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Factory Donuts Washington Twp?  Opening in September as ChickCoDo!

Factory Donuts Washington Twp?  Opening in September as ChickCoDo!
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One of the most asked about projects in my coverage universe, the Factory Donuts location in Washington Township NJ is going through some final renovations and they expect to open in 6-8 weeks as ChickCoDo!

This is a rebranding of the Factory Donuts young franchise company.

Yes the plan is to still offer store made donuts and freshly brewed coffee, but they are adding in a variety of Chicken options including their signature Premium Chicken Sandwich!

This is exciting news not only for the potential customers in the area, but also to the Camden County “regular folk” couple who several years ago decided to take a big chance on opening their own business… only to see the challenges from an unprecedented pandemic as well as new franchisor ownership and upgraded menu, adjust their opening date plans.

ChickCoDo is coming to Washington Twp on Fries Mill Road. ChickCoDo = Chicken, Coffee, Donuts!

The new ChickCoDo store will be located in the Fries Mill Plaza where Hurffville-Cross Keys Road intersects Fries Mill (and caddy-corner to Verchios).

Likely you’ve seen the “Factory Donuts” signage on a unit that looked basically.. ready to go. And absolutely it is the most asked about project at 42Freeway “Hey Mark, what’s going on with…”

ChickCoDo will occupy the right side of the building which at one time was home to a Rite-Aid. This center also recently saw the opening of Spilt Milk Ice Cream

Read on for more about the deliciously exciting menu that ChickCoDo will be offering… and let’s really give these folks a strong 42Freeway welcoming when they finally do open! It’s been a long time, and they’ve been paying bills all along the way!

What is ChickCoDo? 

For several years now the signage at the unopened Fries Mill Road business has said Factory Donuts, with the core menu plan directed at amazing store-made donuts and delicious fresh brewed coffee.

And when they open likely in less than 2 months, they will still be offering delicious donuts and fresh brewed coffee!

But what’s been added to the menu has them rebranding with a new name…

ChickCoDo = Chicken, Coffee & Donuts.

Did you catch that?  Did you see how I slipped that in there?   Yes the new addition to the business is amazing chicken sandwiches, wings and tenders.

Plus breakfast sandwiches, french fries and delicious fresh squeezed orange juice!

The ChickCoDo Premium Chicken Sandwich, coming to Washington Twp NJ. ChickCoDo = Chicken, Coffee, Donuts! (Image: ChickCoDo)

I think the background for this change is that as amazing as the Donuts and coffee are for the original Factory Donuts concept, they are really only morning time sales opportunities.

By adding the chicken options as well as breakfast sandwiches to bolster up the morning menu, they can provide a more well-rounded dining experience to their customers and keep the business thriving throughout the day.

The unit was fully built out as a Factory Donuts location but currently there is paper covering the windows as contractors are working on additional minor cosmetic changes to adjust the branding towards ChickCoDo, and likely to add a few extra kitchen aspects to support the expanded menu.

The construction effort is fully in progress and they hope it haven’t completed in four to six weeks plus any additional time for final inspections.

There currently is one ChickCoDo open in Philadelphia on Frankford Ave, with plans to add more!

Delicious donuts and coffee, but the upcoming ChickCoDo in Washington Twp will also be offering amazing Chicken Sandwiches, wings and tenders.. as well as breakfast sandwiches (Image: ChickCoDo)

ChickCoDo Menu – Chicken Sandwiches And More

With this updated direction for the brand, it’s clear from their website that their chicken sandwich has been raised-up to be a Star-in-the-Show! Sure they list donuts first in their “Cravable Menu” summary section, but the first truly highlighted item is their Chicken Sandwich.

Fresh premium chicken, breaded and fried in the store, in a variety of styles from the original chicken to a more adventurous Premium version.

The classic Premium Chicken Sandwich offers Boneless Breast, Slaw Comeback Sauce, Pickles and a Butter Brioche Bun.

The Chicken Burst adds Cheddar Cheese and is on a toasted white bread.

ChickCoDo also has a version without the slaw and sauce, and can even make a Chicken Bowl where the chicken rests on a bed of french fries with cheddar!

The chicken menu also includes Wings, Tenders and amazing french fries.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast sandwiches are offered on brioche buns and use cage free local farm eggs, Vermont cheddar and other high-end ingredients.

They say the turkey sausage is house-made!

Specialty donuts and even the classics… ChickCoDo is coming to Washington Twp NJ! ChickCoDo = Chicken, Coffee, Donuts! (Image: ChickCoDo)


The ChickCoDo website lists two menu sections for donuts; Specialty and Classic.

The specialty menu lists 12 varieties including

  • Carnival: Vanilla glaze, vanilla crème, rainbow sprinkles
  • Campfire: Vanilla glaze, gram cracker dust, mallow crème, chocolate Ganache drizzle
  • Blueberry Lemonade: Blueberry glaze, lemon drizzle
  • Maple Bacon: Fresh maple glaze, smoked bacon

The classic donut menu offers more traditional donut varieties such as glazed, chocolate glazed and even a French Toast!

Coffee and Beverages

ChickCoDo has a full coffee menu from the classic American Coffee to more adventurous Banana Split Latte or a Chocolate Caramel Kiss Latte!

They also offer fresh squeeze orange juice, hot chocolate and teas.

Sure ChickCoDo has amazing classic American coffee… but how about something more deliciously adventurous like this Strawberry Latte? Coming soon to Washington Twp NJ (Image: ChickCoDo)

Factory Donuts – What Happened?

Co-owner Debbie has been amazing in keeping up with me on the status of their Donut and Coffee shop. She and her partner Mark bought into the Factory Donuts franchise several years ago before the pandemic.

Like many businesses, as 2020 rolled around they were impacted by the COVID pandemic… but in the case of the Factory Donuts in Turnersville it was a double whammy.

Keep in mind that when I first reported on this Factory Donuts location coming it was in June of 2019, just six months before the Covid virus started becoming known to the world!

So first they needed to build out the unit, just as construction came to a halt in 2020! That significantly delayed the start. Remember those months when we were all afraid to leave the house?!

As the pandemic winded down, the owners were able to have their unit built out.

In May of 2022 we spoke again with Deb and learned they were planning on opening that summer of 2022. Unfortunately that did not happen either.

Well, if you weren’t aware, Factory Donuts was a young franchise operation and the Turnersville location was to be one of the first opened.

Three years after I originally reported on the plans for Factory Donuts coming to Washington Twp NJ, they will be opening in September as ChickCoDo!
ChickCoDo = Chicken, Coffee, Donuts!

So while I don’t know the full details of what happened with the original parent Factory Donuts company (likely pandemic impacts), soon after the pandemic kicked in the brand was sold to another franchisee organization who had their own ideas to improve the concept.

But by this time the Audubon couple had already built out their Factory Donuts location and were looking to open very soon… when several changes were proposed with their franchise menu.

It seems initially the Factory Donuts name was going to remain and they were just going to add the chicken menu to the mix, but then the idea to go with ChickCoDo came about.

Overall the build out that already took place in Washington Township is remaining, with some small cosmetic changes including new signage representing the ChickCoDo brand.

I’ll be back for the opening!

Fries Mill Plaza
245 Fries Mill Road
Turnersville, NJ 08039

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