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Deptford Don Pablo’s Gone and Raising Cane’s Dev Started. Plus Five Points Wawa and Burger King Update

Deptford Don Pablo’s Gone and Raising Cane’s Dev Started. Plus Five Points Wawa and Burger King Update
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The beloved Deptford Don Pablo’s building is not only fully gone, contractors have quickly moved on to full construction mode for the new Raising Cane’s.

Plus, I visit Five Points intersection to check on the Wawa and Burger King projects going in the Washington Twp/Deptford intersection.

Going to try and keep this one short… Photo Post!

Raising Cane’s has officially declared their presence in Deptford NJ, with a “We’re Hiring” banner hanging at the construction site of their upcoming new location.

Raising Cane’s Deptford – Don Pablo’s Building

Raising Cane’s is a Chicken Finger fast-food restaurant, making a big push in South Jersey. (Check my check out my experience article from July where I visited a recently opened location in Philadelphia!)

My last report on the new Raising Cane’s for Deptford was two months ago, although I did do a video or two for TikTok/Insta. (Insta Video: During Demo, After Demo)

At that time in June, the Don Pablo’s building was still standing but the construction fencing was up, and I had word that demolition was starting soon… and it did.

Within not much more than a week the building was done, and the demo team took some additional time to sort the debris and remove it.

First day of demolition on June 27, 2023 at the Deptford Don Pablos, Within a few short weeks it was gone.

Typically it would be normal to see some type of delay before the development phase of “new thing” started, but the Raising Cane’s construction team jumped right into action!

Very quickly the got the underground water management systems installed (grates).

And in my visit today I can see that they are setting up concrete forms ahead of pouring the building foundartion.

I’m not sure if Raising Canes Deptford will be open by the end of this year, but if not likely the first quarter of 2024.

It was a nice bonus to see that Target Deptford resurfaced the parking lot and repainted the lanes. Makes the place “Pop”!

I’ve seen directly that construction is also heavily underway at the upcoming Cherry Hill and Marlton locations, and I understand the Burlington City location is also under development.

Today the Don Pablos property in Deptford no longer has the iconic building, and crews are already working on the new Raising Cane’s Chicken Finger restaurant. Water management systems appear in place, and concrete forms are being installed.

Washington Township was the last one to go through Planning, so it makes sense it is the last to see activity at the site. (old Pep Boys)

If you are unfamiliar with Raising Cane’s restaurants and food, check out my experience article from July where I visited a recently opened location in Philadelphia!

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers Deptford NJ
Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers Deptford NJ – Site plan

Five Points Wawa and Burger King – Washington Township

Over in Washington Township at the Five Points intersection (which borders Deptford), the long-awaited Wawa is really taking shape with its outer “skin” in place.

A new Wawa convenience store, and also a new Burger King.. are being developed at Washington Townships Five Points intersection at Egg Harbor Rd.

Plus the have already installed the main Wawa sign (with digital gas price sign) on Egg Harbor Road!

The full exterior underlayment (before stucco) is up, the front vestibule and awning is constructed, and the main roof is in place to the point that HVAC contractors are working on the rooftop components of those systems.

If you look closely you can see the Wawa roadside signage (with digital gas price display) is already installed at the upcoming Washington Township Five Points Wawa!

The large steel structure for the gas station canopy looks fully installed, and the concrete pad underneath is poured.

Additional concrete work still needs to be done around the Wawa convenience store building.

Wawa Washington Township at Five Points

A Burger King is being developed next to Wawa in the same extended property.

For the Burger King development they have poured the concrete floor foundation pad, and it would seem we would start seeing walls go up soon.

Both Wawa and Burger will share access driveways off of Egg Harbor Road and Blackwood-Barnsboro Road.

Burger King development at Washington Township’s Five Points intesection.

Route 41 : Township to Deptford

I’m not saying I’m overly excited for these new businesses but I do live in Deptford off of Route 41 and basically these three new businesses are within 5 minutes from my house in opposite directions

So it’s always somewhat cool to get something new close to the house, let alone three new things!

Would you believe I really don’t have a “Super” Wawa within a reasonably close distance to my house? Wawa Five Points will be the one.

Route 41 is a busy stretch of roadway for commuters as it leads to the incredibly popular Route 42 and then Route 295… and commuters will soon have a new Wawa, Burger King and Raising Cane’s to visit!

That being said, it’s just sinking in that there is a very good chance my classic Wawa at Rt 41 and County House Rd closes when Five Points opens (i’ve been told unofficially by store employees). And if it were to close, it’s going to be a little more trickier to visit the Five-Points location from Deptford, as I don’t think we’ll be able to turn left directly in to the parking lot off of Egg Harbor (from the Deptford direction).

We’ll have to make the extra left turn at the new Blackwood-Barnsboro traffic light, drive onto the new roadway there and then turn into the Wawa/Burger King property.

I’ll also remind folks that we are not done with interchange changes at the Five Points intersection. The proposed Deptford Warehouses at Kinsley Landfill has associated Five Points changes, which have not been fully approved. Plus another Warehouse project at Blackwood-Barnsboro also could have impacts where it meets with Route 47 at Seven Star Diner!

I think I’m going to miss my old school Wawa!

Raising Cane’s Deptford– (Coming Soon)
1860 Deptford Center Rd
Deptford, NJ 08096

My experience tour to a new Raising Cane’s in Philadelphia

Wawa and Burger King – Five Points
Egg Harbor Road and Blackwood-Barnsboro Road
Washington Township, NJ