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Poke Sewell Coming To Egg Harbor Road Washington Township

Poke Sewell Coming To Egg Harbor Road Washington Township
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The signage is up for Poke Sewell restaurant coming to Egg Harbor Road in Washington Township.

Poke is a Hawaiian dish similar to sushi but typically served in a bowl where more fresh vegetables and rice can be added.

Poke is growing in popularity in the USA and New Jersey.

To be honest with you we don’t really have any specifics on the details of the ownership or opening timeframe for Poke Sewell. But with the signage up we are getting regular messages regarding it.. so felt we had to put something up!

Poke Sewell is coming to Washington Township NJ, in the back portion of the Dunkin building on Egg Harbor Rd

The specific location is 300 Egg Harbor Road in Washington Township, at the Hurffville-Grenloch Road intersection.

The building is a two-tenant property, with Dunkin being the front main tenant.

Previously Pizza Tower occupied the second store in the building, and Poke Sewell is taking over it’s spot.

The Poke Sewell Signage is well placed around the building, from the landmark sign at the corner, the entrance on the parking lot side of the building, and also along Hurffville-Grenloch Road.

The windows are papered over from the inside to hide the construction efforts (a common practice) and a colorful banner in one of the windows announces “Poke Sewell Coming Soon”

A colorful banner announces Poke Sewell is coming to Washington Township NJ!

We searched on more information 100 different ways… no Facebook page is available, and was just registered yesterday (I hope that was the owners who grabbed it!)

The only breadcrumb trail of evidence we could find was a Commercial Real Estate agent post announcing the singing as “Poke bowl restaurant” but no other details. We emailed the agent but that the time of this posting we had not connected.


Poke started in Hawaii back in the 70s and as one would expect, reached the mainland of the USA in California.

A 2017 article describes poke as:

Poke means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian and refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish — usually tuna — which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and umami-packed sauces. 2017

Food blogs were touting its popularity five years ago, but it seems it has taken time for the delicious food trend to really start making it’s way to New Jersey.

In Hawaii.. poke is THE food item and it’s sold everywhere… similar to pizza in New Jersey!

To be clear, the building has a drive-thru lane but that is dedicated to Dunkin (donuts).

A classic tuna bowl starts with jasmine rice.

Sushi-grade fish is really what makes poke special, and it’s typically yellowfin tuna, but there are other options.

The fish is typically seasoned and dressing is added.

Lastly other ingredients accompany the the fish and rice in the poke bowl… vegetables.

It ends up being a light, refreshing, yet filling dish!

Poke Brothers coming to Egg Harbor Road Washington Township NJ

Washington Township: Home of Diverse Food Options?!

I’ve done similar restaurant rundowns for Washington Township before.. what was once primarily only known for its awesome Italian restaurants has over the years become very diverse in its offerings.

The new and diverse restaurants and quick eat places recently added in Township include;

I know I missed as lot, and I left off the amazing Italian restaurants and other established places… I just wanted to highlight the diverse options available now!

And no, I dont know what’s happening with the Factory Donuts on Fries Mill Road!

Links and Locations

Poke Sewell – Under development
300 Egg Harbor Road
Washington Township NJ