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Real Fruit Bubble Tea Coming to Gloucester Premium Outlets in March

Real Fruit Bubble Tea Coming to Gloucester Premium Outlets in March
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Real Fruit Bubble Tea is currently building out their second Route 42 area location, with an expected debut at the Gloucester Premium Outlets in Blackwood, in March,

Just last month I wrote about a location having opened in the Center Court of the Deptford Mall which is just a few miles away from the outlets.  Real Fruit also has a location in the Cherry Hill Mall.

Real Fruit Bubble Tea is a growing chain of bubble tea stores utilizing only freshly cut fruit, processed on site.  They use no artificial preservatives or additives.

A representative of the Gloucester Premium Outlets management office tells me they expect Real Fruit Bubble Tea to be open by the end of March.  I also had a chance to speak to someone who’s working on the Blackwood project, and they also stated a March opening timeframe.

I have not seen the interior of the upcoming Gloucester store but i was told by people working for Real Fruit that the design elements will be very similar to what is in the Deptford location… but of course Blackwood will have a fully enclosed store.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the 42Freeway website I don’t think I would know what boba tea is, but I feel like I’ve become an expert with number (and variety) of stores opening over their most recent years!

For those unfamiliar…

Originally from Taiwan, bubble tea, aka boba, milk tea or pearl milk tea, is made with a milk tea base and tapioca dessert as a topping inside the drink. It is fun, filling and delicious. Modern day bubble teas vary from many different flavors, styles, toppings and ingredients shared all over the world.

Bubble Tea – Real Fruit Bubble Tea Website

One misconception called out by the Real Fruit website is that “bubble tea” actually refers to a broad category of drinks and it doesn’t mean they are all based on a tea…. the base can actually be tea, milk, ice or fruit juices!

Real Fruit Bubble Tea – Gloucester Premium Outlets

Real Fruit seems to have found themselves another prime location, as within the Gloucester Premium Outlets they are in the immediate area of The Gap, Old Navy, and Reebok.

Real Fruit Bubble Tea is based out of Toronto and recently has been expanding into the New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia marketplaces.

Based on my visits to the Deptford Mall location, the stores feature a very professionally designed interior that is both a mixture of a clean modern style, with some abstract graphic elements mixed in.

While the employees are happy to take your orders, it seems they are gently leaning customers to use the self order touch screens.

The menu features a variety of delicious recipes, but everything can be customized. It may actually be better to use the touch screen so you can see exactly what you’re ordering!

The menu categories feature fruit slush, fruit smoothie, fresh juice, ice crush, sherbert, and of course milk tea and fresh green tea.

Each of those categories feature delicious options based on a variety of ingredients inlcuding coconut, chocolate, almond, Peach, grape and more

A bonus category is their signature specialty drinks which include caramel macchiato, passionfruit lemon brew, and a honey lemon ginger tea.

Rounding out your drink choices are a variety of toppings including tapioca pearls, jellies and even whey protein!

Links and Location

Real Fruit Bubble Tea – Coming Soon
100 Premium Outlets Dr
Blackwood, NJ 08012