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Masso’s Deli Gibbsboro Building Demo Starts Ahead of Car Wash Construction

Masso’s Deli Gibbsboro Building Demo Starts Ahead of Car Wash Construction
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Building demolition has started at the property which previously was home to the beloved Masso’s Deli, pizzeria, and ice cream shop. A car wash is planned for the property.

I stopped over yesterday at the property to see crews were onsite actively working on the portion of the property which had housed a separate home-like building, which was the Masso’s ice cream shop.

As of yesterday the two-story white with pink shutters ice cream stand building was no more.

The main deli and pizzeria building were still standing, but likely they are next to meet the wrecking ball.

The beloved Masso’s Deli buildings are being demolished. The separate ice cream stand building is already cleared out.

Masso’s closed a year ago and 42Freeway reported that the plans for the project were to develop an automated car wash… although the proposed project had not been formally presented to the Planning Board.

Gibbsboro did approve the plans for the car wash in March of this year, and just two months ago they presented before Camden County Planning Board also.

Plans call for a traditional modern day automated car wash which will consist of a 4,200 square foot two-story car wash tunnel, and a parking area for self-service car wash vacuuming and detailing.

Masso’s Deli Gibbsboro before-and-after photo of the property, showing the ice cream stand business is gone.

While the documents that 42Freeway has acquired do not clearly list the brand of car wash, the business owner name and address links to Go Green and Clean Carwash out of Kennett Square PA.

Directly next to the former Masso’s property a new Wawa was recently developed, which sits at the corner of Lakeview drive and Clementon Rd.

While the parking lots for the two businesses will not connect, they should complement each other with the Wawa convenience store, gas and car wash being directly next to each other.

Gibbsboro Car Wash – Go Green and Clean?

As mentioned it’s a very traditional modern car wash set up, with a long building housing the automated carwash tunnel, and then a parking area for vacuuming and other self-service detailing efforts.

Interestingly, the layout of the property places the 122-foot long tunnel along the front of the main Lakeview roadway, with the parking area and vacuum areas behind the building.

There will be no direct access from Lakeview Drive into the property.  Cars will have to take this short Troth Ave roadway off of Lakeview, and then turn left into the car wash property,

None of the documents specify the brand of the car wash but the owner’s name and address links to Go Green and Clean Carwash, which is located in Kennett square PA

A carwash is planned for the former Masso’s Deli Gibbsboro property

Their website says they use state-of-the-art equipment to minimize the amount of water used with each car wash. They also used advanced water reclamation systems to recycle up to 70% of the water used.

Additionally, they use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

But again, I am not 100% certain the same brand will be opening in Gibbsboro, but the owner name and other Go Green Carwash do match up.

Masso’s Deli

Masso’s Deli closed on August 21st, 2022 and the ice cream stand which operated in a separate building closed a week later on August 28th.

Customers had found out about the closing just a few days prior. Many customers were upset to hear of the loss of another South Jersey iconic business.

For those in the Gibbsboro / Voorhees area and beyond, Masso’s Pizzeria and Deli had been the go-to place for delicious quick bites, at very favorable prices.

Masso’s Deli and Pizzeria Gibbsboro
Masso’s Deli and Pizzeria Gibbsboro, closed in August 2022. Currently being demolished ahead of a carwash development

In fact, television star Kelly Ripa grew up in nearby Berlin NJ, and just three years ago on her national TV show “Live with Kelly and Ryan” she gave a big shout out to Masso’s, as she recalled visiting them as a high school student.

The Courier-Post has that story and the Masso’s Facebook page has the clip.

Kelly and Ryan were discussing that it was National French Fry Day and Kelly shared with viewers and Ryan how Masso’s mozzarella French fries were her absolute favorite!

“My girlfriends and I would leave high school… we could sign out a little early, cause we were Seniors… we would go to Masso’s deli and get mozzarella cheese fries. Which were basically a platform for mozzarella cheese…. and then make it home in time to watch General Hospital

Kelly Ripa on TV Show “Kelly and Ryan” in 2020

Masso’s has been a South Jersey staple for over 40 years. In that time they had grown into being a full deli, pizzeria, market and ice cream stand!

Masso’s Deli and Pizzeria Gibbsboro
Masso’s Deli and Pizzeria Gibbsboro, closed in August 2022. Currently being demolished ahead of a carwash development

The post on Facebook which announced the closing has over 300 comments filled with local fans expressing how saddened they are by the closing!

In those comments some folks recalled memories of going to Masso’s as a child and their favorite food items “delicious breakfast sandwiches and grilled cheese specials”.

The amazing staff who were called out numerous times by name, thanked, and told they would be missed!

Gibbsboro Car Wash (Coming soon, Site of Masso’s Deli)
11 Lakeview Dr N
Gibbsboro, NJ

Go Green and Clean Carwash