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SmashBros Runnemede Opens Saturday April 20th. Smashburgers, Cheesesteaks, Chicken Wings and More!

SmashBros Runnemede Opens Saturday April 20th.  Smashburgers, Cheesesteaks, Chicken Wings and More!
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SmashBros Runnemede NJ serves popular casual dining favorites such as smashburgers, cheesesteaks, chicken wings, chicken tenders and more… and they open Saturday April 20th.

The doors open at 11:00 AM on Saturday, and the first 50 customers get a free Smashburger!

All of their ingredients are the highest quality featuring 100% organic, grass fed beef and 100% organic chicken.  The rolls for their cheese steaks are from legendary Sarcone’s Bakery in Philadelphia, and the burger buns are the soft Martin’s Potato Rolls.

For dessert the will also offer cheesecakes from Yhanne’s House of Cheesecakes!

SmashBros is located at 68 W Clements Bridge Road in Runnemede behind the Philly Diner Sports Bar (and the Toyota lot).  Previously the small free standing building was home to Cobfather’s.

As mentioned they are a takeout only restaurant but they do plan on adding outdoor dining soon. Also, in a few weeks they will be offering delivery services.

SmashBros is owned by brothers Mo and Fahmi who live in South Jersey and have many years working in the restaurant and hospitality industry… but see SmashBros as an opportunity to make a name for themselves, feeding and helping the community.

In fact, SmashBros has partnered with African Well, which is a charitable organization who builds water wells across Asia and Africa, bringing fresh and clean drinking water to those communities. SmashBros goal is to pay for a new well every month!

SmashBros Runnemede – The Food

 I’ve stopped in a few times to chat with the brothers Mo and Fahmi, and earlier this week I had a chance to try a variety of their menu items including Smashburgers, Chicken Wings, Mac & Cheese Balls and more!

First up for me was the signature “Bro Burger” smashburger!

If you aren’t familiar with “smash” style burgers it starts with a ball of beef that is placed on the hot grill and then a flattening utensil is used to literally smash the meat into the grill!

This process quickly seals the juices into the burger and can give the outer edges of the burger a slight crispiness.

Most consider a standard smashburger order as a double (two patties), considering the thinner patty.

When you see the smashed burger extend well beyond the edges of the fresh and soft Martin’s potato roll…. you’ll find it impossible not to bite in!

Add in your favorite cheese, pickles and the SmashBros secret sauce, and it makes for a juicy and delicious burger.

Keep in mind that a Double Bro burger with fries onions, pickles and house sauce is only $8!

Fahmi tells me that not only do they want to be known as a place to get amazing food, but whenever those “who has the best…” conversations start online or amongst friends, their goal is to have the SmashBros name mentioned as a top contender for cheesesteaks, burgers, and wings.

Fahmi is excited about all of the items on their menu but seems to take extra pride in his chicken wings, as all of the sauces are his own special creations.  Well actually I should say “secret” recipes as he jokingly tells me that even his brother Mo doesn’t know the recipes! 

And the well thought-out wing recipe is more than amazing sauces, as the wings are prepared first by smoking them to add an extra rustic flavor profile and then when ordered they are fried… and the sauce added.

He suggested I try their BBQ sauce on the chicken wings. It offered a perfect balance of a slightly sweet, slightly tangy BBQ sauce which didn’t overwhelm.  Just packed with flavor! The BBQ sauce has a glaze-like consistency and coated the wings perfectly.

One of the more interesting offerings is their Macaroni & Cheese bites which starts with house-made macaroni and cheese from a family recipe, which is rolled into small balls, breaded and deep fried.

It made for a perfectly crispy outer shell crust, that when you bite into it the macaroni and cheese hits you with a burst of cheesy goodness!

I also tried their French fries and onion rings which were fresh and crisp!

Two of their signature items that I did not get a chance to taster are their cheesesteaks and breaded chicken items (which include chicken tenders, Nashville hot chicken sandwiches, and regular chicken sandwiches)

I think the brothers held those back from me in order to get me to stop back on Saturday for the Grand Opening, Ha! I have eaten more than the average adults allotment of cheesesteaks in my life, and I’m very eager to give their “hand sliced prime rib beef with Cooper sharp cheese on a Sarcone’s roll cheesesteak” a try.

Links and Locations

SmashBros – Opens April 20th
68 W Clements Bridge Rd
Runnemede, NJ 08078