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Landmark Americana Glassboro is Now Part of the Ciconte’s Restaurant Group

Landmark Americana Glassboro is Now Part of the Ciconte’s Restaurant Group
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Glassboro’s Landmark Americana Restaurant has new owners… the Ciconte’s Restaurant Group! Yes, the new owners are the same folks who operate the Cinder Bar and Village Pub locations in Gloucester County! So what is in store for Glassboro?

Yesterday 42Freeway spoke directly with founder Bob Ciconte about this new addition to the growing empire… with the deal being finalized just last month (November 2021).

The ownership of the Glassboro Landmark is in partnership with Tony Stavola who previously had developed a large South Jersey food distribution business bearing his name, which after selling the business joined up with the Ciconte’s on several projects such as the Cinder Bars!

To be very clear, only the Glassboro location of Landmark Americana has moved over to the Ciconte family of restaurants….

… and the Ciconte’s Group plan on upgrading the property over time, focusing on the business model that they know best; family and friends oriented restaurants serving innovative food and interesting beverages.

And while they haven’t updated their online presence to show off their new property, they do reference Landmark Glassboro in a Ciconte’s Marketing Specialist job posting.

Landmark Americana Glassboro near Rowan University – Now part of the Ciconte’s Restaurant Group!

Landmark Americana Glassboro : What’s Next?

Landmark Americana Glassboro is a large multifaceted restaurant & bar located at 1 Mullica Hill Road, where 322 meets Delsea Drive. With the growth of the Rowan Boulevard district and other University buildings over the years, Landmark now seems to be as much a part of the University complex as it is the Delsea Drive commercial corridor!

In the fall of 2020, an ABC ruling required the former owners to sell the Glassboro liquor license within 2 years. The Ciconte’s Group were able to take over ownership of the license and full bar property.

We had known that Ciconte’s deal for the Landmark Glassboro location was in process for a few months now, but it was only just yesterday when we had a chance to talk to Bob Ciconte about the new addition to his growing restaurant family.

Of course the first question about the new property in the Ciconte portfolio has to be “so what are you plans for Landmark Americana Glassboro?”

Well Bob explains that since it’s only been about a month or so since they took over Landmark Glassboro, they are still learning everything about the place, figuring what works… and what needs attention.

But there a few things they are certain about…

First, the separate Nightclub section of the property will not return.

If you weren’t aware, in the large building there was a separate nightclub area off to the right. It was located under the same roof but the way things were configured it was almost like a separate property.

So absolutely Bob plans on utilizing the former nightclub space as part of the larger restaurant offerings but he’s just not 100% set on what the full plan is just yet. One leading idea is to leave that third bar in the space and use it as a private event area… and on nights when the restaurant is really crowded they could seat guests there.

Which leads us to one aspect of the overall theme… he wants Landmark Glassboro to be known only as a family and friends oriented restaurant and bar.

The Ciconte team has done VERY well with their other brands, Cinder Bar and the Village Pub… where you, your friends, your family… can all come in for a delicious meal, a cold beer, and an exciting game on the TV!

And of course entertainment could eventually be in the mix for the weekends… it just won’t be the separate wilder nightclub scene. Maybe an acoustic musician in the main bar area, or a DJ.

A third aspect I heard from Bob for the Glassboro property is…. they are open to upgrading. They are willing to invest in the property to bring it to the next level!

But what they don’t know right now after only a month of ownership is… what exactly that next level will be!

Patio Bar – Landmark Americana Glassboro (Facebook)

Don’t get me wrong, the Landmark Glassboro buildings is a beautiful property! A large bar in the bright restaurant area, and a “still feeling new” glass enclosed patio bar area that was constructed just about 5 years ago.

But as I said, the Ciconte team are learning what the Glassboro property has to offer, what works well, what can be tweaked and what needs upgrading.

Yes, I 100% asked “Bob, will it stay Landmark Americana Glassboro? Will it become a Village Pub or Cinder Bar?”

And Bob confidently replied “Mark, I just don’t know. I really don’t know where we are taking the property. We really need some time to see what we have here and figure out what works best for this location in the future”

Which I will add, can only be amazing!

Ciconte Restaurant Group Design

Have you been to one of their Cinder Bar or Village Pub properties? They have done an amazing job putting together properties that look like they were designed by top restaurant designers in the business.

The Williamstown Cinder Bar on Cross Keys Road is a place you really have to visit.

Larger and open, but with a large side patio bar with a massive sliding glass door that doesn’t just let the outside in, its more like… it takes you outside!

And the overall décor of that Williamstown property is top level. It’s a rustic theme but literally every surface from floor to bar and table, to walls and ceiling… have been meticulously thought out, designed and planned.

So again.. we have no idea yet what is to become of Landmark Americana Glassboro. But my point of this segment of the post is…

The Cicontes and team know what they are doing. They can do amazing things with restaurant and menu design… but as you would expect it just takes a little bit of time to figure things out, make a plan, and bring it all together.

Continuing that theme, when I attended the Williamstown Cinder Bar opening I had a chance to meet Bob, his Cinder Bar partner Tony, and their wives.

And it was then I learned that the design of the restaurants had a very large contribution from Gina Ciconte, Bob’s wife.

So it’s a good time to mention that Gina owns The Kinsey House in Mullica Hill, which is an eclectic, vintage and new retail product store for your home and garden décor needs. Gina, I’ll be over very soon to check out The Kinsey House and post about you guys! For now readers you can follow the Kinsey House on Facebook and stop over!

More to come on the this Glassboro location plus the entire Ciconti growing restaurant group! They are working on plans for a new Marlton location… and maybe more!

Links and Location

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1 Mullica Hill Rd
Glassboro, NJ 08028




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