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Salon Scola Washington Township is Thriving a Year After Opening in a Challenging 2020

Salon Scola Washington Township is Thriving a Year After Opening in a Challenging 2020
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After 25 years of being a hair stylist working for others, Dawn Scola finally went along with husband Bill’s gentle persuasion (and confidence in her), to open her own salon in her hometown of Washington Township…

… just as a pandemic enveloped the world!

Today Salon Scola is a thriving full salon in the Tuscan Village shopping center, located on the Black Horse Pike across from Turnersville Dodge.

Salon Scola offers a full array of hair and beauty stylings.. from haircuts, to coloring, and even make-up and facial waxing.

Salon Scola Washington Township Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

But just last year it was a different… and riskier story!

The Scolas literally signed their lease on April 15, 2020, just a month after New Jersey shut down most businesses!

Think about that… at that time no one knew how impactful Covid really was going to be, had no idea of when personal service businesses would be allowed to reopen, or what the rules would be when the State mandated closures were lifted!

Salon Scola Washington Township: Bright and Modern, with plenty of space.

Dawn tells us “This was literally our Pandemic Project”

The family immediately jumped right in after signing the lease, and spent the next 2 months remodeling the space.

On June 22 2020, Governor Murphy allowed Personal Care Service businesses to reopen… and Salon Scola opened up that very first day.

For the very first time!

You have to also consider… this is a brand new business! While absolutely each stylist has their own loyal following, the new Salon Scola is not a small place and it was going to take fast growth in customers via talented stylists and hair styles, competitive pricing and word-of-mouth to keep things rolling.

Dawn still styles at Salon Scola!

And rolling they are!

With just six months of operating in 2020, Salon Scola won “Best Hair Salon” from the Washington Township Chamber of Commerce!

We visited Salon Scola a few months ago on a Saturday, and at the time the place was very busy!

Not too busy to fit in your appointment of course, ha! But it’s awesome to see a local couple take a chance during a very challenging economic time…. and succeed!

Salon Scola Washington Township, Inviting and Modern decor.

The remodeled interior is bright and modern, with plenty of room to move around the different stylist stations.

The offer specialized chairs for hair washing, of course blow dryers… and a variety of coffees, drinks and water

Dawn tells us they are a Goldwell partnered salon, which also means the emphasize continuing education in the salon!

If you want to try out the styling services of Salon Scola, they are open 5 days a week (closed Sunday and Monday) and you can book an appointment online!

They post general pricing on their website.

Dawn and Bill Scola, owners of Salon Scola. Dawn is a Washington Twp High Graduate, and Bill is Highland!
Support local businesses and local owners with long-time ties to the area!

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