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Sprouts Farmers Market in Haddon Twp is Open!  Weekend Long Celebration

Sprouts Farmers Market in Haddon Twp is Open!  Weekend Long Celebration
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A new Sprouts Farmers Market opened in Haddon Township NJ (Westmont) this morning, and Mark from 42Freeway was there at 7:00 AM for the ribbon cutting and initial “We’re open” walkthrough!

They are located on Cuthbert Boulevard next to the “small format” Target store!

And to add to the excitement of this opening, the Haddon Township store is Sprouts 400th location!

Sprouts Farmers Market Haddon Twp, NJ opened this morning at 7am! 400th Store!

With the promise of a free reusable bag with samples to the first 200 customers, a line of excited new customers had already wrapped around the side of the building when I arrived at 6:45 AM.

But don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend this morning, as Sprouts has a full three-day weekend calendar of events including more prizes for Saturday morning’s first customers through the door!

Plus if you sign up for a Sprouts account you can get a 20% off coupon that is valid through the weekend!

Fresh produce and organic foods are a big part of the Sprouts experience.

Saturday morning at 7am the first 200 people receive a reusable bag and samples, the first 400 receive a $10 Sprouts gift card! Plus free hotdogs at lunch, a vendor village to taste new products and fun activities inside the store and out front.

Keep scrolling for more on Sprouts, and check out the Grand Opening Weekend details here.

For the big Grand Opening weekend, Sprouts Westmont has give-aways, discounts and activities.. inside and outside!

Sprouts Farmers Market – Haddon Township

if you’re unfamiliar with Sprouts they are a healthy grocer offering a unique open layout design featuring fresh produce as a core aspect… but also providing specialty areas such as a full deli counter, seafood counter, with also a large focus on organic, plant based, gluten free products and even healthy supplements.

To round out the shopping experience there is a full frozen and refrigerated section, as well as more traditional aisles for packaged products.

The new Sprouts Farmers Market in Haddon Township is a full grocery shopping experience, with a healthy mindset

Sprouts is healthy and organic, but they also want support your full grocery shopping needs.

The design of the store layout is clever in that while the offer a full shopping experience, it is not as large as a “supermarket”, and at no time do you feel closed-in by massive aisles. The goal at Sprouts is to keep the entire experience open, bright, and colorful… and again with the focus on fresh products.

As an example of off their unique fresh offerings, I was surprised to see there are three large sections of fresh “pay by weight ” bulk goods!! Offerinf fresh coffees, trail mixes and snacks, and a variety of nuts.   They must do very well with the category of fresh products because it’s a somewhat decent-sized allocation of floor space!

Fresh bulk products such as coffee, snacks, and granola… at Sprouts Farmers Market Haddon Township, NJ

42Freeway has covered the plans for this store a few times, including in July when the opening date was announced.

This new Sprouts Farmers Market location is on Cuthbert Blvd. and MacArthur Blvd, In the shopping center which also houses a small format Target store.

This should prove to be a great location for Sprouts as they are in very close proximity to Haddonfield, Haddon Township, Collingswood, Audubon, Cherry Hill and others communities.

Sprouts offers an open and bright shopping experience, but of course they have aisles for packaged products.

in South Jersey, Sprouts has had a location for several years in Marlton on Route 73 and another is planned for Washington Township, which heads to the Planning Board this Monday, Sept 11th.

On hand early this morning in Westmont were representatives from the shopping center company, leasing agents, sprouts representatives and several town officials.

The first Grand Opening ribbon cutting ceremony! Haddon Township officials tell me there will be a Township-led ceremony next week!

Haddon Township had previously arranged for their own town-focused ribbon cutting to take place next week, so for today’s exciting opening a Sprouts employee was in control of the scissors as the employees and customers surrounding her cheered on with excitement!

I didn’t make it in as one of the first 200 so I don’t know what was in the bag… I was too busy talking to people! (you’d think they’d give the “42Freeway Guy” fast-pass access, ha!)

I spent about 30 minutes walking the store and taking photos, but as you would expect it was very crowded at that time… so it was a little difficult for me to get deeper into certain aspects of the store.

A full grocery shopping experience at the new Sprouts in Haddon Township!

When stores are crowded and I want to take photos i try very hard not to get people’s faces in the shots.. especially if they are looking directly at me… and then I get home and realize I cannot use several of my shots!

But I will be back soon.

As mentioned it’s a open and bright store with pleasant graphics.

Fresh meats, a deli, seafood section even sushi! The new Sprouts Farmers Market in Haddon Township NJ

You entered the store on the left side of the space and immediately along the left wall is the meat section “always fresh, never frozen”. Up next is the prepared food sections such as the deli, artisan cheeses, seafood, and even sushi “that’s how we roll!”

Beyond that (still on the left) they have “grab and go goodness” prepared foods.

Frozen seafood is also available in this area, close to the front entrance.

The new Sprouts Farmers Market in Haddon Township NJ

Also on this side of the building is that bulk food area that I mentioned previously, and then of course we lead into the produce area which is a focal point.

The produce is arranged in large rectangular large placed throughout the open floor, almost like tables setup in a flea market. Everything is lighted beautifully, and the produce requiring a cooler temperature is positioned along the back wall.

Frozen and refrigerated section at Sprouts Farmers Market in Haddon Township, NJ

Over on the right side are the more traditional product aisles, as well as the refrigerator and freezer product areas.

The far-right front corner is the health and vitamin supplement section which is also a big part of the Sprouts experience.

Health products including a large variety of healthy supplements. Sprouts Farmers Market Haddon Township NJ

I mentioned in my prior article that I saw a job listing for someone whose role would be solely within the natural supplement area! They take it supplements seriously at Sprouts!

Overall the new Haddon Township Sprouts Farmers Market should be a very welcome addition to the area, and find a solid fan base with those who are actively looking for healthier food options.

Sprouts – Haddon Township (Opening Sept 8, 2023)
640 W Cuthbert Blvd.
Haddon Township, NJ 08108

Website (Haddon Twp Page)