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Mystic Ginger Organic Hair Studio and Herbal Apothecary, Blackwood New Location Tour!

Mystic Ginger Organic Hair Studio and Herbal Apothecary, Blackwood New Location Tour!
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Mystic Ginger has been a part of the Downtown Blackwood business community for a few years, but recently they relocated and expanded their Organic Salon and Herbal Apothecary.

Mystic Ginger is different in that they feature the use of organic hair products, an herbal apothecary… and they feature local artist’ wares such as jewelry, soaps, pottery and more!

Plus just this month they completed their second floor build-out which will be used as event space, private massage area , and reiki/craniosacral therapy!

Mystic Ginger – Blackwood NJ: Beauty for the Body and Mind

It’s a new and innovate way to address beauty; externally, internally, and mentally!

Mystic Ginger is located in Downtown Blackwood, directly next to Gloucester Township’s Harwan Park… which is an ideal location for them as the park also lends itself to the zen-like relaxing state of being!

Specifically their address is 36 S Black Horse Pike, Blackwood.

We recently caught up with owner Kellie D’Ascenzo to see what Mystic Ginger is all about. We also learned that not only is Gloucester Township resident Kellie confident enough in the future prospects of Downtown Blackwood to locate her business there (and purchase the building!), she is an appointed member of the Gloucester Township Downtown Blackwood Committee!

Kelly and I also chatted a long time about her thoughts and dreams for the revitalization of Downtown Blackwood, but I think I’ll save that for another more focused post on Gloucester Township’s Black Horse Pike.

Scroll down and read more about this innovative approach to full beauty; inside, outside… and the mind.

Herbal products made right on site, and artisan crafts from the Tri-state area

Mystic Ginger

A core part of Mystic Ginger is a hair stylist studio… but they only use organic products.

Kellie and the team don’t stop there as they also offer an herbal apothecary, as well as showcasing a variety of local artist’s creations for sale!

We don’t just work on the external image of our clientele. We support them and help them navigate through the ebb and flow of being human. Through enhancing the beauty of the exterior, we illuminate the natural internal light inside. Success to us is to be able to hold space for people in a way that the beauty industry hasn’t seen yet.

Mystic Ginger Owner Kellie D’Ascenzo to NASouthJersey

While there is an audience for a more modern looking bright white and chrome studio… Mystic Ginger has created their space to be a more mentally soothing “feels like home” experience.

Inside the studio, it is like a holistic fantasyland with a variety of interesting things to look at… while never appearing “busy” to the eye.

A quiet place to relax at Mystic Ginger Blackwood NJ

Sustainable Beauty

The core hair studio occupies the back left portion of the space, including wash sinks.. and even the stylist area is loaded with mind-easing character.

Along with more traditional hair stylist offerings, they include a range of unique service appointments such as Full Moon Haircuts & Reiki Infused Scalp Massages.

Mystic Ginger Blackwood NJ: Comfortable and relaxing stylist chairs

For the hair salon, Mystic Ginger is a Davines Product Salon whose goal is “to do our best for the world, creating good life for all, through beauty, ethics, and sustainability”. Their products are plant-based!

Mystic Ginger is also a Certified Sustainable Salon, partnering with Green Circle Salons, which repurposes and recovers up to 95% of the resources utilized and created in a hair salon!

Herbalism, Art and Events

In the front of the studio, the herbalist and art products have found a home, making it feel like you’ve stepped into another dimension the moment you walk through the front door!

Mystic Ginger Blackwood NJ; Organic Salon and also an Herbalist Apothecary, and featuring works of local artists.

Kellie is also a Certified Community Herbalist… and Herbal Remedies are handcrafted right in the store!

Apothecary products are handmade utilizing traditional folk herbalism methods; with botanicals that are organic, homegrown & wild harvested; with sustainable ingredients and eco friendly packaging.

Herbalist products are prepared right on site! (Image from Mystic Ginger Facebook)

They also host special events and unique classes at the site, with Owner & Herbalist Kellie and others guiding participants through information sessions and hands-on workshops.

Mystic Ginger is also home to dozens of local artists’ handmade wares such as jewelry, pottery, holistic beauty products & more.

“We are making every effort we can to support artists in the area” says Kellie. All of the boutique items are crafted by artists that live in the Tri-State area with preference to those living in South Jersey.

The Mystic Ginger Second Floor space is now open. One aspect featured is a private massage room.

Upcoming Events Workshops

Workshops and events are promoted on the Mystic Ginger website and Facebook page.

As an example, upcoming events for April and May 2022 include:

CBD & Sound Healing: Wed April 20th: Join local nurse Christina Haas as she facilitates an educational workshop around the benefits of CBD. Sample some of our plant medicine offerings as Therese, sound alchemist, assists you on your healing journey. Join us for relaxation and deep energy clearing utilizing plant medicines, crystal singing bowls, pyramids, drums, and chimes. Transmute any energy no longer serving you and align with a higher vibration.

Chakra Clearing Workshop: Grounding and Centering: May 11, 2022: Halley Hadfield. The chaos we’re experiencing right now is a divine invitation for us to ground deeply into the power of our lower bodies. Our anchor through the change around us is the Root Chakra, not only holding the power of trust but also exploring its shadow emotion of fear. This workshop is a powerful grounding to reconnect and return to your center, and find ease through a clearing of the power centers (chakras).

But they are adding new events for each month so be sure to check-in regularly!

Links and Location

Mystic Ginger : Organic Hair Studio and Herbal Apothecary
36 South Black Horse Pike
Blackwood NJ, 08012




Located next to Gloucester Township’s Harwan Park, Mystic Ginger is the mustard color building in the back of the photo.
It’s like the location was made for them! (Image Mystic Ginger Facebook)