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Joann Deptford Superstore is OPEN! This is What Shopping Should Be Everywhere.

Joann Deptford Superstore is OPEN!  This is What Shopping Should Be Everywhere.
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The brand new Joann “Superstore” in Deptford is Open!

This is an attractive and large store where they’ve filled it with the latest craft, fabric, and home décor products.. plus added in innovative spaces, while still having left plenty of room to move around.

This is not just about “buying” products. Joann has created legitimate value-added spaces for crafters and shoppers to ask questions, learn and do things right in the store.

Joann has figured out the recipe to get customers off their phones and into the stores.

If you are crafter or love to browse the latest seasonal décor items, be careful… you’re going to lose an hour or more in this store every time you visit.

I’m not a crafter. Do I look like a crafter? ha!

But I was genuinely impressed in my Saturday morning walkthrough.

Attractive product displays and innovative creator spaces makes Joann Deptford a place you have to visit.

You’ll want to visit Joann, especially on nice fall weekends. Like this one!

The new Joann Superstore is located at 1120 Hurffville Rd Deptford NJ.

This is the “Forman Mills” shopping center on Clements Bridge Road across from Sam’s Club and Walmart. Joann took over the long closed Babies R Us. That ENTIRE large space.

The building never looked so good.

(Note: with this new store opening they have closed the “classic” Joann stores which were located in West Deptford and the “Marshalls” center across from the mall)

Sure the have an amazing selection of craft and fabric products, but the new Joann Deptford store is so much more!

Joann Deptford Grand Opening

42Freeway fans I have failed you.

Not only was I the first to report on the new Joann store was coming back in December 2021, I even LIVE in Deptford…

And I had no idea this was the opening weekend. I would’ve told you sooner.

The Grand Opening was Friday but they had a community preview on Thursday night. How did I not know this!?

The Grand Opening Celebration is all weekend.

My “First 50” giveaway items from Saturday. They do it again on Sunday 10/30… open at 10am!

Yes they are doing a special “First 50 each day gets a gift bag”. I got one on Saturday and it included a a large pack of yarn, a water bottler, stickers… and a $10 gift card!

By now the Saturday “first 50” allotment must be gone, but they have more giveaways for Sunday’s first 50!

Be aware that even today with no publicity there was a line… after this 42Freeway post, Sunday could get a little crazy! According to their website they open on Sunday’s at 10am. Visit today and come back again tomorrow!

All weekend you can also register to win prizes like a Brother GX37 sewing machine, Cricut Easypress or a Ottlinte Revive LED Lamp

The “cut bar’ at the new Joann Deptford store.

Big, Bright and Beautiful

I may have spent too much time covering retail developments. I am a little too excited about this new Joann store in Deptford.

I don’t want to over sell it too much, it’s still a store after all. But it seems the trend for the other larger stores we see coming into the 42 Freeway area these days leans to the discount variety… which means a discount store interior.

The new Joann store is large, roomy and loaded with interesting products.

Taking over a former Babies R Us has given Joann in Deptford the room for tons of innovative products, interesting crafter areas… and wider aisles!

The Babies R Us space the took over was built as a “big box” of baby products, and thankfully Joann chose to take over they entire space.

It really will help the shopping experience especially when stores get crowded over the next 2 and half months.

You know how other stores just seem too tight? There seems to be plenty of room at the store.

And it’s not just racks of products.

There are innovative and eye pleasing areas throughout the store.

The “thread it” section at new Joann store in Deptford

What’s in Store, at the new Joann Deptford Superstore?

If you are a crafter and home décor specialist you already know that Joann long ago moved past their “fabric” only roots.

They don’t even have it in the name any longer! The bright green building façade just says “Joann”

Oh obsoletely fabrics are still a big part of their offerings.

But so is everything you need for sewing, including crazy intelligent over-the-top sewing machines!

They are also full craft store, including the latest in yarn, needle arts, paper crafting, jewelry making and cake decorating products!

A rainbow wall of yarn in the “knit it” section in the new Joann store in Deptford

And to round out the “super” in Superstore… they offer home décor products including floral, candles, ready-made frames and seasonal décor. 

Right now they have all of the Christmas décor items on display, prominently at the front of the store.

Interesting Special Areas

I moved through the store fast this morning.. wanted to get this online and share with readers, so I may have missed a few things!

But it’s all about giving you a taste of the experience and then you going to experience yourself!

This is one of the coolest areas at the new Joann in Deptford. Creator studio where they will hold classes, or you can just work on your next craft project!

The “Creator’s Area” was probably the most cool place in the building.

It’s an in-store classroom setup, but with work tables.

They call it “Classes and Free Studio Space”.

I’ve been told by a 42 Freeway follower that Joann plans on adding “live person” classes in January after the holiday shopping season rush.

They also have a large screen television positioned prominently in this area… to assist with the learning process and to access the creativebug website.

And I love that it says free-studio-space. Like, I assume you could just lay out your craft project on the tables and start creating?!

The “cut bar” at the center of the store is a large area offering exactly what the name says! You can work with staff on your fabric purchase, and maybe even cut it!

The Fiskars Tool Shop has every type of fabric and craft tool imaginable, at the new Joann in Deptford

There is a Fiskars Tool Shop area where every type of scissor and measuring device could be found.

The “knit it” yarn area is not just shelves of yarn… it’s a rainbow wall of yarn! And color sorted!

“tread it” is the sewing section with fabrics and machines. Absolutely the latest technology.

If you’re spending big money for a sewing machine, you want to see it, feel it, and know how it works!

Even a marker sales display at the front of the store is cool and unique. A large display shows complimentary colors and you are encouraged to try the markers before buying

Seasonal décor is a big part of the new Joann store experience (in Deptford NJ)

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – at Joann Deptford

And as I mentioned the front center of the store features their seasonal items which right now is Christmas focused, of course!

MANY items were marked at 25-40% off.

The section is a sea of Christmas red and green! Wreaths, wall hangings, tabletop décor, miniature Christmas trees!

Come visit and see!

Don’t forget… Joann is also a great store to buy that special gift for someone you care about! Joann in Deptford

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Joann “Superstore” Deptford
1120 Hurffville Rd
Deptford NJ.



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