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The Artisan Marshmallow Co. is Squishably Delicious! Pitman and Mullica Hill

The Artisan Marshmallow Co. is Squishably Delicious!  Pitman and Mullica Hill
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I finally caught up with Cheyanne of The Artisan Marshmallow Co. at her newer (second) location in Pitman NJ. It’s a cute little sweet shop where the star of the show is in the name… handcrafted artisan marshmallows! But they are also much more than that!

The Artisan Marshmallow Co. started out in Mullica Hill (still operating!), and about a year ago Cheyanne expanded to a second, larger location in the Pitman Uptown district.

Cotton Candy Marshmallow from The Artisan Marshmallow Pitman NJ

In Pitman she has more room to feature additional products, as well as an in-store kitchen where she can work to create the freshest and most unique and tasty treats…. marshmallows and more!

The Pitman location is at 28 E Holly Ave which is just a few steps around the corner off of Broadway. They are next to the Sherwin-Williams store and across from Chloe’s Creme Puffs.

It’s a very cute store with front outdoor seating area.

The Artisan Marshmallow Pitman NJ on Holly Ave. They also have a Mullica Hill location

To me it has a Key West cafe feel to it! But Cheyanne’s home-away-from-home is Vermont and it’s clear in looking at the other products in the store that the Maple Syrup State is a big influence on her!

Be sure to “like” their Facebook Page as she is one of those creative chefs who is constantly coming up with new ideas that you can only learn about on Facebook; Chocolate Ganache Parfait, Hot Chocolate, Pumpkin cheesecake parfait, and Iced Coffees are some of the deliciousness you can find at the Artisan Marshmallow.

Facebook shows Fall hours as being Wednesday-Sunday. But for this Monday night (11/28) there is a bonus…

If you are reading this on Monday 11/28, the Pitman Santa Parade was postponed to tonight at 7pm (due to Sunday weather). Cheyanne will be at the Theater Ave Plaza next to the Broadway Theater, roasting s’mores before the parade at 6pm! Stop over and say hello and try an artisan s’more!

The Artisan Marshmallow Pitman NJ

The Artisan Marshmallow – Mullica Hill then Pitman

Cheyanne has been making marshmallows for over 15 years!

She admits it wasn’t an “early on” passion for her, although it definitely is now! Her start as a marshmallow artist was really more about an inquisitiveness of “hmmm how are marshmallows made?”

(Which actually it made me pause and think for a minute… how ARE marshmallows made?! Answer below!)

Her initial wonder turned into researching recipes, and then experimenting with her own creations. Cheyanne quickly realized she had developed a really unique and delicious sweet treat! Her friends and family loved her delicious and fresh take on the classic marshmallow.

Her first Artisan Marshmallow Co. store location is in Mullica Hill, which she still operates!

The Mullica Hill store is a cute but small location on Main Street. So small it has no room for an in-store kitchen.

A variety of unique and delicious flavors await at The Artisan Marshmallow Pitman NJ

To make her delicious marshmallow treats, Cheyanne would have to rent commercial kitchen at a separate location.

The extra challenge with that is it takes 2 days to make marshmallows and she only had the kitchen space for 2 days a week… so she had to get everything perfect in that weekly timeframe!

And this also meant moving ingredients in and out of the rented kitchen space, moving her product back and forth. If she bumped into any challenges in her creations or just wanted to work longer on a new great idea… she couldn’t do it!

So that original set-up worked, but it was not ideal.

And this is where Pitman comes into the scene.

I tried the Cotton Candy, Chocolate and Toasted Coconut! Delicious and fresh! The Artisan Marshmallow Pitman NJ

“Uptown” Pitman has that same walkable shopping and restaurant experience that Main Street Mullica Hill has…

… plus in Pitman she found a location which gave her the space to have an in-store kitchen!

She could now make creations every day! Inspiration strikes creative people every day of the week, so Cheyanne could now jump right in and try new ideas out… and stick around longer in the kitchen if she chose.

Plus as mentioned the extra space at the Pitman location has allowed her to expand her product line… it’s much more than marshmallows.

And another big bonus in Pitman is she has a lovely front outdoor dining area,

It really does remind me of a little Key West style cafe. Hmmmm I wonder if there is a Key Lime Pie marshmallow?

The Artisan Marshmallow Pitman NJ (From their Facebook Page)

Artisan Quality and The Freshest Ingredients

The Artisan Marshmallow website describes their signature product as such:

Every item we make is made with quality, and local when available, ingredients.  Since everything is made by hand, no two are alike! This gives them a wonderful unique quality!

All marshmallows are naturally gluten free, but are not vegan due to the use of gelatin.

The Artisan Marshmallow Co. Website

She says she’s always looking for new idea so don’t be afraid tell her about it… it just might make the list!

She even has Margarita flavors! I should’ve went with that for my taste test.

I came home with Chocolate, Toasted Coconut and Cotton Candy.

Jack Daniels Pecan Praline Marshmallows! The Artisan Marshmallow Pitman NJ

They all look amazing and even the packaging is nice.

The marshmallows were fresh and soft, and bursting with flavor.

She lists her signature flavors as; Signature Vanilla, S’mores, ​Peanut butter, Caramel, Mint Chocolate Chip, Vermont Maple, Signature  Vanilla chocolate chip cookie dough, ​Cinnamon & sugar, Oreo​, Coffee and Toasted Coconut.

But as I said there are always unique new flavors in the mix.

Don’t forget that her marshmallows make awesome gifts and are perfect at events and functions. Perfect for baby showers!

More than Marshmallows

The Artisan Marshmallow is more than just the fluffy sweet treats.

I honestly wish I spent more time asking about all of the other items!

On their website she is featuring a section of “Barrel Aged Items” including Barrel Aged Bourbon Based Extracts, Vermont Maple Syrup, Honey and Sugars.

Vermont is a big influence on the owner of The Artisan Marshmallow in Pitman. She features Vermont Maple Syrups, sugars and more

The Vermont influence is strong as the Pitman store features a variety of maple syrups, maple sugars, maple butter… and more. She even has Vermont pancake mix!

They have coffees, teas and hot chocolates… and delicious honey.

Well the best thing to do is come visit Pitman and as you walk the holiday festive street, stop around the corner at the Artisan Marshmallow.

Links and Location

The Artisan Marshmallow Co – Pitman
28 East Holly Avenue
Pitman, New Jersey 08071



The Artisan Marshmallow Co – Mullica Hill
19 South Main Street
Mullica Hill, New Jersey 08062

Artisan Marshmallow Pitman Current Hours

  • Wednesday : 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Thursday : 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Friday : 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday : 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Sunday : 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
The Artisan Marshmallow Pitman NJ