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Raccoon Taproom Coming to Collingswood. Swedesboro Brewing Taking over Devil’s Creek Location

Raccoon Taproom Coming to Collingswood.  Swedesboro Brewing Taking over Devil’s Creek Location
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Swedesboro Brewing is coming to Collingswood, opening the Raccoon Taproom! Swedesboro Brewing has acquired Devil’s Creek Brewery which is located in the heart of the Collingswood downtown.

The original Swedesboro Brewing location which opened in 2020 will remain open, and the new Collingswood brewery will offer them an opportunity to bring several of their favorite brews to Camden County… as well as experiment with all new varieties of beer to the Collingswood beer loving community.

The Raccoon Taproom is coming to Collingswood NJ. The team behind Swedesboro Brewery have acquired the Devil’s Creek Brewery, and are starting the process to remodel and upgrade the Haddon Ave brewery. (Image: Swedesboro Brewing)

42Freeway had previously reported that Devil’s Creek Brewery was closing.  At the time, Devil’s Creek owner Kat was not able to 100% say what the plans were for the space, but it did seem from early Facebook comments that another brewery was taking over. Devil’s Creek is having a final Farewell Party on Saturday Dec 16 from 2 to 8pm

The upcoming opening of the Racoon Taproom is exciting news for the Collingswood beer loving community, as they will continue to have an awesome brewery in downtown Haddon Ave, and also it’s a huge success story for the Swedesboro Brewing Company owners…  for them to be able expand to a second location just a few years after opening in Gloucester County.

Devil’s Creek Brewery is having a farewell party on Saturday Dec 16th from 2pm-8pm! (Image: Devil’s Creek Brewery)

Raccoon Taproom – Collingswood NJ

Swedesboro Brewing was founded in 2020 and quickly gained attention in the local craft beer community for its delicious beers, unique styles and well defined marketing.

The accolades quickly grew to a national level when USA TODAY published their list of top ten new breweries in the United States, and Swedesboro Brewing took the prestigious second place position.

Today Swedesboro Brewing has over 40 unique beer offerings, and they’re looking to bring their creativity and enthusiasm for craft beer brewing to the Collingswood community.

“Our goal has always been to share our passion for exceptional craft beer with as many people as possible,” said Marvin Bowe, Founder and Owner of Swedesboro Brewing. “By taking over Devil’s Creek’s location, we’re excited to bring our wonderful reputation to Collingswood and provide residents and visitors alike with an opportunity to experience the unique flavors that have made Swedesboro Brewing so successful.”

Marvin Bowe, Founder and Owner of Swedesboro Brewing in a December 15th Press Release

Early plans for the Haddon Avenue brewery are to bring six of their flagship beers over to the Raccoon Taproom, while also crafting 6 new and exclusive beers which cater to the local Collingswood palette.

Devil’s Creek Brewery in Collingswood has been acquired by Swedesboro Brewing. The new owners are looking transform the space in the Raccoon Taproom!

The team is looking to balance both the tradition of their delicious and well recognized beers, with the ability to provide new innovation with the Collingswood location… beers which you can only experience at the Haddon Avenue Raccoon Taproom brewery.

The press release goes on to say the transformation is already underway and Swedesboro looks forward to becoming an integral part of the Collingswood craft beer scene.

The brewery will be closing for approximately 2 months for renovations and brewing expansions, and then will reopen as the Raccoon Taproom.

As another reminder, on Saturday December 16th Devil’s Creek Brewery will be open for one last day… a farewell party from 2pm-8pm!

The Raccoon Taproom is coming to Collingswood’s popular “The Lumberyard” mixed-use complex on Haddon Ave. (Image: Google Street Maps)

Swedesboro Brewing

Swedesboro Brewing was cofounded by Marvin Bowe and Kevin Bain in 2020… but the story goes back to decades of being craft beer lovers and home brewers.

They both were raised in Philadelphia as friends in the same neighborhood, and while they ended up taking two different successful paths in life…. their friendship and love of beer brought them together to form the Swedesboro brewery in Gloucester County New Jersey.

Swedesboro Brewing opened in Gloucester County just 2 years ago and has already created a respected name in the South Jersey brewery community

Like the best Marvel Supehero movie plot, they each bring unique skills to the venture… which seem to match-up perfectly in making a successful brewery!

Kevin has a scientific background and a 20 plus year career in healthcare an adjunct faculty at the University of Sciences.   Kevin brings a scientific approach to the recipes and flavor experiments,  all towards creating the most delicious beers.

We take crafting beer very seriously and we experiment regularly—that’s the scientist in me speaking. But above all, we love producing different styles of beer for our customers to sample—some styles will stay the same and others will change over time—and that’s how beer was intended.

Keviin, Co-Founder and Brewhouse Manager
Swedesboro Brewery

Marvin spent 20 years in creative fields… advertising, Creative Director, and also taught at Northeast Catholic. Marketing, presentation and style are also very important to a successful business. Marvin of course is fully involved in the beer process… and is the Taproom Manager!

We want to give the community a hometown brewery as a destination to celebrate the history of Swedesboro and enjoy each other’s company while drinking exceptional beer of the highest quality.

Marvin, Co-founder & Taproom Manager

The varied skillsets blends perfectly to create delicious beers, along with probably the most interesting marketing descriptions available for the beer selection.

Each of the beers have a dedicated page describing the origins of the beers in significant detail, as well as suggested food pairings and the glass which should be used to drink it!

Swedesboro Brewery
Swedesboro Brewery

The Marvin the Marzen for example describes how it pays homage to a German style Marzen. It pays tribute to the brewery’s visionary owner Marvin Bowe, and is a perfect match for a grilled meat meal such as succulent burgers and flavorful tacos… and maybe even lighter shellfish delicate pasta dishes!

Honestly just give the Marvin the Marzen page a look… it’s pretty impressive the amount of information they provide!

Based on estimates we should expect to see the Racoon Taproom opening in Collingswood around February… well we’ll give them a little bit of cushion to the timeline and hope they are open for St Patrick’s Day!

Racoon Taproom – Coming Soon
1 Powell Lane
Collingswood, NJ 08108

Swedesboro Brewery
95 Woodstown Rd., Unit P
Swedesboro, NJ 08085