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Warehouse Proposed for Deptford International Ave (Connects To Blackwood-Barnsboro Rd)

Warehouse Proposed for Deptford International Ave (Connects To Blackwood-Barnsboro Rd)
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A new 141,000 sq ft warehouse building is being proposed in Deptford on International Ave, which connects to Blackwood-Barnsboro Rd.

This project has been reviewed by Gloucester County but still needs to present before Deptford Planning and/or Zoning.

As part of the approval for the warehouse project a single tax-lot property will be subdivided into two.

The elongated property for this project has an existing business located at the south end. They will remain there and continue operating,

The northern portion of the elongated property is currently undeveloped and will be subdivided into a separate property. That is where the warehouse will be developed.

While smaller than most other new warehouses proposed recently in the area, it’s elongated shape along International Ave will support 39 loading spaces.

The location is interesting because I think most won’t even know this land is there… or that it is Deptford.

This is considered part of Deptford’s Five Points redevelopment area, and close to the Rowan College Campus but on the opposite (East) side of Rt 55.

Driving from the college, soon after cross over the Rt 55 you’ll see a small street on the left, that is International Ave,

For most of the readers… at the Five Points intersection area on 47 across from Seven Star Diner is that awkwardly curved entrance onto Blackwood-Barnsboro. International Ave is a 1/2 mile from that entrance.

I would imagine it’s proximity to the Rt 55 exit at 47 is a key factor for the proposal is it’s a short few minutes down the wooded section of Rt 47.

NOTE: This is a different project than the much larger warehouse project previously approved in Deptford. That other project is close by but along Route 41 next to the closed Kinsley landfill. That project is still active but I do not have an update on it’s status.

A 141,000 for Deptford International Ave is being proposed. The area is along Blackwood-Barnsboro Rd in the Five Points South redevelopment District

Gloucester County Reviewed – Deptford Meeting Soon

This new warehouse was first recently reviewed by the Gloucester County Land Development Review & Approval Committee.

The County determined that since the project does not impact any County roads, bridges or drainage facilities… the County issued a site plan waiver, (Meaning the County has no jurisdiction/input over this project)

The project still would need approval from Deptford Planning and/or Zoning Boards, which I’ve been told is expected to happen soon.

International Ave Warehouse Details

The proposed building would be 703 feet wide running along International Ave and 210 feet deep.

Within the single proposed building are two separate areas defined as office space. Both back corners of the building show a 7,080 sq ft office area.

The site plan indicates 39 tractor-trailer loading spaces on the front road side of the building, 2 drive-in ramps, and 72 parking spaces along the back side (matching up with the rear placement of the offices)

At this time we do not know of a tenant (or tenants) for the space, but there is a clue in the site plan which makes it seem there is one tenant determined at this time, and room within the same building for another at a later date.

As mentioned there are two separate office areas defined in the opposite back corners. That’s a clue already!

Even thought the employee entrance and offices are planned for the back of the building, as expected the building would include company signage on the front International Ave side to promote the companies operating in the building.

So on the site plan the indicated sign area on the front right corner says “Prop. Wall Sign Tenant A”. But the matching area on the left front corner says “Prop. Wall Sign Tenant B (For future tenant if needed)”

That wording would make it seem that a single tenant has already been defined for a portion of the building on the right side, and there will be room remaining for a different tenant to take over a portion of the left side.

A3 Industrial LLC – Adler Development Edison NJ

The development company is listed as A3 Industrial LLC, which via the address and principal name on entity documents points back to Adler Development from Edison NJ.

It is common in these types of projects for the company to create a separate local LLC company for the project, with the parent company still controlling the project.

According to the Adler Development website they have several warehouses already developed in New Jersey and several listed as undeveloped.

This Deptford project is not listed on their website yet… I imagine they would wait for approvals.

Links and Location

Deptford International Ave Warehouse
A3 Industrial LLC / Adler Development (Developer, not tenant)
International Drive
Deptford NJ, 08096

Adler Development Website