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Pizza Twist Opens in Cherry Hill’s New Short Hills Town Center. I Stopped in For Lunch.

Pizza Twist Opens in Cherry Hill’s New Short Hills Town Center.  I Stopped in For Lunch.
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Pizza Twist is a new pizza franchise which opened this week in Cherry Hill’s brand new Short Hills Town Center on Evesham Rd.. and they are aptly named, as no other pizza shop “twists” pizza flavors like Pizza Twist!

Pizza Twist offers all of your favorite pizza and wing varieties and more.. and even in the standard fare categories they likely offer more varieties of crusts, sauces, vegetable and meat toppings than most pizza shops…

But at Pizza Twist they really can twist-things-up even further by offering a variety of International flavors, with a big focus on “Indian-Fusion” pizza! How about a Tandoori Pizza, or Tikka Masala boneless chicken wings?!

And all of the ingredients are fresh and sourced locally.

Pizza Twist Cherry Hill “Butter Chicken” Pizza. Signature butter sauce, All-Natural Butter Chicken Breast, fresh mozzarella cheese, crisp red onions, juicy tomatoes, fresh diced; garlic, ginger, and green chilies, garnished with fresh cilantro

I stopped in on Wednesday for lunch and caught up with Japundeep who is the owner of the Cherry Hill Pizza Twist.  A super nice young man who is the owner/operator of the shop, but it seems to be a full family venture… mom and dad were there too!

Pizza Twist is a franchise restaurant which currently has over 50 locations in multiple states throughout the USA, including five locations in New Jersey.  I’ve been told several other South Jersey locations are in the works.

Pizza Twist Cherry Hill is now open on Evesham Road. Pizza, wings, and pasta from the classic varieties to more adventurous international flavors!

The location for the Cherry Hill Pizza Twist is located at 480 E Evesham Rd, and sits in the Short Hills Town Center plaza directly next to the brand new Starbucks, which opened a few months ago.

It’s an awesome location situated between Springdale/White Horse Road and Route 73. Along with Cherry Hill… Marlton, Voorhees and the towns along the White Horse Pike are just minutes away.

Both Pizza Twist and Starbucks are located in a new building which was just recently completed after a devastating fire damaged a portion of the Short Hills shopping center.

Classic Cake and other businesses are coming soon. And yes there is construction activity taking place at Radin’s Deli at the former Short Hills Deli location. 42Freeway wrote a Short Hills update back in November

The new building at Short Hills Town Center is complete, and tenants are opening up! Strabucks with drive-thru is open on the end, Pizza Twist opened this week, Classic Cake is under construction! More to come.

Pizza Twist – Perfectly Named

Inside the new Pizza Twist restaurant the décor is bright and colorful, with attractive wall graphics highlighting the delicious and fresh foods they offer… as well as the interesting variety of flavors that you can get on their chicken wings pizza or pasta

The overall design is based on a clean, bright white interior with deep red accent features.

Digital display boards highlight the menu items which offer selections of pre-defined pizza recipes, or also a multi-step ordering process (similar to a Chipotle ordering process) where at Pizza Twist you can choose between a variety of crust, sauces, vegetable toppings, proteins.

Japundeep is the proud owner of the new Pizza Twist in Cherry Hill NJ. A family run location, he has plans for other locations in South Jersey.

First and foremost, Pizza Twist offers all of your favorite classic varieties of pizza from cheese, to pepperoni and mushroom, and yes even pineapple!

The menu also extends into the delicious chicken wings, breadsticks, pastas and salads.

But even in the more traditional pizza and wing categories they give you a wide variety of options to choose from. 

There are four different types of crust including crispy thin, hand tossed and even a gluten free cauliflower crust.

Pizza Twist is more than pizza, offering chicken wings, pasta, breadsticks and salads. How about boneless chicken wings with a Tikka Masala sauce? That sounds amazing.

Then for vegetable toppings they have 13 different choices which range from black olives, to green bell Peppers, to even green chilies or artichokes.

Then you get to choose your protein, which is a another 14 different options.

As mentioned of course you can get pepperoni, ground beef, or crunchy bacon… and visit Pizza Twist dozens of times and never run out of “Classic” pizza options.

But very quickly you’re going to realize there’s something different in store at Pizza Twist.

Those sauce choices I mentioned? Well they also include options like Tandoori, Manchurian, Tikka, Curry, Butter sauce and more

Starbucks and Pizza Twist are both open at Cherry Hill’s new Short Hills Town Center Building on Evesham Road.

And the protein choices include Achari Chicken, Manchurian Chicken, Spiced Paneer and Beef Lamb!

You upgrade your pizza cravings into it really international experience!

And I’m not saying my math is accurate but when I do a simple calculation, I see that there’s almost 7000 varieties of pizza you could make from the ingredient choices they have at Pizza Twist!

If all those options seem intimidating to choose from, well they also offer preset pizza options for the International varieties which include Tiki Masala, Bombay Garlic, Tandoor or even Manchurian pizzas.

A classic mushroom pizza from the new Pizza Twist in Cherry Hill. I started off more traditional before moving on to the International Flavors!

Lunch at Pizza Twist

During my visit I started off with a very traditional mushroom pizza which I found to be very tasty, with a delicious sauce and a lot of cheese.

And then I went “international”, trying the Butter Chicken pizza which basically looks like a work of art.

If you’ve ever had Indian Butter Chicken there’s a little bit of a sweetness to it… and that carried through perfectly in the pizza. Add in the fresh onions and tomatoes it was a tasty and freshly made pizza, with a flavor profile I’ve never had on circular dough.

One of the signature pizzas at Cherry Hill’s new Pizza Twist.. Buttered Chicken. All fresh ingredients, and the chicken marinates overnight in the slightly sweet butter sauce.

Japundeep says all of these special flavors are made in the store using locally sourced ingredients.

The Pizza Twist butter chicken for example is actually prepared the day before, and it sits refrigerated overnight so that the flavors work deep into the chicken pieces.

And they also offer chicken wings, breadsticks, pasta and salads.

Achari Wings from Pizza Twist in Cherry Hill offer a traditional Indian flavor to a classic American food item. Tasted great with Blue Cheese dressing too.

So my mega lunch also included a small order of chicken wings, which I also went a little adventurous in and ordered the Achari flavor… with blue cheese of course.

Achari is a popular Indian curry based pickling spice. It was different and delicious. Although I want to stop back and try the boneless wings with Tikka Masala sauce! That sounds amazing too.

So if you live or visit in are of the Short Hills center, check out Pizza Twist for a classic pizza or if you are “curryous” you can get adventurous with the flavors and try a Pizza Twisted like you’ve never had before!

And considering using their online ordering as it make the challenge of choosing easier!

Pizza Twist Cherry Hill is open on Evesham Road. Meet Your Match says it all, as they offer a wide variety of crusts, sauces, vegetable and meat toppings.

Pizza Twist Cherry Hill
480 E Evesham Rd #2,
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003