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Brunch Restaurant “Milkweed table + market” Coming to Wildwoods Bonelli Market Building! Also Pitman NJ!

Brunch Restaurant “Milkweed table + market” Coming to Wildwoods Bonelli Market Building!  Also Pitman NJ!
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“Milkweed table + market” will be opening at Wildwood’s famous Bonelli’s Market building on Pacific Ave!  Milkweed table + market is a brunch restaurant offering farm-to-table freshness!  This is more exciting news for Wildwood’s Pacific Ave, as we also posted about the exciting new housing and retail project a few blocks up on Pacific.

The restaurant owners are sister-in-laws Alexandra and Elena Convery.  Alexandra has commented her roots are deep in the Wildwoods, in that she has been visiting the Wildwoods since birth and now has a home in town!

For those who don’t know the location, it is 4000 Pacific Ave which sits just  a block away from the Wildwood Historical Museum and Zippy’s Bikes (Cattle & Clover is the block after that). The Bonelli’s block of Pacific is also one of those “it has good bones” areas of Pacific which is in need for more business growth, and the addition of Milkweed table + market should be a great cornerstone spurring additional business growth… and help stretch out Pacific Ave into a larger, thriving and walkable commercial business district!

The opening date is still being worked out, as they first  working towards opening their Pitman location which is targeted for a November 2020 opening!

Go follow their Facebook page to get the latest on both locations!  We’ll post again as they get closer to opening the Wildwood location!

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The new owners of the Bonelli’s Market, Alexandra and Elena Convery celebrate their upcoming “Milkweed market + table” brunch restaurant with the son of the original Bonelli’s!

Pitman Location November 2020

Wildwood residents who are looking to improve Pacific Ave should really take a look at he amazing resurgence that has happened in Pitman’s core downtown.  Many restaurants and bakeries, stores, two breweries… it seems like every storefront is occupied, and Milkweed table + market will be a great addition in Pitman… and I know they are happy to be a part of Pacific Avenue

The Pitman location will be at 134 S Broadway.  We’ll have more on that opening later at our sister site,