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Small-Business Incubator Park Approved For Delsea Drive Washington Twp.

Small-Business Incubator Park Approved For Delsea Drive Washington Twp.
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A 32,000 square foot “’small-business incubator park” office/warehouse development has been approved for Delsea Drive in Washington Township.

The project will consist of two matching commercial buildings each split into four units of 4,000 square feet.

Each unit will also support a 1,000 square foot office within the 4,000 square feet of space. That being said the units are designed as “flex” space and likely can be tailored to meet the needs of individual tenants.

A new small-business incubator park was approved for Delsea Drive in Washington Twp.

This project is being developed by “252 Delsea Associates” which consists of Broker-Developers Brandon Hedenberg, Eric Martorano and Francesco Pullella.

They are teaming up to create what they call a ‘small-business incubator park” in Washington Twp, NJ.

The group states that small-businesses are the backbone of South Jersey; and there is currently a huge shortage of space for these users to lease in Gloucester County.

They want to make it clear that this is not going to be another warehouse project; there will be no semi-trucks/tractor-trailers going in/out of this small business park.

This area of Delsea Drive will see the development of a new small-business incubator park

This project will be used by start-ups and small businesses, contractors, e-commerce companies, technology and creative firms, artists and artisans, etc.

It’s a perfect situation for a smaller growing business, say a contractor or plumber who started out on their own working from their home… and have reached a point of growth where they need to move into a larger more dedicated commercial space.

This is the second project approved for this stretch of Delsea Drive, this fall. Back in September, Bella Vista mixed-use residential and retail development was approved for the corner of Delsea and County House. That project is also targeting small-business owners to take over first floor retail spaces.

252 Delsea Associates

The property is located on Delsea Drive, almost a mile south of the Five Points intersection.

It is immediately South of existing commercial business, including the Enterprise Court Business Park.  To the immediate South of the there are 4 or 5 residential homes developed off of one street, but it seems this area of Delsea along the roadway leans more towards commercial projects.

Today the lot for the the small business park is wooded, and a portion of it would be cleared for the development.

A new small-business park is planned for Delsea Drive, in Washington Twp

As mentioned the project consists of two commercial buildings, each totaling 16,000 sq feet.

The buildings will be positioned side by side with individual units’ Office and Garage entrances facing-in towards each building.  With the positioning of the buildings in line with Delsea Drive, they will act as their own visual buffer and cars passing by won’t really see the entrances and garage doors of the individual units in the complex.

252 Delsea Associates – Small Business Incubator Park for Washington Twp was approved.

Entrance to the complex will be on the southern end of the development.

The plan also accounts for three separate water management basins.

Small-Business Incubator Park
252 Delsea Drive
Washington Twp, NJ