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Factory Donuts Turnersville: Yes They Really Are Opening Soon!

Factory Donuts Turnersville: Yes They Really Are Opening Soon!
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The long planned Factory Donuts on Fries Mill Road in Turnersville is in the final stretch towards opening! Core interior construction is done, and the windows coverings are now gone… proof positive they are getting close.

We heard from Deborah who is one of the owners, and she tells us they still have to go through the final inspection process for the interior work and hiring staff.. before they can lock in an opening date.

At least readers will be relieved to know that Factory Donuts really is opening soon!

Even the main page of the Factor Donuts Corporate Site is featuring “Turnersville, NJ Open Soon!”

The new Factory Donuts store will be located in the Fries Mill Plaza where Hurffville-Cross Keys Road intersects Fries Mill (and caddy-corner to Verchios). Factory Donuts will occupy the right side of the building which at one time was home to a Rite-Aid. 

While the reflection is strong, trust me the window coverings are down at Factory Donuts in Turnersville

Deborah tells us that just yesterday they were in the store taking photos of the interior and will be updating their Facebook page. So make sure you follow Factory Donuts Turnersville.

The two owners are South Jersey based small business owners. Deborah lives in Audubon and Mark is in Marlton, and they said they chose Washington Township because of the amazing community… which they look forward to being a part of.

Related to that, this portion of Washington Township has really seen progress the last few years.

In that immediate area 42Freeway has covered; Sushi Circle (Maki), What’s The Scoop, Bison Coffee, Santucci’s Pizza, Mama Buntz and more!

A Long and Winding Road..

This is one of the most asked about projects that 42Freeway has covered, and I have to be honest Factory Donuts team… I was very doubtful that this location was still going to happen.

I am very happy that I was wrong on that. Can’t wait to try a Factory Donut!

We originally learned about the new Factory Donuts when alert readers noticed a banner had went up on the building.

That was in June 2019. Three years ago.

We aren’t sure if Factory Donuts will be using the drive-thru window, which was originally put in when the property was a Rite-Aid.

So for an actual opening date, it’s still tough for any business to lock one in at this stage.

Consider they still have to go through the final inspection process, hiring, inventory, and training… yeah we’re looking at least until June before they open, which is a solid three years from the time we first told readers about them!

I knew the 42Freeway readers were excited and curious to see this day come, and I can’t imagine the excitement the owners have as they finally get to this point!

We didn’t press Deborah for any specifics on why this has taken so long, but the timing of the project buildout was unfortunately when a global pandemic took place right in the middle of the construction process.

Factory Donuts

Factory Donuts seems to be based out of the Philadelphia area, starting out as a young franchise company.

Their website lists 2 open locations in Mayfair and Newton Pa, and two more opening soon in Turnersville and Wellington. They are looking to expand into other locations.

Let’s get one thing clear as I’ve seen this multiple times in Facebook comments and other posts… Factory Donuts and Federal Donuts are two different donut shops, and it seems some are confusing them.

24 Signature Donut Flavors and More

Factory Donuts is in the model of a delicious base donut which is prepared with dozens of unique flavors and designs.

They list 24 signature flavors on their website, but you can get custom styles created from their extensive list of ingredients.

Styles include Blueberry Bake, Banaba Foster, Strawberry Lemonade, Caramel Drizzle, Chocolate Coconut Dream, and many others!

Delicious signature and custom donuts at Factory Donuts! Coming soon to Turnersville!

Cream Donuts

Cream donuts are also in the mix, with varieties based in three different creams… Cannoli, Chocolate Cookie and the classic donut cream… Boston Cream!

Factory Nuggets – with Dips!

For a more bite-sized experience they offer bite-sized donut nuggets in Cinnamon or Powdered Sugar… which include choices of dips; maple syrup, chocolate, or raspberry!

Breakfast Items and Drinks

Factory Donuts rounds out the menu with a full selection of hot breakfast sandwiches on bagels or English muffins.

And of course coffee is in the mix!

Factory Donuts is the end-cap unit of the Fries Mill Shopping Plaza in Turnersville.

Links and Location

We’ll have more on Factory Donuts as they get closer to opening!

Factory Donuts
Fries Mill Plaza
245 Fries Mill Road
Turnersville, NJ 08039

Facebook (Turnersville)