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Platinum Signature Suites is Open In Washington Twp. Beautiful Salons for a Beautiful New You!

Platinum Signature Suites is Open In Washington Twp.  Beautiful Salons for a Beautiful New You!
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Platinum Signature Suites is a beautifully designed luxury collection of salon suites which opened this Fall in Washington Township, next to Aldi on the Black Horse Pike (Rt 42).

I was there at their Ribbon Cutting celebration day earlier this month, and got the full tour from owners Tony and Lisa who live right in Gloucester County!

Platinum Signature Suites Luxury Salons is open in Washington Twp NJ, on the Black Horse Pike. Ribbon Cutting Event which included Mayor Joann Gattenelli, Nicole Lannutti, Nancy H. Mozzachio, & Paul Moriarty,

Salon suites are a newer concept in New Jersey (legalized in 2020) which allow stylists to move into their own business by renting a suite/booth in a larger facility, which can mean more manageable costs than building out a full salon facility for just themselves.

Stylists can rent a space that perfectly fits their needs, and included are all of the core salon items such as salon chair, worktops, mirrors and more. They can also benefit from shared services such as a central laundry room and more!

And for salon customers, they also get the benefit of a beautiful facility with the area’s best stylists!

Suzie Stylz Studio and friends celebrate their opening at Platinum Signature Suites in Washington Twp New Jersey

I am sure there are a lot of nice salons in the area, but honestly at Platinum Signature Suites they have taken things to another level or three. (not that I profess to being a salon expert!).

Platinum is a gorgeous and smartly designed space, plus the design team and owners of Platinum really have thought of everything to make the facility the best for stylists and their customers.

Glass fronted suites. Already in place are the stylist chairs, desktops surfaces, mirrors already and more. They offer Individual suite stylist-controlled HVAC, central vacuum system (hair), shared laundry room, relaxation area, bathrooms and more. Even 24-hour stylist access.

The largest suite at Platinum Signature Suites could be the new home for your salon! Give them a call! Washington Twp NJ

If you are interested in this type of business model reach out to Platinum and ask questions! Platinum owner Tony even said to me “it’s not for everyone”.

In this model the stylists are fully individual business persons. No one is paying for your benefits. Rent is always due each month regardless of challenges in the business or life.

The expectation with this model is, being on your own in this scenario you’ll have more gross revenue coming in to you as you aren’t splitting it with a shop, and even after accounting for new expenses (such as rent) you can come out way ahead. But talk to the experts at Platinum! I hear they have some innovative rental benefits also!

Keep scrolling and reading for more details!

Platinum Signature Suites – Route 42 Washington Township NJ (Gloucester County)

42Freeway first wrote about Platinum Signature Suites coming to “Township” almost a year ago, in early January 2022.

The building sits in the wedge of Black Horse Pike (Rt 42) and Fries Mill Road, directly next to Aldi. On the other side of the pike is Nifty Fifty’s restaurant and mini-golf course.

The property previously was a Sun Bank, but really nothing of that former life remains.

In fact, for my prior story last January I stopped in to the then upcoming Platinum and saw the building when it was completely gutted. At the time It was just two very large and open rooms… upstairs and downstairs.

The front lobby at Platinum Signature Suites is also a beauty supply retailer. Convenient for customers and stylists.

Platinum took the building down to the bare concrete floors and walls, effectively building an entirely new space inside which gave them the creative freedom to really implement a smart and attractive salon suite solution.

No detail was missed in the transformation… heck they even upgraded the parking lot!

The building itself has an interestingly designed exterior which fits well with the new luxury salon suite usage.

When you enter through the front doors you are greeted with a beautiful front foyer area and reception stand. Part of the many benefits of shared salon space.

Plus on display in the front lobby are a variety of beauty products to purchase!

Which is another benefit of the share salon suite model… Platinum Signature Suites maintains a Beauty Supply Store where both customers and stylists can purchase products.

So as a stylist you may find you don’t need to carry as much inventory (reducing $$ floating in inventory) knowing that Platinum has a store in the building. For the stylists, Platinum carries other related business products also.

Beautifully designed, the suites at Platinum Signature Suites feature all glass front walls and door. Privacy but openness!

The first floor layout was designed to take advantage of the building’s exterior windows, with individual salon suites surrounding the outer perimeter.

The suites are varied in sizes and the number of chairs. In my tour I noticed most were suites with one or two chairs, but there were a few larger setups including one that had 6+ chairs and 3 hair wash stations!

A hallway circles the first floor connecting all of the suites, and in the middle of the floor there are additional “interior” suites.

The Platinum Signature Suites team poses in The Hair Apothecary suite. Platinum owners Lisa and Tony are on the right.

The next innovative aspect of Platinum is the openness (yet privacy) of the individual suites.

The front wall and entrance door of each suite from the hallway are completely glass.

The glass gives each unit the privacy they need to converse or run a hair dryer without disturbing other suites, but with the glass you will never feel closed in. And of course the slider doors can be left open if the stylist chooses.

An available suite at Platinum Signature suites could be your new Washington Twp NJ home! Note between the two desk areas the slit at the floor… that’s the central vacuum system! Sweep all the hair away!

Suites also include a central hair vacuuming system! At clean-up time stylists can simply sweep hair and other debris into the slot/hole at the bottom of the suite’s wall, and the central system whisks it away. You never have to know where it goes., Another Platinum Signature suites shared benefit!

The lower level of the building features several additional suites as well as a large break room for stylists and employees. They even offer a shared laundry room area!

I also took notice that Tony and Lisa even remodeled the two staircases connecting down to the lower level. Just mentioning this as it further highlights the attention to detail in building this high-quality salon facility. What was probably bare cinderblock walls in those stairwells before, now looks like they were designed for a Miami Beach mansion!

The Loving Mane Hair Studio with a customer, in their Platinum Suite that they beautifully decorated!

Current Stylists at Platinum Signature Salons

When I toured the facility earlier this month I got to meet the staff of Platinum as well several of the stylists who where on that Saturday!

Everyone was really amazing and friendly…. and yes a few 42Freeway fans were in the mix, and very complimentary to me and the website. Always appreciated!

Lux & Co with a customer in their stylist suite at Platinum Signature Suites in Washington Township NJ

Platinum lists 9 stylists currently at their website. I know Tony had told me they had several others in process of coming on board… but there is still room for you!

Best to check the Platinum website for the updated list, but I’ll share the stylists here (as of 12/22/2022)

Every detail at Platinum Signature Suites was accounted for and taken to the next three levels. Even the stairwells look like they came from a Miami Beach mansion!
On-site laundry room for stylists to use, at Platinum Signature Suites – Washington Twp NJ
Stylist break room at Platinum Signature Suites in Washington Twp NJ

Links and Location

If you are interested in learning more about renting a suite at Platinum Signature Suites and this different business model, reach out to them for a full tour.

To connect with one of the stylists, the links above in the list should guide you to their contact information.

Platinum Signature Suites – Luxury Salons
4651 Route 42
Turnersville (Washington Twp) NJ