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Short Hills Town Center Cherry Hill: New Tenant Update

Short Hills Town Center Cherry Hill: New Tenant Update
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The Short Hills Town Center on Evesham Rd in Cherry Hill is developing a new building to replace one which was destroyed by fire in 2020. Several new tenants are already known for the full shopping center and I run through the list.

Some of the new tenants have already signed on and have been reported by other media outlets. My spin on this is a recent photo or three, a full rundown of the known changes as I know them, and I always a couple extra tidbits!

Coming in 2023 to the center are:

  • Starbucks: In the new building. Will include a drive-thru
  • Pizza Twist: Pizza and wings with unique flavor options
  • Radin’s Deli: Taking over the former Short Hills Deli location in the center (Inquirer)
  • Classic Cake (relocated): Classic Cake is OPEN now, temporarily operating in a portion of the former Short Hills Deli location in the same shopping center.

Note: Short Hills Deli 2 Go Catering is operating in Marlton, run by the son of the former Cherry Hill Short Hills deli

Short Hills Town Center Cherry Hill New Building Rendering submitted to Cherry Hill Planning.

The new building has a different orientation than the original building which was destroyed in the fire.

The original building faced Evesham Rd. The new building is positioned 90 degrees so that the store fronts face the core of the parking lot.

This realignment was also made possible by additional space gained in the center from the previous demolition of the Tir Na Nog restaurant building which sat in the middle of the property.

Classic Cake

Classic Cake is currently operating in the closed Short Hill Deli location (right side) and will move to a permanent new home in the new building once completed.

Their location in the new building will be the right side end unit.

Short Hills Cherry Hill new building as seem on Oct 25, 2022 This right end unit will be the new home to Classic Cake in 2023.

Classic Cake does make beautiful and delicious cakes, but they have grown into a full bakery offering cookies, breads & bagels, pastries, brownies & bars, cheesecakes and even gelato & sherbert!

I stopped in at Classic Cake just a few weeks ago and was told they hope to be be in the new completed building in February of 2023. Although later I realized… does that mean they open in February, or the building will be complete in February and then they can start the interior build-out? We’ll see soon enough!

Classic Cake Cherry Hill is currently operating in the former Short Hills Deli space. This image is from my October 25th visit.

Starbucks Short Hills

A new Starbucks will open in the new building in the left most store closest to Evesham Rd.

They signed on early during the approval process, ensuring the building was designed and approved to accommodated at drive-thru.

For those concerned about long drive-thru lines sometimes seen at Starbucks locations, which can then impact traffic pattens… the drive-thu lane at Short Hills will wrap around the entire multi-tenant building.

A rendering at the leasing company shows 17 cars in position around the building.

The left side of the new Short Hills Town Center building is Cherry Hill be home to Starbucks at the end, and Pizza Twist next to it.

Pizza Twist

Pizza Twist will take the second unit, directly next to Starbucks.

For the most part they will offer what one would expect from a pizza shop.

Delicious Pizza, Wings, Salads and Pasta.

The “Twist”?

They put themselves into a fusion category offering a variety of unique recipes.

In the mix are vegan, vegetarian, keto, gluten-free and halal varieties!

Right now their website is featuring an Spicy Lamb Kabob Pizza Twist as their pizza-of-the-month!

Radin’s Deli

Radin’s is the latest big lease signing, and the news comes to us via Michael Klein at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Radin’s will be opening in the former Short Hills Deli space and will take over in 2023. The Classic Cake store is also operating in the deli space but it’s really just a small portion on the right side.

The former Short Hills Deli location in 2023 will become Radin’s Deli. Currently Classic Cake is operating out of the right side portion of the space as they wait for their new space to be completed.

Klein writes that Radin’s is being opened by “Jewish deli maven” Russ Cowan who owns Famous 4th Street Deli in Queen Village Philadelphia. He previously opened the Kibitz Room just a mile away, which is still operating today under different ownership.

Links and Location

Short Hills Town Center
480-488 Evesham Road
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

WCRE Leasing Website

Classic Cake Website