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Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse Sale Store Opening in Washington Twp NJ

Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse Sale Store Opening in Washington Twp NJ
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Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse Sale store is a deep discount athletic apparel and footwear store in a pop-up format, and they are opening a new location in “Sewell” Washington Twp NJ, in a former Bed, Bath and Beyond property.

Job postings are already online for the new Sewell location, and paper signage on the front glass of the unit further confirms that they are coming. (Job Listing)

The location for the new store is in the Cross Keys Place shopping center in Washington Township, where Edge Fitness, Old Navy, Petco and Michaels are located.  Home Depot is in the building next to this shopping center.

Opening Date? This is an empty shell right now. Job listings just went up days ago as well as the paper sign in the window, so unfortunately I do not have details on opening date.

A new Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse Sale Store is opening in Washington Twp in a former Bed, Bath, Beyond. Discounted apparel is the focus!

The unit for the new Dick’s Warehouse Sales store was previously a bed bath and beyond, which closed around the end of 2019.

The now closed Bed, Bath and Beyond in Sewell operated in two units; a larger main entrance store and an adjacent smaller store. Based on the paper signage on the glass, it appears that Dick’s Warehouse Sales will also be in both units.

While this is absolutely exciting news to see a closed big box store reopen with a name brand… if you’re unfamiliar with the Dick’s Warehouse Sale Stores you’re likely going to make incorrect assumptions about what to expect!

Window signage at an empty unit in Washington Twp announces the upcoming Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse Sale store!

It’s important to understand that this is not a discounted athletic equipment store.  Dick’s Warehouse Sales stores are athletic clothing and footwear, with a small selection of accessories.

And the design is a “pop-up store” format with sparse interior design, but on a larger scale.

Plus typically the leases are written in a way that that allows the store to operate for a shorter temporary time (say through the holiday season), and if it proves to be successful at the location they can extend the lease longer… as was the case with the Cherry Hill Location.

Our outlet stores have a great assortment of apparel and footwear at discounted prices. Find products from the biggest brands, including Nike, adidas, Under Armour and more. At DICK’S Sporting Goods Warehouse Sale, we add new markdowns throughout the year, so check back often for the newest savings.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse Sale – Cherry Hill Website Page
This former Bed, Bath and Beyond store in Sewell Washington Twp NJ will reopen as a Dick’s Warehouse Sale store (focused on apparel and footwear)

Dicks Sporting Good’s Warehouse Sale Stores – My Experience At Cherry Hill

Last year a Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse Sales Store opened in Cherry Hill, in the shopping center complex directly next to the Cherry Hill mall.

Almost a year ago to the day I visited the Cherry Hill store and wrote about it at 42Freeway.

At the time I literally had zero understanding of what the concept was about, although I did realize it was going to be a bare bones interior design experience.

Knowing only the store name at the time, I was expecting to find deals on golf clubs, tennis equipment or even outdoor goods such as kayaks or tents.

Well there was none of that.

What I did find was a surprisingly large selection of athletic clothing and sneakers.

Dick's Warehouse Sale Store Cherry Hill
Dick’s Warehouse Sale Store Cherry Hill

The Cherry Hill location is a very large space and they honestly filled the entire massive sales floor with filled with racks of clothing, a large footwear section in the back, and a few aisles of small accessory items such as small weights, jump ropes, backpacks.

I would say the mix was 75% apparel,  20% footwear, and 5% allocated to a few aisles for the athletic accessories.

With the sparse interior decor and a product mix heavily leaning towards clothing and footwear… my experience at the Cherry Hill Dick’s warehouse store felt more similar to visiting a Foreman Mills store, than a full traditional Dick’s Sporting Goods store.

Although big discounts on name brand athletic clothing can at times still carry a big price tag!

Dick's Warehouse Sale Store Cherry Hill
Dick’s Warehouse Sale Store Cherry Hill

Overall I am a big fan of the “Warehouse Sales Store” concept. While I did not do extensive research on the products and pricing at Cherry Hill, it did appear that there were strong discounts on name brand clothing items and sneakers… as well as other off brand things that you may not be as well aware of.

And a year later that Cherry Hill is still open after that initial holiday operating season, so that is a solid indicator that people are finding value in the store!

Overall it’s a smart move for the Dick’s Sporting Goods company who are trying several different add-on concepts.

Dick's Warehouse Sale Store Cherry Hill
Dick’s Warehouse Sale Store Cherry Hill

For the Warehouse Sales Stores they can probably open them up with very little upfront cost compared to a more traditional Dick’s Sporting Goods store. Dick’s gets to try out a locations they feel could be successful, and if it doesn’t work as well as planned they can simply move on and exit the space.

But to be clear I do not know the details of the Washington Township Sewell lease. Maybe things are different there regarding that ” pop up/temporary lease”. Dick’s Sporting Goods uses the word “temporary” in their own investor filings, press-releases and news coverage.

Overall it’s still exciting to see a new store or take over a large retail space in the 42Freeway area, and it should draw customers in to that Washington Township center this holiday season bringing customers to also visit Old Navy, Michaels, and Petco.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse Sales Store – Sewell (Opening Soon)
Cross Keys Place
141 Tuckahoe Rd
Sewell, NJ 08080

Job Listing