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ShopRite November Construction Update: Woolwich, Glassboro, Blackwood

ShopRite November Construction Update: Woolwich, Glassboro, Blackwood
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A Zallie ShopRite November construction update for Woolwich, Glassboro and Blackwood… from

Right now Zallie-Somerset has four major projects underway (or planned to start soon), which I imagine is a LOT of construction to manage at one time for the Corporate Office!

Not that they can’t handle it, but even with operating multiple locations it’s not every year that Zallie Shoprite is building TWO new supermarkets, completely remodeling a third while its still open… and then on top of it all, at a fourth site build a new liquor store and remodel the produce section!

The new Shoprite of Center Square Plaza in Woolwich NJ is taking shape! The building in the upper left corner is the Woolwich Municipal Building. More on this project below.

Over the last week I visited all of the locations, and I also chatted with a Company representative on the projects.

Which brings me first to the planned new ShopRite on Blackwood-Clementon Road at the former K-Mart…

ShopRite of Cherrywood (Former Blackwood K-Mart)

Yes they are still planning on building the new Cherrywood ShopRite at the former K-Mart property on Blackwood-Clementon Rd. It will replace the Laurel Hill location which is less than a mile away.

Nothing has really happened yet at the Cherrywood K-Mart site, which is probably why I get asked a lot about it!

Well, if you read my intro paragraphs here you should already have a reasonable understanding of why nothing is happening at Cherrywood yet… Zallie’s hands are already full. They are already building a completely new supermarket in Woolwich AND deep into a full expansion and remodel at Glassboro. Plus the new liquor store and produce section remodel at West Berlin.

You have to also consider that the planned Cherrywood project really is the same as building an all new supermarket.

K-Mart Blackwood NJ to become ShopRite of Cherrywood
K-Mart Blackwood NJ to become ShopRite of Cherrywood. Construction is expected to start some time in 2023.

While there is a building already there, they will likely remove everything to the bare cinderblock, steel and concrete. All of the old massive HVAC systems will probably have to be removed.

Cherrywood is basically building a new supermarket with some walls and a roof in place.

It’s just too much to expect they could do all three major projects at once (Woolwich, Glassboro AND Blackwood). And really, why do they need to rush it when they do have Laurel Hill up to the road?

Now this is my added theory, but you also have to consider availability of their trusted contractors. If Zallie has a great thing going with the construction teams already at Woolwich and Glassboro, I’d imagine they’d want to let them finish up existing projects so the teams can be used at Cherrywood.

Timing? Well I’ve been told unofficially that they expect to start core construction on Cherrywood in 2023.

Next year (2023) is Zallie’s 50th Anniversary and they initially were hoping that they would have Cherrywood open during the anniversary year in 2023… there seems to be a fair chance that the Cherrywood opening happens in early 2024.

Shoprite of Center Square Plaza (Woolwich)

The Woolwich ShopRite project is all new construction, located at Center Square Road and Auburn Rd (behind the Franklin Bank).

In the images from my visit on Thanksgiving, you can now see the full size of the building!

The roof is on ahead of the winter, and most of the walls are in place!

As we’ve reported previously it will be a 78,000 sq ft ShopRite store featuring all of the latest Supermarket advancements.

  • A full kitchen to support a full range of prepared and catered foods.
  • A full sized dedicated Order, Pickup and Delivery area. The pickup area will have a roof!
  • A CAFE with indoor and outdoor seating! Plus floral and gifts, a bakery and more!
defaultThe new Shoprite of Center Square Plaza in Woolwich NJ is taking shape! The core building can be seen, a roof covering us up and most of the initial walls areas are covered.

The site plan for the property was also approved with two pad sites, with the intent of a restaurant and a fast food restaurant to be added at a later date. At the time of the planning meeting they did not have tenants signed on.

This means they have approval for two buildings to be developed, but when that time comes to actually build (when tenants are signed) the developers would likely return to Planning Board for approval on the specific building construction.

ShopRite of Glassboro

I don’t think I’ve given this project the attention it deserves! ShopRite of Glassboro is getting a full remodel. It will really be a new and larger Supermarket when completed.

And they are doing all the work while still open to customers!

I saw the Planning Board meetings regarding a small square footage expansion a few years ago, but wasn’t able to dig into the details at that time I wish I had.

They are attacking the remodel in sections. Some areas such as the right side dairy/meat section in the rear seems fully completed, while the left side entrance area (produce and hot foods) is currently under significant construction.

The new rear meet and dairy section at Shoprite of Glassboro, This line of center aisle refrigeration units are where the former store wall was!

For that right side dairy/meat area expansion and remodel… The wall of the store in the rear was pushed back giving at least another 20 feet of interior store space.

They added center reach-in refrigerator units and a LOT of standup glass door/wall refrigerators and freezers.

Basically where those center refrigerator units are, was the rear wall.

They also bumped out the front of the store, which is noticeable as you enter from the parking area.

The bumped out front of the Glassboro Shoprite is complete and looks great! This gives more interior store room.

That section in the front also has refrigerator units. A LOT.

Honestly I have never seen any Supermarket have the amount of glass door standup refrigerators and freezers as they Glassboro Shoprite.

They run across half of the back of the store, run up the entire right side wall, wrap around the front corner… PLUS, they then have like 4 more rows of refrigerators in the front corner!

The Shoprite of Glassboro has more glass refrigerator/freezer units than any Supermarket I’ve even been in! This is just one small section.

It’s quite impressive and a much different setup than the Williamstown store.

On the left side of the store where you enter (produce), it’s very clear that they are deep into remodeling that section.

The ceiling is exposed with wiring and pipes visible. Temporary wall are up in some areas.

That being said, it all works perfectly for customers to get into the store and shop. The deli and hot food counters are all operating.

The entrance area of Shoprite of Glassboro is under major remodeling right now as they completely upgrade the Glassboro location.

I do not have a timeline update on when this will be completed, but I imagine sometime in early 2023.

I didn’t even mention in this update the work being done at West Berlin, finishing off the new Liquor Store and Produce section upgrades! You can see that in my September update.

So all of that being said… Zallie has a multiple MAJOR projects in play already, and as soon as they finish up key aspects of Woolwich and/or Glassboro, we should start seeing activity at Cherrywood.

New meat section at Zallie Shoprite in Glassboro NJ

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