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ShopRite Woolwich Steel Going Up Plus Other Area ShopRite Updates

ShopRite Woolwich Steel Going Up Plus Other Area ShopRite Updates
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The new ShopRite of Center Square Plaza supermarket in Woolwich is under full construction mode. Steel frame section already in place and the core of the parking lot paved and curbed.

The new Woolwich location is being developed by owner Zallie.

In other Zallie ShopRite news

  • I haven’t noticed any activity at the upcoming Blackwood K-Mart project yet.
  • West Berlin has a newly expanded liquor store open (it’s beautiful!).
  • Glassboro is under remodel hoping to be completed before the holidays.

Scroll down for more details and images on those topics.

Back in February 42Freeway reported on the new Woolwich Shoprite and the upcoming Blackwood location in the former K-Mart.

Zallie ShopRite is under construction in Woolwich New Jersey, targeting a Spring 2023 opening (Image:

ShopRite of Center Square (Woolwich)

A new 78,000 sq ft ShopRite is under construction in Woolwich Township, to be called “Shoprite of Center Square Plaza”

This is all new construction at Center Square Road and Auburn Rd, positioned behind the Franklin Bank.

They are targeting a Spring 2023 opening.

Supermarkets have evolved over the years to vastly improve the shopping experience, and the Center Square location will include all of the latest features!

  • A full kitchen to support a full range of prepared and catered foods.
  • A full sized dedicated Order, Pickup and Delivery area.
  • A CAFE with indoor and outdoor seating! Plus floral and gifts, a bakery and more!
Zallie’s ShopRite of Center Square Plaza rendering for Woolwich New Jersey (Image; Zallie’s with 42Freeway captions)

This location of the new supermarket will be a centerpiece property in what is becoming a nice retail commercial district for Woolwich.

In the immediate area the Woolwich Center is a block to the West featuring the Center Square Tavern. To the East is the Swedesboro Diner and Swedes Plaza featuring Swedesboro Brewing. Also in the immediate area are other businesses and offices including the Woolwich Municipal building.

When the new Center Square location opens, the existing store in Gibbstown will close… but we are hearing there is interest from a National retailer for a approximately half of the store space. More to come!

ShopRite of Cherrywood

The rumors has been circling for a few years of ShopRite relocating their Laurel Hill store to the former Blackwood K-Mart… but I held off on posting until I had confirmation back in February!

In fact, back in September of 2020 I was chatting with K-Mart property owner Benderson about the then unknown plans for the building, and I closed my email with “Go land that Zallie Shoprite Supermarket… they consolidated ownership this year!”

The former K-Mart in Gloucester Township on Blackwood-Clementon Road will be come the new home for a Zallie’s ShopRite! (Image:

While the Zallie website still indicates “We are eying an opening date in 2023”, in our regular trips through the area we haven’t seen any construction activity.

We do not have any updated information at this time of when they are starting construction on the ShopRite Cherrywood location but will be reaching out to Zallie for more details.

Zallie has a lot going on right now with the Woolwich location in fell build mode, and Glassboro is being expanded and remodeled while still open… so I would assume it’s just a matter of prioritizing those two stores to get them completed before jumping into Blackwood.

ShopRite of Glassboro Remodel

ShopRite of Glassboro has been under full remodel mode this year.. while still being open!

While Zallie says the store will be the same size, last year they were approved for an expansion.. which I assume as for “back-of-the-house” support.

That being said, the full remodel will streamline the flow of the store and features offered and everything will feel more spacious.

We’ll have more on the Glassboro remodel in an upcoming update.

The Zallie’s ShopRite in Glassboro has been under remodel for most of this year. Image is a 42Freeway file photo from May 2022. We’ll be back to do a full update on this store.

ShopRite of West Berlin – Expanded Liquor Store

ShopRite of West Berlin took over the adjacent Hallmark store to relocate and expand their existing “Wine and Spirits” liquor store.

The relocation will give them room back in the core supermarket to improve the produce area.

ShopRite of West Berlin has a full liquor store, and earlier this summer the moved to an adjacent storefront with a beautifully developed interior! (Image:

I visited the new Wine and Spirts store when it first opened back in June, but hadn’t posted on it until now. It’s likely the produce section upgrade has been completed by now.

The upgraded liquor store… well it’s actually very attractive, as “Adult Beverage” stores go.

Nice flooring, bright displays and refrigerators. And fair prices.

ShopRite of West Berlin has a full liquor store, and earlier this summer the moved to an adjacent storefront with a beautifully developed interior! (Image:

Links and Locations

Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen

Store locations and address can be found at the Zallie’s Website.