when you find something you like… they offer it across the product line.

Body Care products are HUGE there; Lotions, Mists, Creams, Shower Gels

Then they offer hand soaps and sanitizers

And home fragrance products.. such as candles.

Smell that?  It smells like an excellent business model, that customers get really excited about!


Did I say “eagerly“?  Come on Mark, you’re overdoing it again.  Too many exclamation points!

Well I’ll share a 42Freeway secret.  Would you believe that my number one story for Facebook EVER, was when I announced Bath & Body Works had signed a leased (Sept 2020)?  I honestly sat on the story for months as I was looking for some confirmation on the story, and I thought it was just going to be an average post.

But on Facebook the readership went crazy for it!

We have just over 20,000 fans on Facebook now (Thank you!  I love you guys!!!!), but as people like, comment and SHARE..  Facebook starts showing the post to more and more people.

And it seems the FB fans and Facebook saw this as a hot one.   Would you believe this? 

People Reach” is Facebook’s count of how many people at least scrolled past the post on their newsfeed.  You don’t have to like, click or comment.. but others did, and Facebook felt this was a good post that people liked and started showing it to more and more.

From 20,000 page likes to 300,000 viewing it is just insane.   But that just shows how eager people are for this new store!

I consider 30,000 People Reach a good post.  50 to 60,000 and people are tired of seeing it on their newsfeed.  

But at 300,000 its just another level.   10x what I normally consider good.

So, any questions on “eagerly“?  ha!

Thank you readers for supporting the site and the stories!

Btw… I have a video in my queue to do regarding Facebook and how they share stories.   I know business owners are seeing that 300,000 and want their business featured. I get a few messages a month about it.  But you have to understand, that story went viral because it was completely new and the readers reacted to it.  But as much as I love my local pizza shop, if I posted about you literally no more than a few hundred would see it.   Well which is why I want to do a video.  Hmm.. I am off track again


Coinciding with the official “Opening March” signage going up, I see that they have started the hiring process!

There are job sites all over the internet that republish job listings, but these four below are direct links to the Bath & Body Works Career pages.  But please do your own research also!

Supervisor – Cross Keys Commons

Assistant Manager – Cross Keys Commons

Sales Associate – Cross Keys Commons

Sales Support – Cross Keys Commons

Bath & Body Works – Opening March 2021!
3501 Route 42
Turnersville NJ 08012