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Midnight Greens Retail Dispensary Is Open In Washington Twp.  Cancer Survivor To Business Owner

Midnight Greens Retail Dispensary Is Open In Washington Twp.  Cancer Survivor To Business Owner
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Midnight Greens is a new dispensary which opened last week in Washington Township (Gloucester County) on the Black Horse Pike (Rt 42).  

The new dispensary is located on the northbound side of Black Horse Pike not too far past the Whitman Diner and Garfield Ave, in a small strip of stores… with Midnight Greens positioned on the left side of the building.

Midnight Greens is owned by local resident Cindy Ortiz, who didn’t even try marijuana until her early 40s! Battling breast cancer at the time, a friend suggested she try marijuana to see if it would help Cindy cope with the pain and side effects of surgeries and chemotherapy.

Cindy was so happy with the benefits of marijuana, she decided to open a dispensary so that she could help others!

To be clear, Midnight Greens is an Adult-use recreational dispensary… anyone can walk in and purchase from the Washington Township dispensary.  You do not need a medical card to purchase.

Cindy is one of the first female dispensary owners in New Jersey, and realizing a woman walking into a dispensary alone can be intimidating, she wants Midnight Greens to offer a comfortable place for women to shop for cannabis products.

She’s even created a separate VIP space where women (or any customer) who have additional questions or are just looking for a more quiet and private space can work with the Midnight Green staff in a less intimidating environment.

Midnight Greens  Dispensary – Washington Township

42Freeway first wrote about the dispensary in March of last year when they moved through Washington Township Planning. At the time they were only identified as Shigh LLC.

I visited the dispensary on Sunday and caught up with store manager Elena and assistant store manager Justin (who is the son of owner Cindy).

Justin tells me the name Midnight Greens is inspired by our local Philadelphia Eagles, which is the name of the green color used by the Eagles for their Jerseys since 1996.

The family had been watching an Eagles game and heard the commentators talking about the Midnight Green jerseys and that the Eagles were bringing back an older shade (Kelly Green)… and felt that the Midnight Greens was a perfect name for a dispensary!

Like most dispensaries there’s a simple workflow to visiting Midnight Greens.  You enter on the left side where your license is checked by security.  A host then lets you know when it’s OK to enter into the main dispensary space.

Inside the open layout it features a counter along the back with a variety of product displays around the outer perimeter.

The interior is inviting… a brightly lit space that uses the a back wall of green plants on a black background, which carry the Midnight Greens color theme.

The logo of a sunglass wearing hip woman with flowing colorful hair, and the pink and green lettering… is a very cool design and I fully expect to see people out in public wearing t-shirts or other merch from Midnight Greens!

This main room features five different staff counter areas where they can answer your questions about products and give guidance.

Around the room are a variety of product displays, and even an informative “Strains of Cannabis” poster.

If you weren’t aware, while dispensaries are legal in New Jersey, you cannot purchase directly with a credit card.  Midnight Greens has two ATMs on hand, and even those two machines got the stylish logo treatment! 

As mentioned there’s a separate customer room off to the right side at Midnight Greens.

It’s a comfortable room with a big splash of pink on the walls.  This area features additional product displays as well as two comfortable chairs. You cannot smoke marijuana inside any dispensary, it’s just a more comfortable space if needed for your shopping experience.

An interesting display has a dozen different marijuana buds under magnifying glasses so you can get a better view of the product and what you’re buying!

Midnight Greens is open every day at 10am. During the week they close at 8 and on Friday and Saturdays they are open until 10pm. Sundays they close at 7pm

Concentrates are available at Midnight Greens. That THC is 84%!

Links and Location

Midnight Greens
5100 Black Horse Pike (Rt-42 N) – Unit 1
Washington Township NJ

(856) 818-5335