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Johnny Di’s Beef & Pork in Washington Township Opens. Hometown Owner!

Johnny Di’s Beef & Pork in Washington Township Opens.  Hometown Owner!
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Johnny Di’s Beef & Pork is a new casual “South Philly Style” sandwich shop at 344 Greentree Road in Washington Twp, which opened Saturday night (9/16) featuring amazing South Philly style Italian sandwiches!

This new sandwich shop is owned by Brandon Pavlovich of Washington Township, who is looking to bring the delicious flavors of South Philly to his hometown… to start with the menu features beef, pork and meatball parm sandwiches, as well as fresh cut french fries.

Washington Township’s Brandon Pavlovich has opened Johnny Di’s Beef & Pork, right in his home town! A young man with the support of his family, doing great things!

While Johnny Di’s has plenty of delicious sandwich offerings at the opening, Brandon and the team will be adding additional items over time. I remember in one of my earlier visits to check in on the construction progress Brandon said he was also looking to add Sausage, Peppers & Onions sandwiches.

But overall the goal is to keep the menu small (and quick to serve) so that Johnny Di’s can focus on making every bite the most delicious sandwich you’ve ever had!

Johnny Di’s opened to the public tonight at 5pm and he’ll be open tonight likely for as long as customers are coming in!

A tray of delicious Pork with Broccoli Rabe sandwiches at Johnny Di’s in Washington Twp. This photo alone should have you jumping into your car to give them a try!

While in the “soft opening” phase, Johnny Di’s hours are currently set as:

  • Mon-Tues: Closed
  • Wed-Fri: 11am-5pm
  • Saturday: 3pm – Late (Eventually hoping to stay open VERY late)
  • Sunday: 11am-4pm

But to keep up with the latest, follow along at the Johnny Di’s Instagram page.

This is the type of new business that every one should be able to support…Brandon is only 25 yrs old and starting his own restaurant in his hometown. His brother Justin owns Top Quality Remodeling and handled the restaurant buildout. And on-hand for tonight’s first full opening night were Brandon’s other two brothers, his sister-in-law and a close friend!

Plus how local can you get? The four brothers grew up in the neighborhood “right across the street”

Keep scrolling and reading for more about Johnny Di’s Beef & Pork. And of course I was there tonight!

From the Friends and Family preview night on Friday. Plenty of smiling faces!

Johnny Di’s Beef & Pork – A Full South Philly Experience

Johnny Di’s is located on Greentree Rd in Washington Township, almost next to Ott’s Bar in a small strip mall which is also home to Ace Hardware. The Johnny Di’s unit was previously Melinda ‘s Gourmet Café.

As I mentioned I stopped in once or twice during the buildout that brother Justin and Brandon did, and had a chance to see the space come together.

I’m really impressed with the final design of Johnny Di’s. It perfectly suits the menu and the general “feel” you would expect from a South Philly style sandwich shop.

Johnny Di’s Beef & Pork in Washington Twp NJ is now open! South Philly style sandwiches in a South Philly style restaurant… in Gloucester County NJ

it’s all brand new and beautiful, but at the same time it has that “old school” city neighborhood countertop diner feel that most of us really only get to see by watching a television show!

The layout, design touches (tile, counter and flooring) as well as the stools will make you fully expect to see Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza sitting at the corner arguing over what is better.. Johnny Di’s Beef or Pork!

The space itself is one open room featuring a fully open kitchen with a large L-shaped counter.

The counter seats about 14 people, which is going to make for an awesome casual dining experience… where you’re likely to bump into someone you already know from town, or strike up conversations with people who could become new friends.

Johnny Di’s Beef & Pork – Washington Township NJ

Brandon was kind enough to invite me to his friends and family preview last night but I could not attend… but the photos I have of the event shows off plenty of smiling faces and awesome food!

For my visit today I went with two sandwiches; Roast Pork (with Broccoli Rabe and Provolone) and a Meatball Parm (also with Provolone). I

Honestly they are both delicious sandwiches… amazing flavors. Perfectly cooked tender pork pieces and broccoli rabe, and the provolone cheese made it a perfectly blended combination of flavors.

The Johnny Di’s meatball parm sandwich. House made meatballs and marinara.

Broccoli rabe seems like a simple thing to prepare but if done wrong it can bitter… and the Johnny Di’s version was smooth and flavorful.

The meatball parm sandwich features home made meatballs in a delicious marinara.

I’ll will definitely be back. And again. And again.

Roast pork and broccoli rabe with provolone. Flavorful, tender… delicious

Johnny Di’s Beef & Pork
344 Greentree Rd Ste 2
Sewell, NJ, New Jersey