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Brunch Restaurant “Milkweed table + Market” Opens In Pitman this November! A Wildwood Location is Also Planned!

Brunch Restaurant “Milkweed table + Market” Opens In Pitman this November!  A Wildwood Location is Also Planned!
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“Milkweed table + market” will be opening this November in Pitman’s amazing Uptown Broadway Ave Commercial district!  Milkweed table + market is a brunch restaurant offering farm-to-table freshness!  It’s another awesome addition for Pitman’s thriving main street, which has had a string of exciting openings added to the long-time loved businesses.  We recently posted about Crave and Gentle Giant and have more posts to come!

The restaurant owners are sister-in-laws Alexandra and Elena Convery who are finishing up a COMPLETE remodel of the location at 134 S Broadway.  The location is in the heart of Broadway, located next to the Broadway Bakery, one store from Mannino’s Cucina and very close to Human Village and Kelly Green Breweries.   Stop at the breweries before lunch and BYOB yourself over to Milkweed table + market!

Go follow their Facebook page to get the latest on both locations!  We’ll post again in a few weeks before they opening, hopefully with a preview look!

Milkweed market + table
134 S Broadway
Pitman NJ

Wildwood Location for 2021!

Soon after the opening of the Pitman location the talented pair will continue the remodeling mode as they have also taken over Wildwood’s famous Bonelli’s Market Building, for a second location of Milkweed table + market!

Alexandra has commented her roots are deep in the Wildwoods, in that she has been visiting the Wildwoods since birth and now has a home in town!

It is interesting to me how the two Milkweed locations are entering small town downtowns in two different stages of transition.  The Pitman location enters an already thriving Pitman small town downtown where they are adding a delicious accent to the all of the existing offerings.  In Wildwood, the Pacific Ave downtown has a ton to offer, but is more on the start of it’s rebirth, and in it’s immediate area Milkweed will help to be a cornerstone for other businesses to build around.

The next block of Pacific offers the WIldwood Historical Museum and the famous Zippy’s bikes.  After that is a popular segment of restaurants (Cattle & Clover, Joey M’s, Shamrock).  Beyond that, just yesterday an exciting housing and retail project was approved last night!  So between these two new projects, a core walkable district of Wildwood will be extended ever further out!

If you are a fan of Wildwood and Cape May… go like our “sister” blog site Wild Over The Wildwoods!!

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The new owners of the Bonelli’s Market, Alexandra and Elena Convery celebrate their upcoming “Milkweed market + table” brunch restaurant with the son of the original Bonelli’s!