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Big Daddy’s Seafood, Rib Ranch & Market Coming To Blackwood NJ

Big Daddy’s Seafood, Rib Ranch & Market Coming To Blackwood NJ
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Big Daddy’s Seafood, Rib Ranch & Market is coming soon to Blackwood NJ, near the Gloucester Premium Outlets on the Black Horse Pike.

Big Daddy’s has been in business almost 10 years a few miles up the road in Williamstown NJ, and Blackwood will be a second location for them… with a few extra twists. In fact that signage in Blackwood says:

the Seafood Store with a Soul Food Twist

Big Daddy’s Seafood, Rib Ranch & Market – Coming to Blackwood NJ

Big Daddy’s in Blackwood is hoping for a May 2022 opening.

The Blackwood location a few years ago housed the Original Italian Village deli.

More specifically, if you’ve entered the Gloucester Premium Outlets from the Black Horse Pike in the past, directly across from that entrance is a small shopping center and that is where Big Daddy’s Blackwood will be located. A UPS store is also located in the center.

The Blackwood location for Big Daddy’s has an extra twist or two… all the great food you love from Williamstown plus a bigger focus on a market!

Big Daddy’s – Williamstown and Blackwood

The new signage went up at the new Blackwood location a few weeks ago… and the very distinctive name made it clear to us from the start that this was going to be a new home for the beloved Big Daddy’s out of Williamstown.

But it was just today when 42Freeway could stop in at the original Williamstown location for some additional confirmation on the plans for the Blackwood location.

Big Daddy’s Seafood & Rib Ranch – Williamstown. Located in a former Stewart’s Root Beer. Can’t deny that distinctive building, or the delicious seafood and BBQ of Big Daddy’s!

We caught up with Margaret, who with her husband Mitchell, own and operate the Big Daddy’s Seafood & Rib Ranch. They are both from South Jersey! Small businesses, locally owned!

Margaret confirmed for us that the Blackwood location will operate as a second location of Big Daddy’s… with a few extra surprises for Blackwood.

So first a step back… What is Big Daddy’s Seafood & Rib Ranch all about?

Well apparently amazing seafood and delicious ribs. It’s in the name!

And they are still so much more than that!

The Big Daddy’s Crab atop the Williamstown Building!

The Williamstown location has been operating for almost 10 years in a former Stewart’s Root Beer stand… still with much of its distinctive style from the former drive-in.

But inside.. it’s all different! And they are featuring a wide array of delicious items!

For seafood they have live cooked crabs (and crab cakes!), shrimp, scallops, oysters, clams, catfish, mussels and more!

Sandwiches range from seafood based (tilapia, Philly fish hoagie, flouder) to Philly Cheesesteaks, Pulled Pork and other great options.

BBQ includes delicious juicy ribs, bbq chicken, pork. mmmmm delicious!

Big Daddy’s Williamstown is opening a second location in Blacwood… with a bigger emphasis on a market!

Hot soups feature Big Daddy’s signature Seafood Gumbo, clam chowder and clam bisque.

How about appetizers of chicken wings, hush puppies, crab sticks and more!

Cakes, banana pudding, sweet potato pie for dessert

And delicious side orders including mac n cheese, collard greens, candied yams, potato salad and more!

Plus they sell crabs by the dozen and the bushel!

I’m not even sure my run-down above covers all the bases… best to stop in and check out what they have!

For the latest on the menu, the Williamstown location is on GrubHub, for delivery or pickup

Big Daddy’s Seafood, Rib Ranch & Market – Blackwood

So a big difference with the Blackwood location opening in May is.. well yes they will offer all the same great and deliciously prepared food items just like Williamstown, but…

Big Daddy’s Seafood, Rib Ranch & Market opening soon in Blackwood NJ, near the Gloucester Premium Outlets

The Blackwood location will feature a larger “market” aspect of delicious seafood and more.

Blackwood will also be take-out only, where Williamstown does offer some outside seating options.

Margaret tells us all the final details for what Blackwood offers are still being worked out, but we do know they have a fully ready kitchen to offer the deliciously hot food items cooked right in the store, to go along with the market items.

Links and Location

Big Daddy’s Seafood, Rib Ranch & Market (Blackwood opens in May)
1136 S Black Horse Pike
Blackwood, NJ 08012

Big Daddy’s Seafood & Rib Ranch
2040 N Black Horse Pike
Williamstown NJ 08094


Williamstown Grub Hub Page

It was a beautiful day to visit Big Daddy’s in Williamstown! I somehow forgot to grab a photo of the pulled pork sandwich I ate for lunch!