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Grillbillies Island BBQ Clarksboro – Adding Delicously Budget-Friendly Menu Items and Breakfast!

Grillbillies Island BBQ Clarksboro – Adding Delicously Budget-Friendly Menu Items and Breakfast!
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Grillbillies Island BBQ in Clarksboro NJ opened in the Spring of 2022 and 42Freeway missed covering their opening!

Now that they are celebrating 18 successful and delicious months of serving the community, I stopped in yesterday to see how things are going at Grillbillies… and found a very busy and happy lunchtime crowd eating inside the restaurant, and carrying to-go orders out.

And for the Fall 2023 season Grillbillies are adding more value priced items, and breakfast starts in October! Although looking at their full menu they seem to already provide great value with the menu… and interesting flavor combinations.

Brisket Cheesesteak with Mac & Cheese – Grillbillies Island BBQ, Clarksboro NJ

I met up yesterday with owners Cindy and Scott who are an amazingly talented and super friendly couple who live right up the street from the restaurant (locals!)… and have developed a strong customer base in the community with their delicious barbecue and Caribbean dishes.

As we all know summertime can really shift the restaurant experience for many folks down to the Jersey Shore, and Scott tells me they are really seeing the “post summer” uptick in customers at Grillbillies… and he and Cindy are introducing additional value priced items, as well as breakfast (in a few weeks)

Veggie Burger – Black Bean Burger with onions, lettuce and tomatoes, choice of cheese, Chipotle Aoili served on a toasted Brioche bun and choice of a side. Grillbillies Island BBQ Clarksboro NJ

And he wasn’t kidding about the post-summer uptick… as for my 12:30 PM visit yesterday there was a big crowd of customers eating in the store as well as multiple takeout orders.  One gentleman was heading out with two heavy bags filled with Grillbillies deliciousness, who said as he headed out the door “I’ll be back for the rest of it at 3pm!”

Nice!! I love seeing local folks work hard to make their dreams come true.. and succeed!

Barbecue deliciousness at Grillbillies Island BBQ in Clarksboro NJ

Grillbillies Island BBQ is a BBQ restaurant like you’ve never experienced before. And honestly it is as much a full Caribbean dining experience as it is a barbecue experience.

Absolutely Grillbillies has amazing smoked barbecue with pulled pork, brisket, spare ribs, barbecue chicken and more.

But they but also mix things up with a full island grill experience including jerk chicken and wings, empanadas, street tacos and island sausage sandwiches featuring kielbasa or andouille sausage… from the local Martin’s Sausage company in Mickleton New Jersey!

Amazing Empanadas at Grillbillies Island BBQ – Clarksboro NJ

Other Caribbean deliciousness includes Island Hot Chicken Sandwiches, Caribbean Burritos, Brisket Cheese Steak…  and even Island Po Boy Sandwiches with shrimp or andouille sausage.

You could even go more traditional with their delicious juicy burgers, and selection of paninis.

Basically that entire menu is created to bring you to the warm outdoors of the islands… standing on the beach with the waves crashing close by, as you eat sweet plantains, jerk chicken or an amazing Grillbillies pulled pork sandwich.

A large, bright and colorful dining experience at Grillbillies Island BBQ – Clarksboro NJ

And one thing you learn about Grillbillies Island BBQ is Cindy and Scott are constantly evolving the menu, and surprising with unique and flavorful new special dishes! Be sure to follow their Facebook page!

That all being said they have a few exciting updates!

Grillbillies Island BBQ is located in Clarksboro NJ on Berkley Rd, in a new shopping center which is also home to Pinspiration, Sugared by Sha, Primo Hoagies and Berkley Wine and Spirits.

Grillbillies Island BBQ in Clarksboro NJ also features a small pantry of Caribbean flavors!

Grillbillies – Value Priced Deliciousness

Recognizing the economy is getting a little tougher for everyone, Scott and Cindy are targeting several new menu options that are even more affordable.. while offering amazing flavors that you likely won’t find at other restaurants.

Caribbean Bowls

Their new Caribbean bowls are priced at only $9.50 and are loaded with fresh ingredients and flavors, which make them a full meal!

While I didn’t get a chance to try them yesterday I saw several orders coming out of the kitchen, and they are jam packed.

Caribbean bowls priced at $9.95 and incudes choice of protein (chicken, beef or shrimp). Grillbillies Island BBQ in Clarksboro

The Caribbean bowls are white rice topped with diced tomato, red onions, shredded cheese, corn, black beans, shredded lettuce, sweet plantains, avocado and your choice of proteins… which are shrimp, beef picadillo, chicken picadillo, Jerk Chicken, Mojo Pork and Jerk Shrimp!

Grillbillies can even make a vegan or vegetarian version featuring Caribbean Curry Lentils as a protein.

Cindy was saying customers are really responding happily to the new item and it’s quickly becoming one of their top sellers.

Biscuit Chicken Sandwich

Another new offering is their biscuit chicken sandwich which is a full platter meal available as a lunchtime special for only $9.95!

Biscuit with Mayo and Chicken is drizzled with Mike’s Hot Honey and topped with Shredded Lettuce and Pickles. It comes with Fries and bottled water and a choice of Slaw or Potato Salad…$9.95

It’s a delicious biscuit with fresh battered chicken and mayo, then drizzled with Mike’s hot honey and topped with shredded lettuce and pickles. It also comes with french fries and a bottled water… plus a choice of slaw or potato salad!

And with the cooler fall season coming in expect to see the return soon of their famous brisket chili!

Breakfast Starts in October

While the start date isn’t fully locked in, coming in October are expanded morning hours and a full breakfast menu!

Today they open at 11:00 AM but when breakfast rolls out they’re pulling back the start time to 7:00 AM!

The Grillbillies Island team will be creating all of your favorite breakfast items including eggs and omelets, breakfast sandwiches, danish, bagels and more!

Breakfast stats in October at Grillbillies Island BBQ in Clarksboro

And of course they will also offer many Caribbean infused breakfast recipes such as breakfast empanadas!

Another change they’re implementing for the fall season is they have partnered with the pastry division of Del Buenos bakery, to offer their amazing fresh and deliciously sweet pastries at the Grillbillies Island BBQ.

Cindy has been offering her own amazing pastries and dessert treats but with the growing customer base and breakfast hours, she’s making a smart decision which will allow her to offer a wider variety of pastry products while also being able to grow the restaurant with new menu items and soon… breakfast!

Grillbillies is open 6 days a week, and closed on Mondays. Today they open at 11am but that will change when the start breakfast. Follow on Facebook for the latest

Grillbillies Island BBQ in Clarksboro

Grillbillies Island BBQ
141 Berkley Road
Clarksboro, NJ 08020